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Topic: Mick Should Fire Keith Return to archive Page: 1 2
10-22-01 11:13 PM
Robert Schneeweiss For as much as I love the Stones and Keith's contributions to those classic albums, the guy was a joke on stage at the New York Benefit. I actually felt embarassed for him. Had it not been for Mick and the back-up singers picking up the slack, Salt of the Earth would have fallen flat. Keith's disgraceful acoustic display almost ruined the tune. Unless he turns things around completely, he doesn't deserve to tour with the group next year.
10-23-01 12:06 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 you are dumb! keith rocked!
10-23-01 12:30 AM
KeepRigid Yeah, they should've dumped that guy back in the early days.

10-23-01 03:03 AM
THIERRY Keith is musically delicate and subtile… even too much for some idiots
10-23-01 03:33 AM
10-23-01 03:35 AM

Hey Gerardo!!!

In light of this prick's asinine post about Keith's playing, why'nt we ENLARGE thatnthier avatar and have a go at the Groove ' )

Can you get it as big as the entire page...; )

Thank you much, G
10-23-01 10:33 AM
Diamonds Disease Anybody with an opinion like this, should be banned from this site.
10-23-01 11:05 AM
Robert Schneeweiss I won't punctuate the fact that I have an MBA and subsequently consider myself to be an intelligent individual. Furthermore, my posts on this site have been primarily positive and therefore don't feel like I should be banned from the site. However, I do believe that Keith played like shit in New York, and if that's an indication of where his skills are these days, he won't be able to cope with a full fledged tour.
10-23-01 12:09 PM
FotiniD Ridiculous.

Next time, why don't you do us all a favor and THINK before posting. That would make a difference....

Fire Keith!!!!!! By far, the craziest most absurd and non making sense comment I've heard this year -so far!

10-23-01 05:28 PM
Ned Kelly I say he is due a promotion.
10-23-01 05:34 PM
Diamonds Disease wrote:
Anybody with an opinion like this, should be banned from this site.

now that would be censorship would't it? the only things restricted in this zone are flaming, spamming or flooding.

RS's opinion is as good as anyone else's around here. anyway, you know what they say about opinions, everyone's got one! bravo for saying it out loud!!

[Edited by Jaxx]
10-23-01 06:13 PM
Robert Schneeweiss Well said Jaxx. If Keith has any excuse for playing as poorly as he did, I could see him being nervous in front of the Clintons. Keith might be a bit of a wimp in that regard.
10-23-01 06:23 PM
T&A No one should be banned or censored. But, this guy's opinion is completely ridiculous. Whether he played well is beside the point and whether the person with the opinion has an MBA is ever further irrelevent. Keith is the Stones. Firing him is not so much not an option as it is
an impossibility.

In my opinion (oh, and gee, I have a Master's degree, too!),Keith's chops have only improved (mellowed, you could say). I would argue that his playing in the 90's (at least on stage, which is where it really counts) was easily superior to his playing in the 60's or 70's. Now, if we could only make that claim for Ronnie, we'd really have something!

10-23-01 06:32 PM
Miss U. I respect all the Stones for the musicianship...that includes Keith and Woody!!
One of the things I really like about this site is that Stones members aren't constantly being put down for the 'fun' of it.
That said, Keith has been coasting a bit in recent years. I wouldn't fire him, but the idea is no more ridiculous than the rumour that Brian Jones was fired, or that they were entitled to fire him. A band sticks together and supports its players thru thick & thin. That's why Brian put up with them for soooo long before finally calling it quits & starting his own band.
10-23-01 06:37 PM
Robert Schneeweiss T&A,

Relax buddy. The only reason I mentioned that I have an MBA is because some moron posted an assumption that I was 'dumb'.
10-23-01 06:41 PM
T&A Keith has been "coasting"?!!!

Where have you been? LQ in '97 was as hot as Keith has ever played, IMO. Flip the Switch, OOC, Satisfication and
JJF in the opening slots in 97 & 99, respectively. If that's coasting....then COAST ON, baby!!!
10-23-01 06:44 PM
T&A RS - I doubt that you are a less-than-intelligent person. But, the opinion itself (that Keith should be fired) was not a particularly intelligent one (to put it nicely). If you honestly believe that that is an option (by the way, Mick has no authority to do so), then your knowledge and acumen surrounding the Stones is sorely lacking.
10-23-01 07:07 PM
FujiSaki Robert, Keith doesn't have to show off. It was a fucking benefit. You should be happy you got to see him play at all. Do you really think that Keith was giving it his all? Besides, some of his electric tones on Miss You were excellent, if very subdued.
10-23-01 07:19 PM
Stray Cat What are you talking about ?....... Without Keith there is no Stones . Sure he can be sloppy occationally,but when it counts i.e. on stage,on tour with THE STONES .... HE ROCKS ! THE LAST TRUE ROCK N'ROLLER .
10-23-01 07:24 PM
Mother baby Fire Keith????
For what? Why? For what purpose? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Not that Mick would't like to fire him sometimes maybe but by what authority could he possible do that? Mick could, I suppose, put him on some kind of administative leave of absense for awhile. I think Keith would fire Mick sometimes if he could. MissU is right in one sense you can't "fire" is what it is.
10-23-01 07:27 PM
steel driving hammer Just Play The Fucking Track.
10-23-01 07:31 PM
Jaxx this is one discussion that always gets everyone in a tizzy ie keith's guitar acumen.

keith is a rhythm guitar player, not a lead guitar player. does that make him lazy??? does a lead guitar player have to work harder?

that said, i don't think you can compare a rhythm guitar player's greatness to that of a lead guitar player. its like comparing apples and oranges.

as far as firing keith--it is my understanding that keith and mick together are a corporation in itself. i don't think that mick has the authority to fire keith or visa versa!

10-23-01 07:33 PM
Maxlugar I feel Keith played sub-Keith as well. There are some nice licks on Salt of the Earth and he really flubbed it. He sometimes gets into a rut where he'll play the very bare essence of the song just so you know what song it is. I'm sorry to say it but that's how I saw/heard it. It's like if Townsend lamed out on the very distinctive accoustic part of Pinball Wizard.

I was glad to see him there though and his singing was not bad at all. But I hate it when Keith gets more into the posing than the playing. His skills has definately NOT diminished. That was proved on Stripped alone.
10-23-01 08:05 PM
Mother baby Heck why not fire 'em all.'re FIRED!
10-23-01 10:42 PM
Robert Schneeweiss Maxlugar and Everyone Else,

Maxlugar, I'm glad that someone had their eyes and ears open. It's not that I don't enjoy the whole band including Keith. I just feel he dogged it that night. To everyone else, as far as I perceive it, Mick is now the creative driving force of the band and subsequently runs the show.
10-23-01 11:04 PM
Mother baby cough cough
choke choke
this is what they call
a (delete) joke
Firing Keith that is.

[Edited by Mother baby]
[Edited by Mother baby]
10-23-01 11:22 PM
Mother baby Silly poem deleted.
I've been up for too long.

[Edited by Mother baby]
10-23-01 11:51 PM
wfts aren't u the brave one...the rest of us were so excited just to see them together...I thought they were great...
so robert if and when they tour(fingers crossed for next year) will u go?
10-24-01 12:23 AM
The Eggman fingers crossed ttill then

10-24-01 04:00 AM
yellow1 Make such a ridiculous suggestion indicates that:
1) You think the Stones are a recently formed Boys' Band; or
2) You're plain stupid
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