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Topic: MIck Jagger in German Rolling Stone (From IORR) Return to archive
10-25-01 12:44 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl From IORR, thanks Bjornulf!

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This is the translation using Altavista Translation again

Jagger with the fourth LP: offenherzige Songs to erratischen sounds

Mick Jagger without Keith Richards, which is like soup without salt, like sun without moon, like skirt without roll. That sufficiently admitted Yin & Yang quark, but there they presume gladly, the advocates of the pure Stones teachings. Only the rapport and the chemical reaction between mica Twins early magic for millions. Apriorismen of the rather laughful type, which however since more jeher to the argumentative apparatus of Klugscheissern belong. The fan meanwhile looks up and finds Geniali also in the separation. Even still, where it is buried. One admitted precarious method of the music appropriation, flows it nevertheless, more often than NOT, into self fraud.
To my faithful, Hank a few schlampige Songs wrote, even was missing and that to Elvis not even rarely. The Fab Four just as, only quite as overtaxed however under owners. Mick actually never, anyhow not in as more peinsamer, sober up-sobering up that manners as above masters. Well beautifully, perhaps a doing tiger ausfallschritt and two Falsetteinlagen too much, but who counts those already? Snobs complain of the stadium Gigs, Prolls take to it bent that people proximity is not its thing. And " Let's Work " would have remained better saved for us all, in music as world descriptive. Otherwise however it could be stated against the largest living skirt star if necessary that all had not equally succeeded its Songs and disks of the last now 40 years. A downward gradient, like also otherwise, however on high level. With which the Binnenstruktur would be entered " already by Goddess in " The Doorway, Jaggers meanwhile fourth solo album. A disappointment beside its exzellenten 9ér LP " wall ring Spirit ", but by far not the case of pure, which one had to fear after becoming known the Kollaborateure, from Bono to Lenny Kravitz. Their influence keeps itself actual usually pleasing within limits. As the Sequencing of the TRACKS proves expressed unfortunate certainly. Veil detention, why the few weak Songs paradieren all in front. Equal " visions OF Paradise ", a wax-soft, kitschverdaechtige Suada out dull ski towards Synths'n'Strings, gives an idea of bad. Rob Thomas, an early vergreister Jungrocker, which found with Santana its-same and a Pott gold, wrote at this saemigen, impudently in-usual piece radio Pop. " Joy " follows, a Duett with Bono Vox, to which Pete Townshend does not thresh its patented Powerchords, but strictly rationed under the Backing mixes. A primitive, drama turgisch hardly load-carrying reef bridge
the melodisch experienced verses connect with the hymnischen, himmelwaertigen Refrain. A kompositorische embarrassment solution and on a U2-LP of the late 80's surely better removed than here, including mirror-image-ritual message. " Dancing in The Starlight " is certainly easy-weighty, lendenlahmer soft radio in the no man's land between Boz Scaggs and Steely Dan, without their finesse. " God Gave ME Everything ", which is first single probably, an engaged Rocker, melodisch straight, lyrically lapidary. So far the weaker third.

Formidable second begins Beats " with " Hideaway, a lasziv funkigen portion of Soul including Karibik Flair and cleveren courtesy OF Wyclef Jean. Class Tune, the Harmonies sweetly and the stringers velvets. Aluminium Green in its " barks " - phase comes into the sense. " Don't call ME UP " is one this easy flowing Jagger Balladen such as " Out OF Tears " (...), " Lucky Day " a maneuver in Reggae Rhythmik and Pop sensitivity, (...)

The three best CUTS decide the erratischen Reigen. " Gun " slams badly and irreconcilably into the landscape (...) still more impressing, although for completely different reasons, Too " is far gone ". A powerful, majestic Ballade, which argues offenherzig with the contradictions of the Jagger existence. " Evening Gown " without Steel Guitar, but with orchestra and with still more drive and urgency sung. " Fire-new set OF Rules " decides the album miracle-prettily. The guitars jangelnd, Mick leave and sovereign, two of its daughters toneexactly in the background. " It's just like I which bakes in school ", sings it. And before the conclusion chords ring out, the conclusions: " I've got to learn, I've got to learn. "
(Wolfgang Doebeling)
The album appears on 19 November.

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