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"Eins Live" host Miriam Pielhau - November 2, 2001 interview
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10-21-01 05:53 PM
Miss U. Just posting MY opinion here. Which is what message boards are for....

I thought the show was absolutely fabulous and exhilarating...and I'm in Canada, so I can just imagine the great healing effect it had on y'all down south! Music really does heal, and I thought the choice of songs were very apropos. I hope they raised a ton of money...any word on how much was raised?

I THOUGHT MISS YOU WAS A PERFECT CHOICE!!!! Listen to the words! And I thought Mick looked just amazing, in tip-top shape!! Mick is THE man, he's still got it, and seeing Mick & Keith together gave me no doubt that the Stones will tour again soon, and the tour will kick ass!
So great that Mike Myers was there, and as a Cdn, what he said is very true. To see him bring on the intro was another highlight.
Who was that black chick with the long dreads on guitar with them and throughout the night? Keith seemed to know her.

I thought the show was sooo funny and also touching and very powerful! The operaman, the cast of SNL (that impersonation of Bush, lol) etc.

Bowie was superb. And I'm not even a fan of The Who, but I must say they just knocked my socks off!!!! I'd love to see them live next time they tour!!! Their songs were perfect, especially Behind Blue Eyes, and I loved seeing Daltry swing his mike! Bravo! Was that Joey who caught Daltry's harp? LoL.
I hope this does alot of good for the people in NYC.

10-21-01 06:28 PM
Gazza I think the backing musicians (or some of them anyway,including Paul Shaffer on keyboards and the girl on guitar) were from the houseband on the Letterman Show

I thought the song choice was perfect - if brief - a song of inspiration and a recognizable hit written about and associated with New York. The performance was great too - funny,rocking and moving all at once. Still think it was a lost opportunity. I know Keith (as he did at Live Aid) only took it upon himself to play at a late hour,but I think the Stones should have been sufficiently together as a band to perform as a unit.

As for the rest,I thought The Who were incredible...."Who Are You" especially was stunning. (Has Daltrey had a nip and tuck? his face looked a LOT different) Also enjoyed Bowie, Billy Joel (surprisingly),James taylor and Macy Gray's calypso-style "With a little help" was fine. Macca was good in parts,but kudos to him for getting it together. The whole broadcast was very moving,with all the crowd shots and all - even though the politicians were a bit long winded. But,what happened to U2?? Melissa Etheridge should have been brought outside and shot like a dog though for crucifying "Born to run".

As for the comedy,enjoyed the "Operaman" thing,but I thought the Bush impersonator was as funny as a dead baby. The Irish cop's a natural performer though....!!!
10-21-01 06:37 PM
Miss U. Oh, yeah...i almost forgot James Taylor...his song was SO perfect, wasn't it!! And wasn't Billy Crystal so hilarious? I think Chris Kattan is so funny too.
I'm curious about The Who now.
10-21-01 06:55 PM
steel driving hammer Hey Gazza you bastard!
Just for that Altar/Aztar or whatever it's called.
That Picture to the right of our posts...
Just because you chose that picture, if you ever come near Chicago, I will keep you drunk until you have to go home. I might even pay for the hotel room, well, no, I will pay for the hotel room!
High five brother.
Now go to bed, it's late over there.
I speak the truth my brother, ask Marko!
Love and peace my brother.
25% Rock 50 % Roll and 25 % Blues.
10-21-01 11:42 PM
yellow1 Miss U., I'm glad you've dropped your sarcastic, uneducated and generally useless remarks about the main force behind the show,i.e. Macca, although ignoring his performance is not very commendable. If it weren't for him there wouldn't have been a show here.

Oh and I'm a big fan of the Who and believe me they were really not very good last night, in spite of their heavy use of pre-recorded tapes. Daltrey looked young alright but his voice was shot and he seemed winded most of the time. This reminds us that the Who haven't released anything new since 1981 (or of interest by its members) and are not much more than an oldies act, albeit a powerful one. They've supposedly been working on a new album for 2+ years now...

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