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Topic: New Lineup announced for upcoming Tour Return to archive
10-27-01 04:30 PM
Miss U. From

Clint Eastwood on rhythm to appease the macho mfs here, Julian Jones on vocal, Julian Mark Andrews on lead guitar, other son John on bass, daughter X on drums, eldest son Y on sitar, maracas, mellotron, sax, dulcimer etc.
Should be a great show. Can't wait.

P.S: Hey PEOple! All you "Stones fans"...don't make me sad, y' your appreciation for the man who started the Stones, who gave every ounce of his mind, body and soul to get this band jumpin jack flash off the ground!!!....he gave his life, now give a few minutes...Confess The Blues Memorial for Brian---at my site. For Brian, without whom the Stones would not exist!!! Thank you. We all shine on.

10-27-01 05:27 PM
The Eggman Stop going on about BJ, personally in one year Mick Taylor (with the Led It Bleed and Exile albums) was a better player for the Stones, then the faggy leather boy Bj was

Course he was a Stone, he made his mark in the beginning, but the late 60's destroyed him

10-27-01 05:27 PM
steel driving hammer If Brian started the band, how come Brian quit the band?
10-27-01 05:38 PM
Child of the Moon He "quit" because the Unholy Trinity of Mick, Keith, and Andrew f'n Oldham turned him into a no-factor. He quit because he couldn't get his shit together in time with drugs and all that. He quit because the others asked him to leave.

Can you imagine what he'd be doing today? Probably wouldn't be singing that stupid "Freedom" song like McCartney.
10-27-01 06:17 PM
Miss U. Hey, eggman chill out honey! I'm not dissin anyone. The man DID give us THE f'n Greatest RnR band on Earth, did'n he? A lil respect, please. Thx Child of the moon.

Brian did NOT die of drugs. Brian quit because he wanted to quit, wanted to start his OWN band and do the kind of music he wanted to do, with a little help from his friends, AKA Lennon & Hendrix. Peace all. Thx for your time is on my side.

10-27-01 07:05 PM
sweetandsourvirginia Brian was a loser and woman beater with multiple issues who lucked into meeting two very creative and talented people - Mick and Keith. Brian was a good musican. So are a lot of studio musicans. The Stones would have happened no matter what because it was all about Mick and Keith. Brian would look like a fat bald old man on "Where are they Now?" if he didn't die.
[Edited by Jaxx]
10-27-01 07:07 PM
sweetandsourvirginia I forgot to add that everyone knows he was fired. Were you there to see something different?
10-27-01 07:26 PM
Angiegirl As always, the truth probably lies in the middle. I agree that Brian has to get his credits as a musician and as a (co)founder of the Stones.

Not talking bout his personality problems and his adventures with drugs. That's a shame, but has nothing to do with the fact that he was there in the first years to get things going. Nobody but Mick, Keef, Andrew and maybe a handful of others can know how it really went in the last years before his death.

That's all. A little yes and a little no.

10-27-01 08:42 PM
The Eggman still a no factor, into the group

sure mick keith and co were druggy, weird mysterious people but Brian suited the type of John Lennon (weird phase)
and that is a whole story in itself

i meant to stop trying to promote BJ, because he SINGLEDly did not crete the Stones, it was always and ever will be THE GLIMMER TWINS, not THE MYSTERIOUS SPARKLE BOY (aka. BJ) lol
10-27-01 10:04 PM
Torn & Frayed
Miss U. wrote:
Brian did NOT die of drugs. Brian quit because he wanted to quit, wanted to start his OWN band and do the kind of music he wanted to do, with a little help from his friends, AKA Lennon & Hendrix.

Are you aware that BJ's death certificate indicated that
he drowned whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs ?

A band with Hendrix and Lennon ?

10-28-01 04:01 PM
Miss U. It's only fair I reply, since I've read many books on Brian.....Check out BRian's autopsy report sometime....he had the equivalent of only 4 beers in his system...not much for someone with his tolerance. Also have forensic pathologist on tape saying what was found in his urine was not related to his death. Also there was clear water in his lungs, not chlorine water.
The tapes of his new band no longer around for some reason...
Anna Wohlin WAS there that day and in BJ's final months, as was his housekeeper, & visits from his friend Alexis Korner and Steve Marriott & his fan Helen Spittal, as well as girlfriend Suki Poitier & friend N. Fitzgerald & Dennis Burke all confirm Brian was in a good state of mind in his final months, getting his act together, wanting to quit the band & making plans for the future, off drugs.

The fact is, as much as the Stones might like to rewrite history as Mick & Keith founding the Stones, in the beginning it was BRIAN who founded the Stones. I have heard the Stones and their "associates" time & time again try to paint Brian as a basket case & completely wasted in his final months....myth which I had bought into for most of my life until I decided to read up on Brian; maybe there's a reason they want us to believe this. And yes I love the Stones!
It was Brian who placed the ad in the paper to form a R&B band, and Stu was the first person who joined. I am aware Bill writes in his book that Stu & Brian co-founded the band, but the fact is Stu took off for a while to Scotland for a while Brian was having auditions for new members. Brian also auditioned another piano player but didn't like his style. Brian was the one who was serious about the band, and it was BRIAN who held it together when MICK and KEITH were ready to call it quits. BRIAN went out and got jobs to support them, and it was Brian who kept the faith and morale going and instilled in them that they were going to make it....while Mick was still in school debating whether he should quit the band or not. Brian was the one who did all the hiring and firing, all the tireless promoting to get the band noticed, he was the leader, and in the beginning when you went to see the Stones, it was Brian you were going to see.
If that's not good enough for you "Stones fans" to show any kind of appreciation or respect, then I don't know what is.
Not too many losers I know have an IQ in the top 3% of the population, can play any instrument, or have founded the best RnR group in the world!!! Very sad to see these posts, how little appreciation.
A little reality check here!

Eggman, I love you dearly, but please don't post homophobic stuff here. Open the doors of perception.

"Go ahead, make my day".

10-28-01 04:37 PM
The Eggman Do not pose that homophobic question to me, becuase i am not, Brian nevertheless was a Stone, and Mick was too , but being quite like Brian.

Though Brian toke a diffrent route...

If i was Homoohbic , then why did i earlier post saying "I would defintely make out with Sean Connery"...u remeber that?, u commented on that too

10-28-01 04:55 PM
Miss U. Yes, I remember those funny posts....and I was rather perplexed with these latest posts. But no hard feelings. Yesterday don't matter if it's gone. Thx for clearing it up.

By the way, why the name "eggman"?
10-28-01 05:08 PM
The Eggman Goo Goo Joob <- that's why

Yeah and I also think Rod Stewart is sexy, oddly
10-28-01 07:56 PM
Torn & Frayed
Miss U. wrote:
The tapes of his new band no longer around for some reason...

I doubt those tapes ever existed in the first place.
Seems more like a figment of some writer's imagination.

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