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Topic: Bill Wyman is rock's first pensioner Return to archive
10-24-01 08:48 AM
CS BILL Wyman has become Britain's first rock 'n' roll pensioner.

He celebrates his 65th birthday today.

Wyman still tours with his band Rhythm Kings, which includes Georgie Fame, Procul Harum's Gary Brooker, and Albert Lee.

His former Rolling Stones colleagues are also approaching pensionable age.

Mick Jagger, 58, recently appeared on the front cover of the magazine for over-50s, Saga.

Guitarist Keith Richards is 57, drummer Charlie Watts, 60, and Ronnie Wood, 54.

Other '60s rock and pop stars soon to receive their pension books include former Beatles Sir Paul McCartney, 59, and Ringo Starr, 61, The Who's Pete Townshend, 56, and US rocker Alice Cooper, 53.
10-24-01 08:56 AM
CS Several articles on the same, but this is hilarious

Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman Celebrates 65th
Wednesday, October 24, 2001 2:28 a.m. EDT
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- - - - -
LONDON (Reuters) - Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman becomes the first British rocker of his generation to qualify for a bus pass today.

But the bass player can celebrate his 65th birthday safe in the knowledge that the other Stones aren't far behind him.

Next in line for his pension is drummer Charlie Watts, aged 60, followed by 58-year-old Mick Jagger.

Keith Richards, despite his ravaged looks, is one of the band's younger members at 57, followed by Ronnie Woods at a youthful 54.

Wyman, 26 when he joined the group, was known as the "quiet Stone."

While the other band members were known for excessive drinking and drug taking, Wyman's weakness was reported to be women.

The above is from
10-24-01 01:38 PM

Bill Wyman celebrated his 65th birthday with his family

Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman can draw his
pension for the first time on Wednesday, after
hitting the grand old age of 65.

He becomes one of the first great British
rockers to reach pensionable age.

It means the thrice-married bass player will be
eligible for a concessionary bus pass.

His former band
members and Beatle Sir
Paul McCartney are
catching up but have
yet to gain OAP status.

The ex-rocker is said
to be celebrating his
landmark birthday on
holiday with his young


He is married to his third wife Suzanne Accosta
and the couple have three children Katie,
seven, Jessica, five and Matilda, three.

Wyman joined the Rolling Stones after
replacing the original bassist in 1962 and
helped the band achieve worldwide fame from
the mid 1960s, often rivalling The Beatles.

Hits from those days included It's All Over
Now, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, and Let's
Spend The Night Together.

But the band's notoriety was as much for the
off-stage wild antics of its members as it was
for their music.

Wyman was no exception and among the bad
boy incidents was an episode in which he,
singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Brian Jones
were all arrested for urinating in public.

In later years Wyman's off-stage love life made
more headline material.

His marriage to a
teenage Mandy Smith,
when she was 19 and
he was 53, kept the
tabloids busy in the
late 1980s.

Musically, Wyman first
branched out with his
own solo career while
still with the Stones.

No regrets

In 1981 he had a
surprise hit with the bizarre Je Suis A Rock
Star, which reached number 14 in the UK

Wyman eventually left the group in 1992, after
31 years and later said he had no regrets
about departing.

He continues to tour, these days with a
12-piece band called the Rhythm Kings,
performing covers and his own material.

He is quoted as saying
he wanted to keep on
playing "until he

He has also turned to
writing and his book
Blue Odyssey,
chronicles a personal
history of the blues
and the musicians who
first inspired him.


His former Stones
colleagues, once famed for their hell-raising
image, are approaching pensionable age.

Jagger, 58, has appeared on the front cover of
the magazine for over-50s, Saga.

Meanwhile guitarist Keith Richards is 57 years
old, drummer Charlie Watts is 60, and Ronnie
Wood is 54.

Among other 1960s rock and pop stars soon to
receive their pension books include former
Beatles Sir Paul McCartney, 59, and Ringo
Starr, 61 and The Who's Pete Townsend who
is 56 years old.

Wyman reaches 65 years of age ahead of
1950s favourite Tommy Steele who will reach
pensionable age in December.

But he is still a youngster compared to artists
Chuck Berry and Fats Domino, at 75 and 74
respectively, both of whom still perform live.

[Edited by CS]

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