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Topic: Jagger solo discs??? Return to archive
10-24-02 11:17 PM
full moon I hear them get knocked all the time.. Are they really that bad?? She's The Boss, Primitive Cool, Wandering Spirit, + GITD...Are any worth getting at all??
10-24-02 11:20 PM
tumblingdice I like them all, even the worst of them have something good on them. Most agree Wandering Spirit is the best.
10-24-02 11:29 PM
Boomhauer The only album I've seen at stores lately is GITD.

Haven't seen Primative Cool or Wandering Spirit for a long time. Saw She's the Boss, though.
10-25-02 12:06 AM
hearts4sale I couldn't live w/out Wandering Spirit and Godess in The Darkness. I know 99.9% of the words to every song!-I've sang along to them all so much -use to have to drive 2 hrs ea way to work, and my husband couldn't believe how many times I listened to those 2 CD's!!!!!!!! HAHA! They are great, in my opinion!
10-25-02 01:27 AM
parmeda For some reason, I think the women tend to prefer the solo works of Mr. Jagger more than the men. The songs are a lot more 'toned down' from what we've all been exposed to with THE STONES. Most men would say they're 'chick-songs'...and well, they seem to be just that.

I have all 4 and each is good in it's own way. However, Wandering Spirit has the most 'punch'.
10-25-02 02:17 AM
lin I was ready to throw out 'she's the boss' first time I heard it, but after seeing running out of luck, the songs really grow on you. wandering spirit - this is where you start your MJ solo collection, loved it first listen.
10-25-02 03:39 AM
gypsymofo60 Critics, and music snobs love to slag Jagger's solo albums, and although they were never gonna set the world on fire, they do possess some good to great moments. She's The Boss is very commercial, but catchy, Primitve Cool the most underated, while Wandering Spirit is a recognised work of art that 90s(I don't wanna be seen as outdated) critics couldn't quite bring themselves to praise. As for Goddesss, well my jury's still out on that one for now. I'll tell you something else too; saw Jagger solo in '88 in Melbourne, and regardless of what the detractors would have you believe, he and that band rocked. Yes! His albums are worth it.
10-25-02 03:57 AM
hearts4sale wrote:
I couldn't live w/out Wandering Spirit and Godess in The Darkness. I know 99.9% of the words to every song!

... 0.1% are missing for the album tittle...

Here my opinion:
She's the Boss 9/10 - the most personal work of M.J. when he was 40
Primitive Cool 6/10 - Dave Steward did better work with Eurythmics
Wandering Spirit 10/10 - Fantastic Rick Rubin !
GITD 2/10 - ...
10-25-02 05:05 AM
luxury1 If you like Mick's songwriting, you will like his solo efforts--but be warned--they are over-produced in my opinion, and sometimes approach MUZAK quality! I still buy them tho--I think he is one of the best songwriters of our generation--he can really spin a lyric.
10-25-02 08:10 AM
Maxlugar I love WS
I like GITD
I like some of PC
Most of She's The Boss will make your testicles run up into your body cavity so fast your legs will get sucked in too. That is, if you HAVE testicles. I'm not sure what it does to ovaries.

For the most part I enjoy his solo stuff. How could you not enjoy an album by the greatest front man, singer and songwritter in Rock and Roll history?

He has indeed let the production of some of these songs get into the hands of some trendy ass douche bags, that's for sure. There is a great song down inside Just Another Night, I'm positive. But I think Mick likes taking risks and seeing what he can do with the latest forms of music. Wandering Spirit is his best but also the safest. He could have done that with the Stones (Holy shit do I wish he had). So this is why it's the best. But I admire his tenacity and work ethic. This is a man who likes to do new things. Who cares? Mick Fucking Jagger has nothing to prove to no one. His legend is safe and secure no matter what he does. Done bun can not be undone.

10-25-02 08:19 AM
dkmonroe She's the Boss is overproduced 80's crap, IMO. I liked it OK when it was released, but it hasn't aged well. Kind of like Stones Lite. I've not heard all of Primitive Cool, what I did hear didn't hold my interest.

Wandering Spirit is a fantastic album. I think of it as the best album the Stones never made. However, this may be due to some not-so-subtle Stones-style ripoffs on the album. "Don't Tear Me Up" in particular is a blatant ripoff of "You Can't Always Get What You Want." "Wired All Night" is so Stoneslike I can't believe it's not Keith and Ronnie playing it. It would be really cool if the Stones played it live. I guess the difference between "Sprit" and the other Jagger solo albums is that it's the only one where he tried to write within the Stones' style instead of outside it.

The only song I heard from "Goddess" was "God Gave Me Everything", and I actually thought it was pretty good. I didn't understand why that album was such a flop, but I guess the rest of it REALLY must have sucked!
10-25-02 08:57 AM
Maxlugar There is a song off Primative Cool called Shoot Off Your Mouth that is friggin' awesome.

It hurts that She's the Boss blows so much because my two hero's, Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck made it.

Never thought that would happen.
10-25-02 09:37 AM
Mer_Jagger I love Mick's solo CDS. I thought that ''Goddess in the Doorway'' was absolutly amazing! Love it!
10-25-02 09:57 AM
egon i've always liked "spirit" but for some reason can't stand it anymore. don't know why...
the only song i still like is "angel of/in my heart"
(is that the correct title?)
godess is an ok album, but never listen to the other 2.
except for "just another night"
in the car, really loud. fantastic!!!