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Topic: TOUR has been announced!!!! Return to archive
10-26-01 08:12 PM
Miss U. FROM

Ater months of rumor and
supposition, the Rolling Stones
have announced they will mount a
world tour to celebrate their
upcoming 40th anniversary.

So far, there are no details
regarding when the trek will start
and whether it will be a full-blown
extravaganza or a more intimate

The legendary rockers started
playing together in London in 1962,
but their roots go back to 1950
when vocalist Mick Jagger and
guitarist Keith Richards met in
primary school. Of course, they
weren't rocking at the time, but after
the two ran into each other a decade later and discovered they had a
mutual interest in blues and American R&B, they decided to put a band

With guitarist Brian Jones, bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie
Watts, they released their first two records in 1964: England's Newest
Hitmakers/The Rolling Stones, which featured a cover of Buddy Holly's
"Not Fade Away" and 12 X 5, with its chart-topping Norman Meade song
"Time Is on My Side."

Since then, the Stones have been a fixture on the rock music scene.
Even when the band goes on hiatus to allow for Jagger's solo projects,
the Rolling Stones are never forgotten. Though five years elapsed
between the release of 1989's Steel Wheels and 1994's Voodoo Lounge
and another three years passed between Lounge and Bridges to Babylon,
the band managed to span the gaps with live releases.

At this point, it doesn't look like the band will be touring behind a new
record, although there are tentative plans to record something after the
tour, a band spokesperson said.

But while the Stones won't have a new record out this year, Jagger will
release his fourth solo LP, Goddess in the Doorway, on November 20 (see
"Mick Jagger Finds 'Joy' With Bono On Solo LP").

Two days later, ABC will air the one-hour Thanksgiving special "Being
Mick," featuring appearances by Bono, Pete Townshend, Wyclef Jean and
Lenny Kravitz, all of whom made guest appearances on Jagger's record.

Footage for the program was shot over the past year by documentarian
Kevin MacDonald, who won an Oscar for the film "One Day in
September." MacDonald filmed the Stones frontman in a variety of
settings including studios in London and Miami and Jagger's London

Highlights include Jagger on the set of "Enigma," the first film he has
produced on his own; relaxing on Mustique Island and on the French
Riviera; and in the studio with his daughters singing background vocals.
Jagger's publicist said "Being Mick" may also include a special live

Jon Wiederhorn

10-26-01 08:46 PM
Jaxx E X C E L L E N T

thanx for bringing it here!
10-26-01 10:36 PM
no_cole_porter Let's Hope It's More Intimate Shows Like No Security... I For One Could Do Without The 50 Foot Inflatable Hookers
10-27-01 03:03 AM
marko yep without hookers,,,but i love their stadium shows.god
10-27-01 03:37 AM
Diamonds Disease A tour without a new album??? That doesn't sound too good. Ofcourse they have enough obscure songs left they've never done before (what about Sweet Black Angel!). But it would have been nice to bring out an new album first. Hopefully they will call this tour The No More Satisfaction Tour.
10-27-01 06:19 AM
hayo what about the "no hot rocks tour"?
10-27-01 07:29 AM
steel driving hammer Here will be the title of the Tour...

"Satisfaction Up The Ya Ya's"

Dunno if they will be rushed to record or already have songs from previous late 90 sessions that bootleggers never had/heard.
They have diamonds from the mine of old 70's unrealesed material, some or most better than whats on the album. Whatever they do do do do do, it'l be great. B2B was excellent and VL was prime.

Just hope this bombing Afganistan and others is achieved sucessesfully w/out counter acts of terror.
Don't want this hampering the Stones like maybe Charlie backing out, or more important, we being bombed again.

Have a good weekend folks and remember to set you clocks back tonight!
An extra hour of Stones for ya ;^)
Go Yankees!!!
10-27-01 10:23 AM
Bob Tamp of course there will be a new album even if it's stuff that's aged like fine wine like tattoo you was made.
The stones aren't going out to be a nostalgic act yet.
just listen to first line in Mick's new song "Too far gone"
10-27-01 01:58 PM
Diamonds Disease Well I'm sure they can put out 3 albums before the tour without writing any new songs, but for me I hope they will write some new stuff and trying to renew their own sound with new technologies, like they did with Migh As Well Get Juiced, which is a faboulous song. And please fellows play it live this time.
Btw. No more hot rocks tour huh? Hmm I like that title.
10-27-01 03:02 PM
KeepRigid I'd like to see them record while hot off a tour, but I still want an album before the tour as well. Of course, they could do a mini warm-up tour before hitting the studio, as Tom Petty did earlier this year,

But I think they'll tour behind a new album, even if it's largely collected from the previous album's outtakes. I recall the infamous "Memory Hotel" which had everyone going crazy for a week or two back in `99, and was rumoured to be an official release featuring the outtakes from Dirty Work through Bridges to Babylon- before suddenly being cancelled without much more said about it. (Of course the whole thing was probably fake, but I never read otherwise. Personally, I never bought into the title as being legitimate.)
10-27-01 03:36 PM
Gazza Theres no way the Stones will embark on a lengthy tour without some NEW "product". It makes no sense from a business point of view - especially at a time when concert takings are down and with a war going on,people are nervous about travelling - and with millions of dollars at stake,this is BIG business

They dont consider themselves as a nostalgia act (a la The Beach Boys etc) and touring without new material would only contradict that. With still an album owed to Virgin/EMI , it would make no sense whatsoever to put out an album AFTER a tour. Virgin will be looking a good return on their costly investment and wil want to cash in on a tour.

Band members have said before about recording and then touring in 2002. I did hear rumours of them starting recording early in 2002 (maybe in LA) and I think that would make much more sense than just going on the road without any new material
10-27-01 06:22 PM
Diamonds Disease I guess Charlie, should lock up Mick and Keith up in his kithchen this time before he's taking his fucking singer on the road again.
10-27-01 06:48 PM
Angiegirl My guess: they will give Mick time to do his solo spotlight thing 'till half of December. Keef celebrates his birthday, they all spend time with family during Holidays. They meet in London in January. By the end of that month they will be in the studio. Mick of course already has some lyrics for songs (maybe some leftovers from his solo cd???). They will put together an album in no time.

It will be released by the end of the summer 2002.

Tour (smaller venues) will start in Fall 2002. Because of the indoor character of tour, they won't have to bare the weather in mind (as they had to with large venues, especially Europe: lots of open fields) so they can plan whenever they want. They tour for a year. Then it's the end of the Stones as we know them as far as Mick's concerned. Maybe a live album to celebrate the end after 40 years. Then that's that. They've been around as a band for 40 years, Mick and Keef are 60, they reached the new millennium as band. They've done it all. They can stop (Mick's reasoning I think).

I just hope I can afford the tickets. Since MOJO Holland (the concert business) is taken over by an American company, ticket prices here in Holland are going through the roof, even for small relatively unknown bands. Before 2001, tickets here in Western Europe were usually much much cheaper than over in the US.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

10-27-01 09:18 PM
Maxlugar If this story is true, it will break presidence in two ways:

1) No new album.
2) No cool way of announcing the tour.

What the fuck? A press release as a tour annoucement? And there is no fucking way a new album is not out before they hit the road. If this does happen, it is a very bad sign.

I will love to see them but it will be something strange.
10-27-01 11:12 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Nawwww. It always starts out with a press release. Then they do another press release about the press release. After that they do a press release. Then a press release is issued about the previous press releases. Meanwhile, a press release is issued about the upcoming "official" announcement of the tour. Then, after several more press releases, thay release the "official" press release about the press conference for officially announcing the tour, followed by a flurry of press releases about the previous press release. Then comes official confirmation of the official press conference. Then following a large amount of press releases, they hold an "official" press conference. I'm guessing it will be in New York City. Then of course come all of the official tour announcement press releases. After a series of press releases, the tour dates are announced. I'm guessing that the tour will begin and end in NYC. This is followed by many press releases. Then we all scramble to get the $$$ to see as many shows as we can. Of course, we will all have to do a press release about tickets. Then more press releases. And just before the opener, a press release.

I got all of the above info from a press release about the previous tours press releases.

Press release.
10-27-01 11:15 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh yeah, and the big flashy official tour announcement will be the band doing "Salt Of The Earth" from on top of a FDNY fire truck, with Mick singing fron high up in the bucket.
10-28-01 01:14 AM
Kong Gonzer You are one jaded individual. Not necessarily wrong though.

Hey, Mick looks like friggin' Serpico in that pic! Glad that didn't stick.
10-28-01 01:26 AM

No way without new product. Keith's still got basement tapes ; ) Don't be tooooo gullible ; )
10-28-01 05:30 PM
Bob Tamp there will certainly be a new album for 2002, and I don't think the Stones are ending. From what I have heard, they will not do long extensive tours anymore after 2002. I interpret that as if a new album comes out, they may tour like 10 major cities to promote it, and it will be a stripped down affair.
Hey after next year, I think it would look very cool with Mick sitting on a stool ie: Stripped video doing blues with the band. He doesn't have to dance. Keef himself has said that "nobody can play a postage stamp better than Mick" so you dont need the staging crap etc.
And If Mick is doing this with keith at age 70 if will be justified, and not look cheesey. I don't care if he is in great shape which no doubt he is, go all out for 2002 and then slow it down.
now what does slow it down mean? Well we used to think Jagger did a lot in 1972 right? Watch Ladies and Gentleman, and he barely moves compared to what he does now with the ramps in the stadium shows. He basically just shakes his hips and howls into the microphone, and dances(not runs) around the microphone. Now he could still do that at 70!
10-28-01 07:19 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 I can't wait to see the tour!

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