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"Eins Live" host Miriam Pielhau - November 2, 2001 interview
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Topic: Wonderful!!! Return to archive
10-20-01 10:39 PM
Gazza What a great moment that was seeing Mick & Keith on stage together again after 2 and a half about stealin the show!!

An inspired choice of song too for the occasion - they may have only played "Salt" on a tiny number of occasions in 33 years,but when they do,its unforgettable (Rock and roll circus,Atlantic city PPV in 89 and now this..)

Loved Keith's very emphatic lyric change on "Salt of the earth" to "raise a glass to the good NOT the evil..."

Absolutely gorgeous version - and Mick worked the room great on "Miss You" too..

when was the last time Mick & Keith were onstage together at a non-Stones concert? would it have been the Muddy Waters Checkerboard Lounge gig in Chicago in '81??

Off to bed now with a smile on my face. The Boys Are Back In Town.
10-20-01 10:44 PM
Joed522571 Gazza,

I agree. Best treat we have had in a long time. Seeing this happen was pure magic.

Lets drink to the hard working people. Lets drink to the Salt of the Earth !!!!!!

Best wishes to all.

Joe D

10-20-01 10:44 PM
Cardinal Fang Hey Gazza !

What's it like, 3:30 am where your at? I take it you DON'T need a copy of the video then?
10-20-01 11:00 PM
Gazza whats it like?? its fuckin cold and dark outside! LOL

I have a copy of the show taken care of,your eminence - thanks for the offer,nonetheless

I'm watchin it on a German TV station on satellite - although they have an announcer translating the speeches into German and talkin over the I'll tape it off VH1 here in the UK when we get it tomorrow evening
10-21-01 03:07 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Did you hear the FDNY firefighter tell Bin Laden to kiss his Irish ass?

I don't know who that guy is, but I love him.

I wonder what the hell Operaman sounded like in German? That had to be odd.
10-21-01 08:37 AM
Bob Tamp Keith and Mick -pure magic
10-21-01 10:00 AM
steel driving hammer Watched it over and over.
There's a un spoken power when Mick / Keith are on stage.
I've tried to unleash the jubalee feeling I get when seeing them,
but don't wanna let the jar open too much.
It's dangerous.
Gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sun shiny day!
10-21-01 12:04 PM
Robert Schneeweiss Gazza,

It wasn't Prodigal Son, but you nailed the right album in Beggars Banquet.

I love the Stones, but to be honest, I thought Keith played poorly on the acoustic during Salt of the Earth. Mick sang it beautifully though.
10-21-01 01:46 PM
KeepRigid >>Did you hear the FDNY firefighter tell Bin Laden to kiss his Irish ass?<<

Nobody beats the Stones, but that guy was definitely one of my favorite moments!

"I live in Rockaway, and this is my face...BITCH!"

10-21-01 03:11 PM
steel driving hammer It IS unsettling to think how inextricably meshed we are
with these masters of illusion, ecstacy and irony.
It is their genius and our greatest compliment to the Stones
that sustains the idea that we are symbiotically,
if not parasitically, connected to them.
And it is hard to believe that with their disbanding,
the astral light would not flicker for the last time.
-David Dalton 1981.

"Good night gimmie one more...We see you next year, bye bye"

Still Life...

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