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Topic: Me and my friend Phog Return to archive
10-27-03 08:41 AM
Fiji Joe This weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of our fellow posters, my new good buddy Phog...We drank some beer, burned some boots and then he convinced me that I was indeed wasting my time with my acoustic guitar...As I said Phog, I will have an electric guitar by next weekend...

So to the rest of the board, when you encounter Phog...know that he is a great guy and hold him to your bosom...he likes that
10-27-03 09:50 AM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah yeah yeah.

So what kind of guitar are you getting?

I'm getting an Ibanez Artcore for xmas. If it's good enough for Andy Partridge it's probably too good for me. But I want it anyway.

10-27-03 10:03 AM
Fiji Joe Well SS, in typical Fiji style...I will be buying the cheapest guitar I can find...I want to actually prove to myself I'm going to learn how to play before I shell out a ton of money on a guitar and amp...My five chord vocabulary must be greatly expanded before I spend big money on a good guitar...
10-27-03 10:21 AM
Sir Stonesalot You can get an Epiphone Les Paul Special for about $170.00. Or a Squire Strat for about the same. I recently bought a Yamaha RGS121 on clearance @ for $129.00! All good starter axes for chump change.

And don't forget to get a distortion pedal. Those things are so cool.
10-27-03 10:26 AM
Fiji Joe Those were some of the guitars I was looking at
10-27-03 10:55 AM
Jumacfly it s always great to hear those kind of history...nice when two RO guys meet!!
Anyway i d also like to meet my french fellas of this board...may be one day

ps: Fiji, did Phog told you about his addiction to the catholics??
10-27-03 11:02 AM
Sir Stonesalot >his addiction to the catholics??<

You mean, of the Frank Black variety?

10-27-03 11:07 AM
Fiji Joe Frank Black...Frank Black...I heard all about it...I like it...but it ain't exactly Journey
10-27-03 01:40 PM
Phog Fiji,

This weekend was indeed a pleasure. Next time we'll have to cook up some food, those beers hit me hard. Marinated ribeye sound good?

As you took to my Tele so easily and effortlessly, I would suggest something along those lines. Maybe a Squire. Like I said, I'll run to the music stores and pawn shops with you. Maybe we can hunt you down a decent Strat or Tele.

I'll be starting on that mountain of blanks when I'm done with work today. More goodies on the way.

Thanks for holding me to your bosom.
10-27-03 01:43 PM
nankerphelge I always had a feeling about you two!!!

That's cool that you hooked up!

Wish some of the No. Va. folk here would get together for some beers, chiba and Stones!
10-27-03 01:52 PM
Phog Fiji and I discussed organizing some kind of Rocks Off summit. It would be cool to get to meet everyone in person.
Hell, we should've met a long time ago. We've lived in the same town for almost four years. Crazy, I thought I was the only Stonesnut in town.
10-27-03 02:36 PM
Boomy RO Summit....where could that be?

I recommend next time the Stones tour; either NY, Chicago...I probably wouldn't be able to make it to California!
10-27-03 03:01 PM
glencar I like Frank Black's version of "God Only Knows" which was from his first solo effort. Anything else worth hearing?
10-27-03 05:46 PM
Phog Boom, we were thinking of something a little more centrally located.

glencar, "Teenager of the Year" or "Dog in the Sand" are nice places to start with Frank Black.
10-27-03 05:50 PM
glencar Thanks Phog but are those singles or albums?
10-27-03 06:09 PM
Phog Both are albums.