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"Eins Live" host Miriam Pielhau - November 2, 2001 interview
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Topic: KEITH!!!!! Return to archive
10-20-01 10:11 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Keith is playing with Mick! Salt of the Earth! To cry of emotion! Shit
10-20-01 10:14 PM
Gazza fuck its brilliant!!!
10-20-01 10:29 PM
yellow1 That was good...would have been nicer if they'd introduced "Mick Jagger and Keith Richards" and they'd played SOTE just the two of them !
10-20-01 10:42 PM
Angiegirl Oh, I loved it! How did they look?? I only heard it. I was cheering loudly all by myself in the middle of the night! Here in Holland they didn't say anything about Keith either. It was all Mick, Pete and Zack. Who did saxophone in Miss You and who did background singing? Anyone?

What did you think about Mick's singing? I thought it sounded a bit insecure. Maybe he just wanted to sound American!

Angie, very HAPPY, in Holland
10-21-01 12:54 AM

AP Photo/Beth A. Keiser
10-21-01 12:58 AM

Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy were great!
Photo BBC
10-21-01 01:32 AM
KeepRigid Keef needs no introduction!

Anyone keeping count of how many times The Who has "reunited"?

I'll be honest though, I never thought I'd be so excited to see them play! (I knew Mick + Keith were next!)

10-21-01 01:36 AM
yellow1 I know he needs no introduction but it's not very nice to say "please welcome Mick Jagger" when you've got Keith there too !
10-21-01 01:44 AM
KeepRigid True...still, wasn't it much cooler to see him just bask in the recognition and know that everyone was Happy and thinking, "Hey, it's fvckin' Keith!"

I'm sure the question of whether or not he wanted a formal introduction was raised, and should there ever be anything formal attached to Keith?
10-21-01 02:59 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Even though I knew it was coming, I still pointed at the TV and yelled "Look, it's KEITH!". No intro made the shock of the recognition that much greater.

I'm really glad that Mick did Stones stuff, instead of Goddess stuff. It would've been a bit cheap, IMO, to use a benefit to promo his new stuff.....he's got plenty of time for that. I'm betting he showcases the new stuff at the Fashion Awards. THAT is an appropriate place for it. Jagger is the man, and he shows the kind of outright class that he is capable of. He did the right thing.

Jesus, Salt Of The Earth. Fucking perfect. PERFECT, I SAY!

10-21-01 09:08 AM

AP/Beth A. Keiser

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
10-21-01 12:08 PM
Robert Schneeweiss After hearing Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy play earlier in the evening, I was a bit disappointed with Keith's effort on the acoustic during Salt of the Earth. However, Mick's vocals made up for it.
10-21-01 01:17 PM
alraune I thought it was hilarious when Mick put on the policeman's hat in between the songs. It also looks like he was chewing gum through the set! Some things never change...
10-21-01 01:43 PM
KeepRigid Ditto on the no-Goddess tunes.

Since a tour seems less likely due to high insurances costs at arenas, I'd much rather see Mick do an impromptu "tour" with various appearances like the fashion awards, etc. Why not do a few more appearances with Keith, or one or two things with Ronnie and Charlie as well?

It would've been a small tour anyway, but this way would give Stones fans a much more satisfying tease for the next Stones tour.

And imagine the boots we'd get from a night of Mick and Ronnie doing their new solo stuff!
10-21-01 03:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Some additional pix by Kevin Mazur.

10-22-01 11:03 AM
ruby213 Love the photo you put up of Keith and Mick, The Glimmer Twins. Great shot Gerardo! All the photo's are great, Yet that one of Keith and Mick is definitely my favorite...

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