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"Eins Live" host Miriam Pielhau - November 2, 2001 interview
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Topic: Jagger's Guide To New Album Return to archive
10-20-01 08:01 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl MICK JAGGER has given me an exclusive track-by-track review of his new solo album Goddess In The Doorway.
By Dominic Mohan - The Sun

Exclusive???? It is almost the same article translated by Marcelo from "EL ClarŪn" posted here several weeks ago!!!

We talked in New York where he was preparing to sing at Madison Square Garden in tonightís fundraising gig for victims of the September 11 attacks.

He talks about each song below - and it is followed by my opinion and marks out of ten. The album is out on November 20 and I reckon it is his best ever solo effort.

VISIONS OF PARADISE: A very hopeful, romantic song - the first of several on the album.

Easy listening opener. Classic Jagger vocals. 7

JOY: Iíd already done the vocal, then took it to Bono and he did a stream of consciousness at the end.

Feel-good song with typically brilliant vocals from Bono. Great anthem to crank up in the car. 8

DANCING IN THE STARLIGHT: Itís a song based on being on the beach on a very starry night and seeing the stars reflected on the water.

Slow-paced and reminiscent of track one. 7

GOD GAVE ME EVERYTHING: A song I wrote with Lenny Kravitz. He did all the chord structure, then we wrote the top lines together.

Classic Stones. Mick at his best. 9

HIDEAWAY: Did this with Wyclef Jean and itís got a slightly Caribbean vibe about it but itís still very much soul music as far as I figure it.

Mellow throughout. Heavy Wyclef influence. 7

DONíT CALL ME UP: I wrote this at the end of the last Rolling Stones tour. Itís a very romantic and rather sad and poignant song.

Nearest Mick will ever get to a ballad. Itís as if heís looking back over the years. 8

GODDESS IN THE DOORWAY: I came up with this really strange lyric. It started out as a straight dance record and became a bit Middle Eastern and gypsy.

Best track on the album that gathers pace from the start. Memorable nomadic feel. 10

LUCKY DAY: Itís a half-and-half reggae song about someone whoís been stuck in Los Angeles too long.

Not quite an album filler but the weakest track. 6

EVERYBODY GETTING HIGH: A comedy rock song of observation. A bit light-hearted.

Not surprisingly, also very Rolling Stones. Sounds like he enjoyed recording this one. 8

GUN: It started off as straight rock. I donít know what was going through my mind. Itís a very harsh song really and I was rather bitter on it.

Sits well as a contrast to the previous track. Very moody. 7

TOO FAR GONE: Itís about the world changing very fast and never coming back. If you took away those drums it would almost be a country song.

Another easy-listening track with a country feel. 7

BRAND NEW SET OF RULES: Itís sweet and I have my two daughters singing background on it. I must say they sing marvellously in tune!

Slow-paced final track. Heís not wrong about Elizabeth and Georgia May, although you have to listen hard for their input. 8
10-20-01 09:30 AM
Bob Tamp I love Mick's ballads. This could be the get laid album for the holidays

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