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Topic: Jagger --Sex ,Drugs,Rock (retrospective article --nice pix inside) Return to archive
10-25-02 06:54 PM
Jaxx this reads funny because it was translated from El Mundo, a Spanish Publication:

Mick Jagger Sex, Drugs and Rock

STAR From time to time is necessary to recognize the merits of those who obtain permanence in the world of the pop one, although they are adorned of decay. There am the race by the life of a singer here who before to run the wrinkles, accentuates them, always triunfalmente

Special The World

The 26 of 1943 July begin the life of Michael Philip Jagger in England, older son of two boys of a home middle-class. His father was instructor of physical education and his mother a peluquera before marrying.

She is a united family and Mick is an educated boy of good modales.

To the 5 years it makes the friendship most monumental of his life: he and the Keiths Richards know themselves in primary. Iran to different schools, but 10 years will be recognized later. Mick is a good student with sport interests, but their notes decay when rythmandblues and the rock & roll become their passion. Its favorites: Muddy Waters, Fats Domino, Bob Diddley and Chuck Berry. But when it goes to the university with a governmental scholarship, instead of studying music, enters the economy faculty.

The jump to the fame

Between 1960 and 1963, Mick is touching in a called band Little Boy Blue and is reunited with Richards, a guitarist. They are in a train and they make reminiscencias, but it is the disc collection of blues under the arm of Mick and its love by American music, which lays the foundations the friendship and the musical association.

For 1962, Mick, Richards and the guitarist Bryan Jones share departamentucho London, while they kill tigritos like the Rolling Stones, name inspired by a song of Muddy Waters. With the drummer Charlie Watts and the bear Bill Giman they complete the quinteto and they surprise quickly with its crude, superloaded and rebellious sound, with the caminadera and brincadera of Mick causing love and hatred. In May of the 63 they remove to its song debut, "It eats On", and in September they walk of tour by England with the Everly Brothers, to those who the public extraction of the scene requesting to the Stones.


The album debut leaves in 1964 and "It's All Over Now" is called (it arrives at number 1 in England). But North America is not fast to accept to the British bad boys. Ed Sullivan presents/displays them in its show in 1964 and promises that they will not return. I am mistaken ': they returned in the 65, and on the verge of obtaining the super estrellato which they obtain with "I Can't Get nonSatisfaction", a hymn for a generation of young people. Other successes were: "Get Or f f M and C l or u d", "Paint It Black", "Ruby Tuesday" and "Jumpin Jack Flash".

It is then when they become the small symbols from sex, the drugs and the rock & roll. In 1967, Mick and Richards are imprisoned by drug possession, although the illegal amphetamines were not of Mick (it concealed his girl Marianne Faithful).

In 1969, the crushed one by the Jones drugs is found dead in its swimming pool. Also a concert of the Stones happens in the 69 that empatuca with four deaths (including a filmed murder). The love affairs of 5 years between Mick and Marianne finish with the loss of the boy who took in his entrails and their attempt of suicide, also in the 69. A fast romance with Martha Hunt produces later to its Karis daughter in 1970. The film where it makes debut like actor, "Ned Kelly" (1970), is a failure.

I am as I act

The hunter of skirts who is Mick calms - more or less between 70 and 80. Perez ties with the model of Bianca fashions Macías Moor and house with her in France in 1971, five months before the birth of their Jade daughter. During the spotted marriage, Mick and Bianca are of the most famous pairs of the jet Seth. The Rolling Stones, now called "the band of greater rock & roll of the world", still publishes their albums in their own seal. "Sticky Fingers" leaves in 1971, with design of cover of Andy Warhol, followed by "Exile in Main Street" (1972); both are considered classic. They fill of money in his tours of years 72, 75 and 78.

Their successes of decade 7080 include "Brown Sugar", "Angie", "It's Only Rock & Roll" and "Miss You".

In the front hogareño Mick is a good father, but deeply difficult as far as the fidelity. After robbing the texana model to him Jerry Hall to the rocker Bryan Perry in the 76, Mick and Jerry transforms itself openly into the hot pair, with Bianca threatening the divorce, until coming in 1980.

Decades 80-90 finds to the vital group in the world of the rock, although Mick and the Stones remains like íconos. Their concerts fill and their European tours produce many million. Mick and Richards separate half of the 80. Mick makes a single pair of albums before meeting with Richards in the 89.


Mick and Jerry fight in the 82 (she is a criadora millionaire of horses), but reconcile and have a daughter, Elizabeth, in the 84 and a son, James, in the 85. The Stones enters the Hall FAMA the 89, the same year in which its North American tour invoice 140 million dollars. Mick and Jerry finally marry in 1990.

In decade 1992-2002, after years like happy man of family, Mick it reassumes his deambulante and picaflor style. In 1992, in the same month in which Jerry gives to light his daughter, Georgia May, Mick are deceiving it in Thailand with the model Car it Bruni. Months later one becomes grandfathers. Test again with the cinema beginning with "Freejack" (1992). The Stones gains their first Grammy by better album of rock, "Voodoo Lounge" (1994) and their musical tours of 94 and 95 fill the stages.


The rumors of another adventure with a Czech model arise in the 96, but Mick returns with the hot Jerry, who gives to light to his son Gabriel in the 97. The marriage finally finishes, after revealing the affair with the Brazilian model Luciana Morad, that it gives to light to a baby of Mick in the 99. Mick removes the single album "Goddess in the Doorway" in 2001. Also producer is made of cinema, beginning with "Enigma", and has in plans a dozen of films more. The considered value of Mick Jagger when finalizing century XX was in more than 230 million dollars. And its value as scenic person is in her own words: "It is only performance, like any other roll. But also it is a genuine part of me. Thus it is as I act ".


Romantic and spiritual
The songs including in "Goddess In The Doorway", the album of Jagger like solista, so are varied as interesting, from gospel to the purest style century XXI ("Joy ", with the Bond collaboration in the voices) to an impressive contemporary rock ("God Gave Me Everything ", in collaboration with Lenny Kravitz), passing through a global and futurist subject ("Hideaway ", produced by Wyclef Jean) and soulpop of "Visions Of Paradise", plenty of feeling, created in collaboration with Rob Thomas. The own Jagger produced, collaborating very close by with the old tecladista of the Stones, Matt Clifford, and with Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith). "Still memory to Pete Townshend when it said to me: "I want to participate", so, as lives to only a few meters of my house, a day I called to him and I said to him: "It hears, you can come today to record? And from "Gun" arose there, the song but hard of the disc ".
10-25-02 08:17 PM
Pants Make the Man Outstanding.
10-26-02 12:17 AM
Pants Make the Man wrote:

so is your tagline....