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"Eins Live" host Miriam Pielhau - November 2, 2001 interview
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Topic: The new Jagger stuff..... Return to archive
10-16-01 11:29 AM
Cardinal Ximinez .....leaves me kinda cold. I'm not crazy about it.

Seems kinda bland, like it's missing something....

...oh yeah, I know what it's missing, The Stones.
10-16-01 03:30 PM
Maxlugar Oh come on Mr Ximinez! It is something from our Mick. Just enjoy it for what it is: Mick just airing it out with some different people.

He's gonna come home to the Stones with more vigor not to mention overflowing Custard Cups.

Come to Casa De Maxy's Subterranean Stonesian Pub for the listening party!
10-16-01 03:49 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh, I understand that it's a solo project and it's not the Stones etc. and yadda yadda yadda. But see Maxy, I prefer the Stones. You know...The Drive. The solo stuff does not have the drive, it lacks the spark. I'm not comparing it to anything, I just prefer other things.

Yes I must come to Casa De Maxy for a listening party. There I shall make you confess your love of the Drive.

10-16-01 04:11 PM
L&A I'm always happy when Mick does something, even if it is without the Stones. But here, I have to admit that it is not so exciting... Why does Mick work with Kravitz ? I thing Rick Rubin was the right guy: listen to the wonderful "Wandering Spirit", to the great Red Hot Chili Peppers, to the few things Rick Rubin did with Tom Petty...
10-16-01 04:37 PM
Miss U. I haven't heard it yet, except for part of GGME, which I'm not that crazy about....Visions of Paradise has nice lyrics, but haven't heard it.
I heard there's some "arabian-vibe" tunes on here...anyone care to comment s'il vous plait?
10-16-01 05:32 PM
Stonesdoug God Gave Me Everything, I think is pretty good and should do ok. I don't care for Everybody Getting High. Visions of Paradise is pretty sappy, but it's really growing on me--well that's what I think anyway.
10-16-01 06:03 PM
The Eggman ya same Stonesdong
is there anything else on the album that sounds like God Gave Me Everything?
10-16-01 06:03 PM
The Eggman ya same Stonesdong
is there anything else on the album that sounds like God Gave Me Everything?
10-17-01 07:47 AM
steel driving hammer EVERY song is good on "Goddess" and I haven't heard a single song yet.
Gonna buy that album and listen all at once in shuffle mode.
I even like She's The Boss, hoss.
If I don't like Goddess' I'll learn to like Goddess.
May the force be w/ you.
10-17-01 10:27 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I hear you Brother, but honestly, I don't have the time to put in on a project like that. I have so much stuff to listen to that if it doesn't grab me by the tit right away, it's gonna get shoved to the bottom of the pile, never to see the light of day again.

She's The Boss? That was a joke right? Holy Moly! That's as bad as Emotional Rescue...actually, I think it's worse.
10-17-01 10:50 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey, I just discovered that If you post in a thread that you've previously posted in, and you modified your profile in the meantime, your new profile stuff goes onto your previous posts....right, like that made any sense.

Technology is a Gas Gas Gas.
10-17-01 07:21 PM
Bob Tamp Primitive Cool was not a total waste. Side 2( with the exception of "shoot off your Mouth" is excellent.
These songs are KowTow, Peace for the Wicked, Party Doll, and War Baby. Every song on side one sucks except I do like the trendy title track. Primitive Cool should have been a 5 track excellent ep. The tracks are either one extreme another( great vs real shit)
These five tracks along blow away everything away on She's the Boss with the exception of "Hard Woman"
.... and we all love Wandering Spirit right? Well, the first thing a lot of folks heard was "Sweet Thing" I even like it, but in the grand scheme of this man's work it is pretty shitty stuff as is Mother of a Man and Wired All Night. Evening Gown, Don't tear me Up, Hang on Me tonight
are great we have everybody bitchin' about the upcoming Goddess in the Doorway. I am liking God Gave me Everything, but it has taken several listens, and the lyrics are pretty bland. "Everybody getting High" has taken a lot of shit. It's a lot better than Let's Work, and has a lot more rock and roll energy than Radio Control. And call me a sap, but I think Visions of Paradise is great. I don't cringe at the lyrics and I think it is just a great song to be with someone if your gonna get laid on the beach that night. Yeah, it's mellow and commercial, which is better than commercial and shitty. It should have been the first single.
Now a reviewer Meridith Hunter(get it) has apparently heard the entire album and said there were too many ballads. He may be absolutely right, but the fact is that everybody gets off on Mick differently. "new faces""blinded by rainbows"is much better than " you got me rocking" and "Sparks will fly"( and I cringe everytime I hear in that song "sharks will cry"- now that's lame) but many of you will disagree with me. I am not gonna pass judgement on Micky Jaggero until I have heard the album several times all the way through. Yeah, we all want the Stones, and we all want another "Exile" but it ain't gonna happen. That was thirty years ago, and this is now so keep it in the context of the year 2001 when listening. (and if it sucks, most of the shit out there does suck- so I guess Mick is still the trendiness of them all.
10-17-01 09:28 PM
Miss U. Amen, my brothah!! Here's to many Jagger-inspired nights on the beach.
10-19-01 08:32 AM
CS Mick Jagger says he has gone back to basics for his new album.

He says the album contains "very personal songs" that can be sung directly to one other person.

Goddess In The Doorway is due out in November.

"If you wanted to, you could sing these songs in a kitchen more or less with an acoustic guitar," said Jagger.

"So the album would basically be like a guy with a guitar singing a tune.

"And if the song would stand it, we wanted to have some orchestration with it as well. But it's about the songs and what they're saying.

"The thing about this album is that it kept to the original idea. Sometimes these things take on a life of their own, which can be great too, but this one stayed true in a lot of ways to the original concept."
10-19-01 09:54 PM
Ned Kelly I have liked all 3 of the songs I have heard. On my new CD player they will all sound great. Also, I like Emotional Rescue ah ha a ha ha ha!
10-20-01 12:12 AM
Marilyn As an artist he needs to do these solo CD's as an outlet, if its a commercial "hit" or a "flop" is not important at this stage as a performer, songwriter, legend..., rather, it's a way to keep his edge. And that's all one has to hear if your a fan, period. You can either like it or not. I would hope that we would reserve judgement until after we had listened to it at least 10 times though... hey you "Goddess haters" get off Mick's cloud, ok?
10-20-01 12:29 AM
Bob Tamp I too am digging the 3 tracks. I know it's a late request Mick, but if there is any falsetto vocals on the record, rub em out. You did a life times worth of Falsetto singing from Fool to Cry to Too much Blood. "Just use your heart and not your head, while I fall apart all in my bed, I feel myself aching for you, you know I feel myself breaking in two. So don't tell me when I should come on home. There might be a time you don't want me around"
So don't build your world around me, and don't hold me tight. Cause I could get used to your Vision of Paradise"
(mmm mmm good-sweet)
10-20-01 04:38 PM
KeepRigid It's pointless for the fans to try and critique the album, because really, if it was released as a Stones album they'd be into it.

The tracks I've heard seem to have more punch in the guitar dept., (which is something Wandering Spirit lacked), and the beats fit better than they did on B2B.

It also seems to be an honest effort (despite the protests that he's trying to tap the youth market again), since he could've easily just done a bunch of duets with N'Sync and Brittany in a vain attempt to be commercial.

I too was horrified to learn about people like Rob Thomas, Wyclef, etc. having input...but one listen dispelled any fears of a Santana-ish guest star album. I've played the tracks for friends who didn't even notice that the songs had Lenny Kravitz or Rob Thomas guesting.

I think many fans still have nightmares from the 80's solo efforts, and are responding as if this album is to the detriment of a new Stones release (like those were).

The fact is, this won't cut into us getting a new Stones release any more than Ronnie's new solo album will, so just be thankful Mick took the time to put these songs out instead of locking them in his desk. (Which, if he had done that, you would all be goin' nuts to get your hands on a bootleg of it!)

Besides, if you don't like the songs anyway, you're not gonna miss the fact that they weren't saved for the next Stones release.
[Edited by KeepRigid]
10-21-01 01:22 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Nice try Mr. Rigid, and Marilyn. I'm not feeling it though. I do not hate Goddess. Hell, I've only heard 3 tunes, how can I hate an album when I've only heard 3 songs. I'm just not wild about what I've heard so far. The stuff is, IMO, OK, and no better than that. Bland to my ears.

As for Mick needing this as a performer, I gotta ask why? He fronts the BEST band on the planet. Why would he NEED to play with lesser artists? If he wants to stay "sharp", why not pick up the phone, say to Keef, "Oi, I feel like making some music, where you want ta meet up then?".

If the stuff Jagger is doing was radically different than what the Stones do, like Charlie with his Jazz band, I'd say more power to him. But it's not different. All of the songs I heard, sound like they could be done by the Stones. And done better. And to be fair, I feel the same way about the Winos stuff too.

As for Mick locking them up, and then me clamoring for a boot of the way. The only solo Stones stuff that I have a boot of is Ronnie. I'm just not very interested. Oooops I lied. I have that Mick & The Red Devils boot too. That stuff is really cool, and Mick sounds like he's having fun, but again, if he wanted to do a Blues thing, he fronts the best white blues band on the planet, so what the fuck? You know what I mean?

If you guys wanna get all excited about Mick's new album, please do. I'm glad you're digging it. I'm just not digging it as much as you are. But I do not HATE it. I just don't love it.
10-21-01 02:04 PM
KeepRigid Every fan would rather have a new Stones album, and I'd also much rather see Mick use the Stones as his creative outlet, but I also like the idea of getting to hear Mick make a simple album in his free time. I just don't get the 'vanity' vibe from this one the way a lot of fans are.

But fans would definitely be bootlegging it if it weren't released officially- what about all the stuff on the Voodoo Brew/Stew/Residue that was just Mick noodling? Just because it had the Stones name slapped on it, does that mean it's not really just Mick solo?

I wasn't crazy about getting the solo year from the Stones back in 93, but this time I'm more open. I just hope that when they do go back in the studio, they play on every track as a full-fledged band. I want to see every song have M,K,C, and R listed in some capacity.
10-21-01 05:07 PM
Cardinal Ximinez "but I also like the idea of getting to hear Mick make a simple album in his free time."

OK, but if he has enough free time to make an album, how come it's not a Stones album? Why do we have to have 4 years in between albums? I mean, holy shit, we've got to hear 2 new records in the last 8 years. Not exactly prolific, you know? And then when they do write new stuff, it doesn't go on a new Stones album, but a solo, with an inferior band. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Jagger wants a change of pace? Fine. Do something different. I have no problem with that. If he wants to do a dance album, or an album of Irish Jigs & Reels, or torch songs, great, have at it. But this sounds like a rock album to me. If he wanted to make a rock album, he should do it with the Stones.

I am a Stones fan, and I have waited too long for new output. Jagger solo does not cut it for me. I need more, I need the Stones. Anything less just falls short for me.
10-22-01 12:07 AM
KeepRigid My wish would be for them to record a new record AFTER/DURING a tour- even if they wait two or three years to release it.

Think about it.

Think about how hot they're cooking after a year or two of playing, and how tight and professional the playing is- don't you wish they would channel some of that hard work and energy into some new tunes?

I think this was a big factor in churning out hits in the golden period of albums like Sticky Fingers and Exile, and also why Stripped sounded so fvcking good.
10-22-01 12:58 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Dead on call with this one. It makes total sense. You would think that while on tour, the creative juices would be cooking. And with the inherent waiting around time on a big tour, they would have lots of time to toss ideas around. Get in the studio to record while the fire is still hot, so to speak.

I'm liking this idea. Now we just gotta figure out a way for the band to like the idea as well! Next time Keef & Ronnie stop by to play some snooker, I'll run it by them.

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