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"Eins Live" host Miriam Pielhau - November 2, 2001 interview
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Topic: Goddess cover? Return to archive
10-13-01 12:18 AM

Is this the cover for the new album?

Taken from
10-13-01 01:19 AM
The Eggman That's an awesome cover
10-13-01 07:05 AM
Bob Tamp Anybody know what MOR means? A user name on
named Meridith Hunter( get it) says he has heard the entire Jagger record and slammed it as pure pop. I hope it's not true. One comment about a song was " as insipid as Let's Work". Hope it's a great album like Wandering Spirit
10-14-01 11:07 AM
Street_Fighting_Man MOR i believe means , MIDDLE OF THE ROAD
means very crappy
Sorry Merdith excepts every album to be EXILE ON MAIN STREET
10-14-01 11:40 AM
Gazza Anyone who criticises a solo album for not sounding like a Stones album is a moron and is completely missing the point of the whole nature of a solo project. For Christs' sake,get over it meredith of whoever the hell you are- the band DO have separate & diverse interests apart from what unites them when theyre making a ROLLING STONES record...its like criticising Charlie for making a jazz album that doesnt rock like "Sticky Fingers".

Of course we'd all prefer a Stones album,but at least give them credit for doing what they WANT to do musically rather than simply bowing to public demand to a point where theyre going through the motions
10-14-01 02:45 PM
Jaxx as much as we all hate to admit it, POP SELLS. so what? i'm sure the work will have its moments--good and bad. as far as the album cover goes, i'd rather see his front than his back...
10-14-01 04:35 PM
steel driving hammer Wontcha look at that ass.
Have you seeeeeeeeen her ass?
Have you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen her ass?
Great cover.
Remember, this is not a Rolling Stones record,
and should not be treated as such.
Just play the fucking track.
10-14-01 04:53 PM
MarthaMyDear Yea, it is a pretty nice ass, at that... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
10-14-01 05:31 PM
The Eggman From a males perpective, it is a pretty nice ass, still not Rod Stewarts (LOL)
10-14-01 06:01 PM
MarthaMyDear UGH!!! GULP!!! Get it??? lol....................... Oh, I'm bad today... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P
10-14-01 06:07 PM
Gazza I'm just countin the days until someone with too much time on their hands and an unhealthy fixation on Mick's perceived sexual tendencies will write a lengthy thesis on the fact that the words "SIN" are inscribed across the poor guy's ass
10-14-01 07:34 PM
steel driving hammer Sin - depends on what god you worship. Most gods are forgiveful.
Thats being serious, me just having a good time.
But Mick is one sexy man, single, married, father and grandfather.
The guy just stays the same!
On another note...
I've been lurking on this board since Bye Bye Johnny left.
Remember him? He is still a Reg on the Gas Board.
Can't tell his name due to respect.
But in his email 2 years ago said he is never comming here.
Folks, time change...
Hope to see him here cause I sure like his posts on the Gas Board.
Stuck in the middle. Remember Keno's post "Hammer Fuck Off"
Still there and here.
Can you hear the hammer, hanging in the air...

When Tony SDH was a little baby,
Sitting on his daddy's knee,
"Steel's gonna be the death of me, Lord, Lord,
Steel's gonna be the death of me,
Well, now steel's gonna be the death of me, Lord, Lord,
Steel's gonna be the death of me."

John Henry told his captain one day,
"A man ain't nothin' but a man,
Before I will let you steam drill beat me down,
Would die with this hammer in my hand, Lord, Lord,
Die with this hammer in my hand,
I would die with this hammer in my hand, Lord, Lord,
Die with this hammer in my hand."

John Henry had a little woman,
Her name was Polly Ann,
John Henry got sick and had to go to bed,
You know Polly, she drove steel like a man, Lord, Lord,
Polly, she drove steel like a man.
How she drive?

John Henry drivin' on the right hand side,
Steam drill drivin' on the left,
"Before I will let your steam drill beat me down
I will drive my poor self to death, Lord, Lord,
Drive my poor self to death."

John Henry drove steel on the Southern
He drove steel on the C&O.
He drove steel for that Big Ben Tunnel
Steel drivin' kill John you know,
Steel drivin' kill John you know,
Well, now steel drivin' kill John you know, Lord, Lord,
Steel drivin' kill John you know.

Some says John Henry was born in Texas,
Some people thinks he was born in Maine,
John Henry was born down in Tennessee,
He was a leader of a steel-driving-gang, Lord, Lord,
Leader of a steel-driving-gang,
Was a leader of a steel-driving-gang, Lord, Lord,
Leader of a steel-driving-gang.

Well, the captain loved to see John Henry,
One of all loved to hear him sing,
But most of all that the paymaster loved,
He just loved to get John Henry's hammer ring,
He just loved to get John Henry's hammer ring,
He just loved to get John Henry's hammer ring, Lord, Lord,
Loved to get John Henry's hammer ring.

They carried John Henry on the mountain,
Upon a mountain so high,
Last words I heard that poor boy say:
"Give me a cool drink of water 'fore I die,
Give me a cool drink of water 'fore I die,
Give me a cool drink of water 'fore I die."

Well, they carried John Henry's body to the White-house,
And they laid it in the sand,
Everytime a locomotive follows go rollin' by,
They say: "Yonder lays a steel-drivin' man,
Well, now yonder lays a steel-drivin' man,
They say yonder lays a steel-drivin' man,
Yonder lays a steel-drivin' man."

Great song. Great.
Hope the Stones actually do it one day...
Ronnie's pedal, Charlie's feather drum, Keiths main riff, and yes, o yes, if Jagger can get into this song... It will be Cocksucker Blues all over again...
BTW, Hell would freeze over if they played Cock Sucker on the B Stage...
10-15-01 03:27 AM
yellow1 The Let's Work reference is probably the song Everybody Get High that is available on various websites. It's not quite as bad though !
10-15-01 03:56 AM
marko Fantastic beat on this,love the beating groove?this should
be a stones song.
Btw,many people seems to be afraid that,how stones now
manage to get songs together.Well most songs on micks new
album were written during 97-99 tour,and i think most of it
is written last year,so,and theres plenty of leftover left
and ideas from keith.They just put it together,like they
did with steel wheels.
10-16-01 12:31 AM
MarthaMyDear Tony, lay-off the hard stuff, will ya'??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P Still goofy after all these years, I see... HE!!! HE!!!
10-16-01 12:46 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl From The Midnight Rambler Gets His Rocks Off Our partnership with Marcelo in Argentina, also known as Rocks Off in Spanish!

10-19-01 09:58 PM
Ned Kelly Why do I think about George Micheal?
10-20-01 09:35 AM
Bob Tamp No male has a better ass than Mick. That's what is so cool about his androgony. In concert, all the girls wanna fuck him, and half the little boys too. LOL

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