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Topic: No Ford F-150's!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
10-28-03 01:45 AM
Sir Stonesalot Well, you could always just email the pic to me, and then we can talk about those cool points....
10-28-03 07:17 AM
Steel Wheels Any woman washing a car in a bathing suit SHOULD post her pic on this board!
10-28-03 07:18 AM
Steel Wheels SS, I was so drunk last night. I woke up this morning with the messageboard and my car on my mind - now I know why!
10-28-03 08:24 AM
Sir Stonesalot Good for you man! Weekday drunken revelry. Ya gotta love it.

How's the head feel this fine morning?

So what kind of Ford do you have? Mustang?

10-28-03 08:58 AM
Boomy Toby Keith and Willie Nelson are playing in my hometown on Saturday. I, however, will not be attending.

And who the fuck is this Evanesence shit and how can they charge $30 for a ticket? I've heard one of their songs and it's utter bullshit.

If I'm gonna go for a truck, it would most likely be an S-10 low rider; black, with bed cover; 20 Inch Rims; fully loaded. Hey, maybe I'll go out and get one!!!

[Edited by Glencar] LOL
[Edited by Boomy]
10-28-03 09:04 AM
Sir Stonesalot Boomy...if you want to be cool like me...I got just one word for ya....Corvette.
10-28-03 09:14 AM
Boomy Well, depends on what type of 'Vette you are talking about.

I can't afford the new versions and I certainly don't like the dinky ones from the 70's and 80's.

Like, maybe a '93. That's a good one.

But I'd like to get me a sweet ass Chevy S-10 w/ all of the standard bling-blingin' that comes wiff it!

"Cadillac grills, Cadillac mills, check out the oil my Cadillac spills!"
[Edited by Boomy]
10-28-03 09:16 AM
Sir Stonesalot I got my eye on a sweet '73 Stingray ragtop. Fire engine red. Think I'll go ask to drive it.
10-28-03 11:06 AM
Joey " After my wife graduates in the spring, and hopefully gains full time employment...well I got just one word for ya....CORVETTE! "

In THIS economy ?!?!?!?!

Are you kidding me ?!?!?!?!

Two Words :

Burger Kwik !


10-28-03 12:27 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ha!

Shows what you know.

I'll spell it out for you Joeboy...T-E-A-C-H-E-R.

There's always a fresh supply of rugrats to teach how to spell shit and say stuff and read porn captions.
10-28-03 02:33 PM
gypsy That's funny, SS. Now, seriously, what is your wife's real job going to be?
10-28-03 02:43 PM
Sir Stonesalot She graduates in the spring with an Elementary Education degree and a teaching certificate.

She's hoping for 1st or 2nd grade.

Our local school district has about 35 elementary teachers retiring at the end of the year. With a 3.8 GPA, a mother-in-law who just retired as a Principle, she's a shoe in.
10-28-03 02:49 PM
gypsy Don't you remember how to spell "principal?" Remember learning that "the principal is you pal?" P-A-L.
10-28-03 02:57 PM
Boomy Were you a "Saved By The Bell" fan, Gypsy?

Whoever would've thought the over-obsessive Valedictorian would have gone on to be a dancer in "Showgirls"....

Not me.
10-28-03 03:20 PM
glencar Now she's going to be in a Broadway musical. See what showing us your tits gets you, ladies?
10-28-03 03:22 PM
glencar SS, Toby Keith has been married for about 15 years & they have 3 rugrats. Still not having heard his Angry Americans song, I know way too much about this guy. I don't have Kazaa on this new PC.
10-28-03 03:22 PM
glencar And BTW the Dixie Chix now do Lipton iced tea ads. Strike up another boycott!
10-28-03 03:25 PM
Sir Stonesalot Thank Ganesh I don't drink that bottled crap.

10-28-03 03:26 PM
glencar Me neither (anymore!).
10-28-03 03:29 PM
KeepRigid I think Johnny Cash summed it up best when Larry King asked him why we as a people still love country music today. Cash jokingly replied something to the effect of, "I'm not sure we do, Larry...not all of it."
10-28-03 03:35 PM
Sir Stonesalot Holy shit!

How did I misspell principal? Don't tell my mom, she'll give me detention!
10-28-03 04:00 PM
Boomy We must also boycott the Stones for their dealings with the corporate bastard Best Buy....and AT&T....and Jovan Musk....and whoever was the sponsor on Steel Wheels....Budweiser bitch!!!. They are royally screwing Wooden Nickel, a local record store I frequent.

Yes, everybody line up behind me...

*Crickets chirping*

Aaaaaaaah, yeah, I thought so...
10-28-03 04:03 PM
glencar Sprint. AT&T is too stoopit to do such a thing.
10-28-03 09:13 PM
gypsy I was kind of shocked that you misspelled that, SS. It seems like a word joshy would misspell.
10-28-03 10:31 PM
LadyJane Well, now that Ford has sponsored the premiere of my fav TV show, 24, without commercial interruption, I say Ford is Okay!

10-28-03 10:43 PM
gypsy Well, don't tell SS that. He'll boycott "24."
10-29-03 01:07 AM
Sir Stonesalot Keefer Sutherland is a dork. I don't have to boycott "24", I never watch it anyhow.
10-29-03 06:10 AM
LadyJane If you've never watched the show, how can you say Keifer is a dork?

24 is THE best show on television. Give it a try...Mr Sutherland will surprise you!

10-29-03 07:55 AM
Sir Stonesalot I can say Keifer is a dork because I've seen....his "other" work. Haven't cared for a single thing he's done.

And I think the premise for the show, while novel, is fairly ricockulous. One guy has 24 hours to save the world...yeah right.

Even worse, it's on Fox.

In the brief time Fox has been on the air, they have managed only one decent show...and that happens to be a cartoon.

Not interested. But I'm glad you enjoy it.
10-29-03 08:00 AM
FPM C10 Boy, I almost missed this thread because the words "Ford F-150" are not in my vocabulary. Let me get caught up to speed -

a) Toby Keith is a pea-brained asshole. His song about boots up asses was a major embarrassment to the segment of America who are not knee-jerk redneck yobbos. Besides being moronic it's a crappy song. I wasn't going to buy a pickup truck anytime soon anyway.

b) Toby Keith is indeed the "new" Hank Jr. All he needs is a really bad amish-looking beard.

c) Are we still boycotting the Dixie Chicks because they had the nerve to say they were embarrassed to be from Texas? I'm all for boycotting them because they're annoying and part of that "new country" crap, but they SHOULD be embarrassed to be from Texas. Most days I'm embarrassed to be from america. However, even with the Patriot Act, I think we're still allowed to have opinions that don't agree with official policy. Or did I miss something?

d) The only products I boycott are Oxycontin and Vicodin, because they are endorsed by Rush Limbaugh.
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