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Topic: No Ford F-150's!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
10-26-03 03:28 PM
Sir Stonesalot Boycott Ford!

They have that redneck dick, Toby Keith, hawking their F-150 pick ups. I won't buy Snapple because they were a major sponsor of the Rush Limpdick radio show...I'll not be buying a Ford product now either!

Don't buy one...don't look again.
10-26-03 03:40 PM
glencar I won't buy whatever those redneck cunts (aka "Dixie Chicks") hawk either.
10-26-03 05:12 PM
Mr T I've seen redneck pricks endorsing the Stones, should I boycott them too?
10-26-03 05:59 PM
gypsy My dad has a Ford F-150...I doubt he even knows who the fuck Toby Keith is...and who the fuck cares?
I'll drive whatever I want, SS.
10-26-03 06:30 PM
caro Which of ya durn fools voted in the redneck?

Taken from this nice photoshop contest :
"If rednecks ruled" at

[Edited by caro]
10-26-03 06:33 PM
glencar Well, I voted for George W. Bush if that's who you're referring to but he lost in my state handily. Your PM seems to go along with all of our President's requests.
10-26-03 06:36 PM
caro excuse me glencar, technical problems. I didn't really understand your post, however, mine wasn't meant to be political at all.
10-26-03 06:37 PM
glencar Sorry, man. I didn't catch your photo the first time. My humblest apologies.
10-27-03 12:18 AM
parmeda Sorry's a little too late.
Next to me, this is the hubby's pride & joy. (Or maybe I have that turned around, lol)

Don't let a pitch-man determine where you're gonna spend your money. Sure, Toby's a jackass, but you know what? I look a whole lot better behind the wheel of this baby than he does. Go and test drive one of these, SS. You'll fall in love with it.
10-27-03 12:26 AM
Sir Stonesalot Well, no Glencar, I suppose wouldn't buy anything the Dixie Chicks are selling either. I don't drink Dr. Pepper anymore because they have that twat Garth Brooks pushing for them.

Look, I'm of the opinion that as long as we keep supporting the businesses that keep hiring these assholes, we keep extending their 15 minutes in the spotlight! I want Toby Keith and all of this "new" country shit to disappear. That won't happen if we keep buying what they are selling!

Kill "new" country...don't buy Fords!!!
10-27-03 12:29 AM
Sir Stonesalot No fuckin' way Pam.

You will NEVER see me driving a pick up or a mini van.

That shit just ain't cool.

After my wife graduates in the spring, and hopefully gains full time employment...well I got just one word for ya....CORVETTE!
10-27-03 12:46 AM
parmeda I have this 'thing' about relating trucks to the rednecks that own them, lol. (I'm sorry, and I don't mean to offend anyone...)
Actually, his is very nice. It's the Harley Davidson model...very cool...very loaded. Doesn't feel like a truck at all once you're inside it.

I can't blame you for holding your stance, SS. I understand.
It's kinda the same reason why I'd never be caught dead in a 7-11 or in the back seat of a cab that 'Habeeb' would be driving. Those particular folks aren't getting a dime of my money. EVER!

One thing about your Corvette...make sure it's black
10-27-03 06:50 AM
Steel Wheels The other board I post on all the time is a Ford restoration/hot rod board.

Boycott Ford? No fucking way.
10-27-03 07:58 AM
Sir Stonesalot Apathy.

No wonder why we are in such a fuckin' mess.

We can't even get it together long enough to send "new" country down the shitter.

The one thing that I thought we could all agree upon, but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. You all want to stick up for the MAN, instead of sticking it TO the Man? How UN-rock n roll.

You all lose 100 cool points. Except for Mr. T. He didn't have any cool points to begin with....Queen he has no cool points to lose.
10-27-03 08:05 AM
egon don't know who toby keith is, but i don't need ss to tell me not to buy a ford.

they suck!

now... who's toby?
10-27-03 08:18 AM
Sir Stonesalot He's the jerkwad that sings that awful "Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue(The Angry American)" song with that wonderful, worldwise lyric-"We'll put a boot up your ass/It's the American way". So thoughtful and poetic.

I guess he wants to be the next Hank Williams Jr. And we need another Hank Williams Jr like we need holes drilled in our heads.
10-27-03 11:29 AM
Martha Well...I am ready to buy a new Toyota hybrid (Prius with the 5 CD changer and 9 speakers package)....fuck those gas guzzlin' nightmares...I want to breathe some cleaner air!!!!!!!!

Oh, I was told by the boys next door that FORD stands for "fix or repair daily"...or "found on road dead"!

Whatever.....I am all for killing the "new" country SS..count me in! I don't even care if I get any points...count me IN!
10-27-03 11:40 AM
Fiji Joe I have Toby Keith bedsheets and ain't boycotting shit...How you like me now?
10-27-03 11:48 AM
Fiji Joe wrote:
I have Toby Keith bedsheets and ain't boycotting shit...How you like me now?

I for one dig you Fiji! The tail feather madness almost threw me on the ground I laughed so hard the first time I saw it.

10-27-03 11:48 AM
Fiji Joe "It's kinda the same reason why I'd never be caught dead in a 7-11 or in the back seat of a cab that 'Habeeb' would be driving. Those particular folks aren't getting a dime of my money. EVER!"

Fiji loves him some Parmeda

10-27-03 01:54 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox hank jr. is a great man
10-27-03 02:24 PM
Sir Stonesalot I think I'm gonna hurl.
10-27-03 03:07 PM
KeithRichards210 I'm a Jeep man. And I hate that sheep-screwin', goat ropin' trailer trash hick shit. Feel any better, SS?
10-27-03 03:14 PM
glencar FIAT = "Fix It Again, Tony!"

SS, Toby considers himself a new Merle Haggard. He hates that new country shit too. I read an interview in this week's Entertainment Weekly. I've never heard any of his music so I can't verify if he's new or old country. I never even heard that "Angry American" song since Pete Jennings censored him on that 4th of July show.
10-27-03 03:42 PM
Sir Stonesalot He's the new Haggard?

Jesus that guy sure is full of himself!

I'm not the biggest Merle Haggard fan in the world...but at least that guy walked it like he talked it. Toby Keith is just a bag of hot air. And as for "Angry American", it's better titled "Ugly American".

I hate censorship. Jennings should have played the song. Then everyone could have seen how big a retard Toby is.
10-27-03 03:44 PM
gypsy Sorry. I thought SS was THE MAN. So I was sticking it to him.
10-27-03 03:45 PM
glencar I saw that movie. Feh.
10-27-03 10:18 PM
Steel Wheels SS, how do you figure I'm sticking up for anyone? I've owned my Ford for just under 5 years. I've modified the hell out of it too - engine, suspension, trans, exhaust...

My passion for cars, music, women, wine, or food is not bothered by hired spokespeople.

As far as cool points go, big shit to anyone that cares. Last time I checked nobody on these internet message boards pays my bills, gets me to work, or determines how far I go in life...especially you.

Word up.

Steel Wheels

10-28-03 12:23 AM
Sir Stonesalot Gee, so sorry you took this thing so seriously Steel Wheels.

Dude, this whole thread is a gag on Toby Keith. Ford is just incidental to the gag. I've owned a Ford since 1992.

You didn't really think I was being serious did you? I mean, c'mon, cool points? How ridiculous is that? That didn't send any spoofy signals your way?

I hear that Toby lets his 12 year old daughter smoke at the dinner table.

In front of her 3 kids.

(Attention all Rocks Offers: The above was a joke. I don't know if Toby Keith even has kids. Considering the size of his balls, he probably can't even fertilize ovum.)

(Attention all Rocks Offers: The above parenthetical was a joke. I have no actual knowledge, nor do I want any actual knowledge, of the size of Toby Keith's testicles, or his ability to fertilize ovum.)
10-28-03 12:40 AM
parmeda Shit SS...and here, I was ready to post you a picture of me washing the F150 in the driveway with my bathing suit on. Thought I could get those cool points back in my account along with a few bonus ones...
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