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Topic: It's Friday Night........... Return to archive
10-19-01 06:06 PM
Maxlugar ...And my house has a curious vibration.

...Casa De Maxy’s stereo is cranked to 11!

...Come share in the libation!

- Maxlugar 10/19/01

I have been looking forward to kicking back at this Stonesian cabin all week.

I love it here.

Good friggin’ fuck! The music is all consuming! I have all I can just to make this quick post to you, dear fellow Stonesologist, and then run back to the stereo and sit right in front of my speakers and grin like a mental patient. Time to Sit, Sip and salivate indeed.

Right now Rip This Joint off the Foot Taper collection is hurtling itself from my sound system like some insane Hyena that just had a cigarette put out on its left testicle.
Massive tunes these Stones have. Even the quick ones are massive.

The power of this music calls to you and you go to it. Simple as that. The Drive is an insistent entity. I usually wait until Friday Night’s to let it flow all over me. Like waiting until that last millisecond before you orgasm. It’s like a Stonesgasm or a Drivegasm. Yeah, lets go with that: A Drivegasm! It’s that much better when you wait. I am not able to simply but on some Stones, listen for a little while, then go on with the night or go to bed. Oh no. I must make a night of it. And that can not happen all the time. I mean, it can’t be done properly is all.

Tonight I will sip room temperature red wine. It is the classier thing to do. I need to feel sophisticated while I listen to such songs as Live With Me, Star Star, Sweet Virginia and Some Girls.

This Double Door tape intrigues me. I wonder if the place I go to for boots here in NYC is the place that has it. I got the CD there. But this guy says he has the master copy. I shall go with him although I hate the waiting. I may wait on my friends but waiting for boots just kills me. I like to walk in and buy it right there.

So my friends, I am off to the listen to the band that has written and recorded the sound track to my life. I kneel at their altar in my Subterranean Tavern and I have always lived by their teachings. For instance:

1) I always burn a hole in my pants
2) On Thursday nights, I look a fright.
3) I do the Hip Shake as often as possible.
4) Shit,I even fought for Mr. Castro in the streets of Angola
5) I try to always unzipper the dark.
6) And I’m always gonna work on you the way you worked on me.

Does anyone here have the full length Dick Cavitt show? I do. And am I seeing things when it shows a clip of them playing Monkey Man at MSG ’72? I have never seen it on a set list for those shows. Did they take footage for one song and put the audio of MM on it? I need to watch this again.

Posters De Stonesia, it is now time to go heed The Drive.

Please be careful out there. It is a nutty world.

A nutty enough world for me to stay in my basement bar on a Friday Night….

...and listen to nothing but Stones until my eardrums achieve erection...

...And I...


Your friend with Stonesitus,


10-19-01 06:29 PM
Ned Kelly Rock on!! Here is a toast to you!!
10-19-01 06:38 PM
moy and here is my toast to you and to celebrate that keef will be tomorrow jamming to the world with mick, pete and paul
10-19-01 06:39 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Your Friday Night posts are magically Stoneslicious.

Drivegasm....yep. Me too, me too.

I am at work, keeping my county safe. I hope everyone's county is safe tonight. And I hope all the other 911 dispatchers in the world have absolutely nothing at all to do tonite.

So you all understand the Drivegasm now, right?
Midnight Rambler is the correct answer.

Slap your fave Stones disc in the CD player, hit the play button, and turn your volume knob up as far as it will go.

The heck with the neighbors. This is important dammit.

They will understand, all you have to do is give them a wink, and say "Midnight Rambler". And all will be forgiven.

Room temp is the PROPER temp for decent red. I personally prefer dry Merlot or an oaky Cab. And a nice slab of warm brie. I like melba toast for my brie. But cracked wheat crackers work just as well. No RITZ or Wheat Thins for me....I'm way to cultured for that. I am a Stones fan.
10-19-01 07:18 PM
Child of the Moon Maxy, there are few things I enjoy more than reading your Friday Night posts. I'm not sure what those few things are, though, so we'll just say there's NOTHING I enjoy more.

Tonight, I will Drivegasm.
10-19-01 07:21 PM
Miss U. Cheers to ya, Maxy!! One of the best things I like about ole Mick AND Brian Jones is their classy, smart & gentlemanly on the one hand, yet so down&dirty sexy, rebellious & bad on the other! THAT my friends is what THE STONES are all about!! At least from my pallenburg-esque eyes. That's what makes them REAL.
I got no red wine tonite, but sometimes Labatt Ice'll do just as well. "and I don't need no fancy food an I don't need no fancy wine..."

Hey, I always thought the answer was "Sympathy For The Devil". As in:

Why does Mick always cheat on Jerry?
Sympathy for the Devil

How's your ex?
Sympathy for the Devil

Is Brian Jones the greatest?
Sympathy for the Devil

Keith & the cockroach last on earth?
Sympathy for the Devil

Have a great weekend! And don't forget to include the engine in your DRIVE equation!

Miss U.

10-19-01 07:22 PM
Child of the Moon Maxy, there are few things I enjoy more than reading your Friday Night posts. I'm not sure what those few things are, though, so we'll just say there's NOTHING I enjoy more.

Tonight, I will Drivegasm.
10-19-01 07:25 PM
nankerphelge Oh brothers of the Friday nite bond -- I cannot yet listen to our sound Gods for I am toiling and sweating and crafting documents of great legal significance (except for this one, of course).

But soon, the witching hour approaches.
You have piqued my interest for some alcohol.
The events of the world have recently turned me away from fun and revelry.

But tonite a strange vibration is creeping into my skull, beckoning me to shut down my computer and play some fucking track. My building -- my lonely, only-one-poor-bastard-still-working-on-a-Friday-nite edifice -- is rejecting me as if I do not belong here. Go home, young man and follow the magic.

There can be but one answer. I must heed the calling.
I must dull the ache in my heart with a buzz in my brain.

Jameson's Gold -- mmmmm. Have I told you all of this fine Irish Whiskey. Don't tell Keith. He will come to my house and drink it all. No, tonite it is all mine -- and I need something that goes well with it. Must have chiba. But alas -- no chiba in the nankerphelge household. Okay, must have Dirty Work -- the next best thing.

10-19-01 09:39 PM
Ned Kelly Cheap champagne, brief affairs, backstage love.
10-19-01 10:19 PM
Mother baby ThyPatThyselfOnThyBack
Why not?

10-20-01 03:21 AM
Prodigal Son Ooooh baby, Maxy my man! Another Friday night. Out of all the listening treasures I've dug up, the ones I like are all of them except for Trout Mask Replica (talk about retarded), and the ones that really impress me are The Rod Stewart Album (great hot shit, just boggles the mind how he turned totally poppy in a span of 6 years after this. He's almost recognizable from this and any late 70s, early 80s album), Neil's Zuma (talk about bittersweet rocking glory, Neil is Semi-God!), the Hendrix one isn't exactly Electric Ladyland but still proves he had a lot of music left in him. The others: Second Helping, Pronnounced Lynyrd Skynyrd, Street Survivors, Pink Moon and Presence (although all the songs sound like copies of each other) are fairly good.
10-20-01 03:05 PM
Miss U. "I saw her today at the reception...a glass of wine in her hand..."

"Mmm...dear, I love you dearly, but don't forget trouble I,
used to find......
I got red blood, and I got blood red wine Which I bring you,
when the snow is heavy on the ground...."

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