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Topic: What did you think of McCartney's Freedom song? Where were Mick and Keith at the end? Return to archive
10-21-01 01:19 AM
VOODOO Of all the great McCartney/Beatle songs they ended the night with a song nobody has ever heard of.

I thought his playlist kinda sucked. His new single from a Lover to a friend was good. But what was up with that Freedom song? And why did he play I'm Down? Yesterday and Let it Be were good choices but he could have had a much better play list of songs.

Why weren't Mick and Keith on stage at the end.
10-21-01 01:33 AM
yellow1 While I had my doubts about this concert being a massive promo event for all the guys with new CDs coming out (Jagger, Elton, Cougar and Macca), I must say Paul's choice of songs was ok. I guess he just likes Lonely Road and FALTAFriend and you can't blame him for not rehashing stuff he's played 1,000 times before. We did get Yesterday and Let It Be.

Not sure "I'm Down" was terribly appropriate in view of the circumstances "...down on the ground", but the singing wasn't bad.

There's no denying that "Freedom" is great and definitely has an anthem like quality to it and lyrics that are anyting but corny. It reminds me a bit of "Simple As That" another song with a message, anti-heroin that one in 1986. I wish he'd written more of these in the past. It's a pity he didn't finish "Freedom" by writing a bridge. That would have been a great charity single. Maybe it's not too late.

PS - I think Mick and Keith still have a bit of the old "rivalry" with Paul going on...hence their not showing up at the end...
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10-21-01 02:03 AM
KeepRigid A few thoughts...

I'm glad Mick can't be accused of hawking anything off the new album.

I was actually happy to get to hear I'm Down- good that not every song was handpicked to "fit" the circumstances.

The show may have ended with an unknown song, but it also ended with a request from the audience, which is probably better than any well-known hit would've been.

I can only assume that Mick and Keith weren't still around at the end, otherwise, it's hard to imagine a jam going on and Keith just sitting around backstage.

Overall, despite what sounded like a few problems with the mix on a few songs, I thought it was a pretty good show.

In an evening when so many people just seemed to want to vent, didn't anyone bother to tell Richard Gere, "Hey, I know you mean well, but maybe you shouldn't try that angle tonight..."?
[Edited by KeepRigid]
10-21-01 02:51 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Richard Gere is a tit.
10-21-01 05:26 PM
Miss U. I thought the Freedom song sucked, quite frankly, and so did his singing on it. Although the song was very appropriate for the show, which is the main thing. I noticed Bon Jovi wasn't even singing the lyrics..he seemed to have a look on his face like he didn't like the song.
I really thought McCartney seemed lost & at a loss for words...either that, or he's very inarticulate! I mean, coming from the guy who thought it important to organize such a grand worldwide charity event, you'd think he'd have more to say...he was acting strange. The end of the show was rather anti-climactic. But I thought the show overall was just BRILLIANT, and amazing they pulled it together in such a short time....miles above Live Aid.
The audience was almost as entertaining as the stage show. So many unforgettable's a show I'll never forget, so glad I taped it.

Re: Gere....well, that's Gere for ya, and he's being true to his beliefs after all, which he's entitled to. I thought his response after they bood him was great....he's not thinking in practical terms, but spiritually.....the 2 don't always mix.
10-21-01 05:34 PM
yellow1 Well if you need to write that Paul's singing is strange and look at Bon Jovi (who didn't look like he didn't like the song IMHO) to justify your arguments, you'd be better off not posting at all.
McCartney's never been terribly articulate on stage, which hasn't prevented him from touching the lives of millions of us out there and writing songs that people can relate to. "Freedom" is one of them.
It obviously escaped you that he's the one who made that event possible while still keeping a low profile.
He's not very spontaneous, but the emotion was there! Sad you missed it.
10-21-01 05:41 PM
Miss U. Well, really do need to learn how to read!
Either that, or you take much joy in twisting my words around...rather sad, really that you missed my point.

>>>Although the song was very appropriate for the show, which is the main thing.<<<

THIS is what I said! Capiche?

I was making an observation on Bon Jovi, which was just observation. Not using that to justify my 'argument'.

As for McCartney, never been much of a PM or Beatle fan, so I wouldn't know his history of verbosity or lack of it. But my observations of his loss for words still stands. Don't need to be a fan to notice that.

Like I said, thought the show was Brilliant, and such a great cause. Now kindly fuck off.
10-21-01 06:20 PM
yellow1 Talking about reactions...
You obviously don't know what you're talking about it so I'll let it go.
10-21-01 06:22 PM
Miss U. It's my opinion & observations, which I'm entitled to, bud! Same as you. Peace, love & tolerance.
10-21-01 08:22 PM
Miss U. wrote:
It's my opinion & observations, which I'm entitled to, bud! Same as you. Peace, love & tolerance.

"Now kindly fuck off." posted by "Miss U" Posted 10-21-01 02:41 PM

10-21-01 08:28 PM
Miss U. Oh, look, it's harrasser #2 come from Keno's to spread some love here with AZ.

Go back to your hole, dandy. This is not the place for your childishness. That's all in the past. God bless, child.
10-21-01 08:33 PM
Torn & Frayed
Miss U. wrote:
Oh, look, it's harrasser #2 come from Keno's to spread some love here with AZ.

Go back to your hole, dandy. This is not the place for your childishness. That's all in the past. God bless, child.

IMO you are feeding the fire by replying to those
type of posts.
Best to ignore them.
10-21-01 08:34 PM
Miss U. thank you; I will heed your advice, wise sir! Nice avatar.
10-21-01 11:49 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Where were Mick and Keith at the end?

Keith was wheelin' an' dealin' with Hillary!

and then...

Talkin' heroin with da ex-president!

Mick and Keith left after their performance and didn't show up neither at the encore nor at the after party at the Hudson Hotel.

Photos by Kevin Mazur, not to be used in other sites.
10-22-01 04:04 PM
moy according to the ny post, keith was at the final encore singing freedom

"The night ended with a star-studded jam of the Paul
McCartney song "Freedom" - including the ex-Beatle, Bon
Jovi, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and others."
10-23-01 03:20 PM
Milton I have seen the encore several times and they didn't show up
10-23-01 06:37 PM

Oh HotThorazine\scruff!

You may have 'em fooled for now, but you see, dANDE and |i are a TAD smarter than that ; )

They'll catch on to yer foolish bullshit soon enuf.

So for now, enjoy the fantasy, little girl. They WILL catch on ; ) Oh yes, they will!

10-24-01 06:10 PM
ruby213 Love the photos if Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nice captions as well.
I didn't like the songs at all that Paul McCarney did that evening. I like his older music better. I would never purchase his new CD. I think I'll just await the next NEW Stones CD and save up for the Tour of 2003!
10-25-01 10:32 PM
FujiSaki What's with all of the McCartney bashing? I didn't see his bit at the end but come on are you people seriously suggesting that Paul McCartney sucks?
10-26-01 02:42 AM
The Eggman Anyone heard McCartney 2? done in the begining of 1980?.. i picked up the cd at a local cd store and cant help but think , this is the begining of Techno music (the evolutional pop music)
10-27-01 07:17 PM
Angiegirl I think Paul is a great musician by all means, allthough I don't like most of his solo work. The mix of songs was nice and I like it too that he did I'm down. It's just how you interprete the lyrics maybe.

About his attitude. He is the organizer and I think it fits him to keep a low profile and not say much. I mean, most had been said in 6 hours! He's on the background, steady. Also he was probably worn out by the end of the night, don't you think? Must have been hell the last days and during the event backstage being an organizer. He's almost 60! (lol)

About the old rivalry between Stones/Paul-Beatles. Bullshit. It's an image created mainly by media and I don't think it's true now if it ever was. Mick was one of the first artists to be asked by Paul. Mick accepted and as you know, the Stones aren't very known for there performances outside the Stones context, when you compare it to other artists or bands.
The purpose of the evening was not just about raising money, but about taking a stand against terrorism and everything that threatens our freedom. It was about taking a stand together and be tolerant and respectful to each others differences. Mick certainly understood this by not playing his new solo music. Why in Gods name would he deliberately stay away at the end because of Paul?? That makes totally no sense. I don't know why they weren't there. Must have had other things to do. Mick and Keef weren't the only ones not there at the finale. What about Bowie (he would have had to wait for 5.5 hours!), Elton, Backstreet Boys, Destiny's Child? Maybe I have some of them wrong, maybe I even forgot some. You see.

Makes no sense.

10-27-01 08:17 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Ruby dear,

You said you only like Macca's "older stuff". The 1st song of his set was "I'm Down" which I believe is about 36 or 37 years old. "Yesterday" is about 35 years old. "Let It Be" is about 31 years old.

How much older does it need to be?

I don't mean to belittle your opinion. If you didn't like his set, that's fine. But I wouldn't complain that he didn't play any "old stuff" because he did.

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