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Topic: No Ford F-150's!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
10-29-03 08:17 AM
Factory Girl Vicodin is all hype. Truly wimpy crapola. Waste of my time, actually.

10-29-03 08:25 AM
Sir Stonesalot Oh DAMN!

Rush endorses Vicodin?

Now what the heck am I gonna do with all those pills man?

I better eat them before they fall into the wrong hands.

A trailer for the "24" they couldn't show you....

"A shipment of tainted Vicodin has been hijacked by a roving band of domestic terrorists. Anyone who takes them turns into a raving, revolting, hate-mongering, Republinazi. The pills are only 24 hours from being delivered to the loudest asshole this side of Toby Keith...Rush Limbaugh. Keifer Sutherland has just 24 hours to save the planet. Featuring Naomi Judd, Ben Vareen, and Toby Keith in his most villianous role yet on a new season of....24."
10-29-03 08:34 AM
Factory Girl wrote:
Vicodin is all hype. Truly wimpy crapola. Waste of my time, actually.

Hmmmm. I've only used it once, after I had spinal surgery, and it actually worked for pain suppression. As far as catching a buzz, I was with some people who were eating handfulls of them this weekend, and they were acting every bit as retarded as my friends who used to eat Quaaludes in the 80s.

But that goes for any kind of downs. I absolutely hate that shit and can't stand seeing people I like turn into drooling morons.

Maybe the dosage wasn't right, FG - Rush recommends eating them in multiples of 30.
10-29-03 08:41 AM
Sir Stonesalot I recommend eating 2 and washing it down with a strong drinkypoo. I still feel all goofy, but I don't turn into a bigger drooling moron than I already am.
10-29-03 08:48 AM
Factory Girl I was given Vickos for my ankle probs, and they do nothing for the pain.

"I shall quadruple my Vicko intake, Ronnie!"
10-29-03 04:14 PM
gypsy "That 70's Show" is on FOX...and it is my favorite tv show.
I am boycotting you, SS.
10-29-03 04:20 PM
Joey " I am boycotting you, SS. "

Nah , don't worry , he WILL find it in his heart to apologize to my Baby Steelie .

Sea Scroll !
10-29-03 04:23 PM
gypsy Joey, drive down here this weekend. I got some "C" and it is awesome.
10-29-03 04:27 PM
Joey " Joey, drive down here this weekend. I got some "C" and it is awesome. "

Can't My Princess .............................Joey does Blow no more .

The last time was November , 2002 after our lost to Texas University and your young Joey had forgotten how powerful a drug it is should have seen me .................licking my fingertips and pawing over the tables for more .......................................

Damn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait ..............Texas ?!?!?!?! TEXAS ?!?!?!?! Nebraska plays Texas THIS Saturday !!!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! Developing a pleasurable rash .

The Jacky !

10-29-03 04:36 PM
throbby I don't know SS. I've got a midnight blue 2000 vette in the driveway and a school teacher for a wife. It ain't all it's cracked up to be.
10-29-03 04:43 PM
gypsy SS will just have to learn the hard way.
Joey, I hope Nebraska beats Texas!
OU plays OSU this weekend here in Norman. I have to work.
At least I have my friend, Lady C.
10-29-03 05:07 PM
nankerphelge That 70s show is great!

Especially Hyde's '75 Tour of the Americas T-shirt!

And the bong-cam, of course.
10-29-03 05:10 PM
gypsy The season premiere is tonight, nanky. Don't miss it.
I hope SS has nothing bad to say about the '70's show...cuz then we can't watch it. SS should make a list of what we can and can't own or watch. RO is Jonestown, and SS is our leader.
10-29-03 05:11 PM
Joey " That 70s show is great! "

I miss my Baby Steelie !
10-30-03 01:05 AM
Sir Stonesalot OK, I don't hate that 70's Show. It's watchable. It would be a lot better on a cable channel though. But I don't really think it's all that great. It's just OK. I can take it or leave it.

I can't stand that Ashton Kutcher guy. The Hyde character reminds me of me when I was younger. Except my parents didn't abandon me, and I was much better looking. The redhead is kinda hot, but the stupid cheerleader is just annoying...that voice! GAH!
10-30-03 04:57 PM
Larry Dallas I just got in on this thread, but Toby Keith isn't even in the same ballpark with Merle Haggard. To paraphrase Pulp Fiction, "He's not even in the same fucking sport."

I live this crusade to kill new country music, but I fear that I'm losing. When Johnny Cash died, newspapers called Montgomery Gentry for their thoughts. What the Hell is going on here? Kenny Chesney and John Mellencamp performing together? Toby Keith selling trucks? Garth Brooks retires from music? I didn't know you could do that. I know I never will.
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