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Topic: Other do'able songs for NY City Return to archive
10-22-01 08:02 PM
steel driving hammer I'm sure Mick n' Keith dabbled over the setlist,
maybe some of these were on it.
Btw, The lipsyncing/guitarsyncing Who had 3 long songs.
Stones or M n' K only 2.
Would of loved to seen maybe 5 from em'.

2000 Light Years from Home
Around And Around
Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Hiding in the Shadows)
It Hurts Me Too
Waiting On A Friend
I've Been Loving You Too Long
Ruby Tuesday
Just Want To See His Face
Love In Vain
Sing This All Together
Soul Survivor
Till The Next Goodbye
Blinded By Rainbows

The NY Fire Dept KNOWS the not so famous but famous by us Stones songs mind you.
It would of made their night to have seen Mick n' Keith
do a few never before done songs right in front of em'.
I raise a glass anyway though...
Anyway You Look At It, from any point of view...
10-23-01 05:39 PM
Ned Kelly What about Highwire?
10-23-01 07:21 PM
steel driving hammer As Tears Go By.
I'd just wish they'd drop Miss You.
It's been in EVERY setlist since 78!
Great song but come on.

Anyone have the rehearsals to my avatar to the left?
The Soldier Field 97 Rehearsals?
Is it even OUT there in the bootlegs section?
Everything alright in the crizic section?
Do the horrendous to THAT, if you cAAAAAAin.
10-24-01 01:40 AM
KeepRigid Miss You and Satisfaction got a much-deserved rest during the No Security tour, but in the future they could probably both benefit from a stripped-down arrangement. The problem, of course, is that one of the big reasons for doing these songs is for the crowd interaction.

I thought Miss You was a pretty good choice for the benefit- it's a very New York-ish song, and Shattered wouldn't have been very appropriate, now would it?

They offered up a rarity in Salt of the Earth, which fit the mood perfectly, then probably just wanted to play a well-loved hit for the crowd.

So what do you play?

Brown Sugar; Honky Tonk Women?

It's Only Rock n Roll?

Eh...maybe...could fit as well.

Sympathy for the Devil, Street Fighting Man; Tumbling Dice; (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction?

See "Inappropriate" above.

Start Me Up may have been a good choice, but Miss You hasn't been done at this kind of appearance as much, and again fits better.

And hey, they may not have been too keen on doing the really big hits without the whole band!

10-24-01 03:04 AM

>Anyone have the rehearsals to my avatar to the left?
>The Soldier Field 97 Rehearsals?

what is the exact date?
10-24-01 07:09 AM
Mathijs Who's Driving Your Plane? Flight 505?
10-24-01 09:49 AM
Joey Steelie ,

Check out the " Double Door " boot for a better set list to the preparations for the 09/23/97 Chicago Tour Opener .
Oh Hell , you already have that one , don't you ????

10-24-01 06:33 PM
steel driving hammer Yes my C10 out of shape brother!
Had it 2 or so years ago on tape, just 6 months ago on CDR.
Getting the SBD copy 2nd Gen of the 4 pro camera video that night...
Up close, in your face Stones!
There is also a A- of the show from the Video.
Hey, I'll get off my lazy bones and ship you a copy of the Summit!
Sorry for the delay is young Joey boy ready...?
I'll work on that this weekend my brother.
...The Who DO rock, just gotta step in when comparing them w/ my boys.
10-25-01 10:42 AM
Joey No Problem My Brother..........

I look forward to receiving a copy of your video .

Seems like a 100 Years ago , but the Cleveland Summit was a high point for me this year . Great Memories .

Joey , C10

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