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Topic: NSC-- Sniper Bastards Caught! Return to archive Page: 1 2
10-24-02 07:53 AM
10-24-02 08:02 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Sorry, mate, but as the reports say, these two may *not* be the 'Sniper'. In fact, that police chief himself said that these two are simply 'wanted in connection'. Now whether or not that was just to make them less of a flight risk, we don't know. But the FBI has cleared out two areas - a private home in Tacoma, Washington, where they think a tree stump in a backyard was used for target practice - and an urban warfare training camp in the Deep South. It's an older guy, a Gulf War Veteran, and his stepson, who's 17 and a citizen of Jamaica...

What would Keith think?

-tSYX --- I can say she's allright...
10-24-02 08:37 AM
nankerphelge Gotta say that the last 3 weeks here have been pretty fucking scary. Not freaking out every second scary, but an uneasy feeling as you go about your day-to-day stuff. A feeling of vulnerability that you can't shake and which no one really talks about at length, but it was sure palpable -- especially with the threat on the kids.

I have never lived in an area that was terrorized by a serial killer before. It is a tremendous relief that they nabbed these idiots. I keep thinking about all the drivers of white vans in the area who, I'm sure, got an awful lot of dirty looks over the last few weeks! They must feel a bit relieved! I also think about the families of all these innocent people that were killed -- the whole thing was just so senseless.

No punishment will be too unusual or cruel for these two. I think I'd tie them to chairs, set them out in a field, and give high powered rifles to the families of the victims to let them take some target practice! I'd imagine without proper training, it might take quite a few rounds before these novices actually got a kill shot! Maybe an arm shot here or a shoulder shot there -- lotsa blood and pain -- but these fools would get to sit there and flinch quite a few times before someone finally got the hang of it and blew the back of their head off! It could be a PPV -- I'd pay good money to see it!

10-24-02 08:55 AM
Pants Make the Man Shoot battery acid in their vein's. Or is that too quick? They can't get those two off the face of this earth fast enough.
10-24-02 01:11 PM
steel driving hammer Have the execution for the Half Time Show at the Super Bowl.
10-24-02 03:22 PM
Maxlugar Kill them as soon as possible.

10-24-02 03:30 PM
Nellcote So, let's see.

This guy was a guard in the Million Man March
Don't forget, he is a Muslim, something Katie Couric never would mention.
Divorced, father of three, has restraining order against him
Former Army who has an M-16 Marksman badge
Murders in three states.
Real special fella, killed all races, all ages

Guess who comes to the resuce?
Two words, with one thrown in for good measure...

Heeeeeeeeer's Johnny COCHRAN!

America, what a country!
10-24-02 04:03 PM
kath i find it strangely ironic that the gun they are using is called a "bushmaster"....

i hope this is the end of this reign of terror...what a horror show it has been.
10-24-02 04:13 PM
jb Thank god Doug is safe...what would we do w/out him!!!!
10-24-02 04:19 PM
Boomhauer These pricks involved with this shit don't deserve a trial if they are found alive. It's a fucking waste of money.

Just put them out on the range and let the 90 year old grandma's and grandpa's have some fun out on the shootin' range with these guys.

Now that is free. No cost at all (except for bullets and rent for the range).
10-24-02 04:23 PM
nankerphelge Be something if he had the Prez's itinerary! Can't be too
careful if you are in the Oval Office!

Call Johnny C nuts but he knows marketing like Gates knows
computer software! You never know what he has in
store but you will get a good criminal defense
and a hell of a bill for his services. Just
ask OJ -- had to sell everything!
About the only thing he has is the book deal. Probably has
anti-spyware software to keep his royalties from Johnny too!
10-24-02 04:45 PM
Mickjagger1963 Target Practice sounds good
10-24-02 04:50 PM
Nellcote Ol'e Johnny is not nuts, he is brilliant.
Pushed all of the others aside, had OJ to himself.
It could happen again with this.
After all, this is America, land of the nuts.
10-24-02 04:55 PM
jb Nothing against Muslims, but why are we kow towing to Saudi Arabia and asking our people to be more understanding..should'nt it be the other way around?
10-24-02 04:59 PM
Nellcote It will all change come winter, probably January to be specific, when we find out who is with us, or who is not.
10-24-02 05:26 PM
steel driving hammer No offense but F*ck the Islam and F*uck the Beatles...
10-24-02 06:45 PM
Boomhauer lol lol lol lol

10-24-02 09:09 PM
steel driving hammer wrote:
No offense but F*ck the Islam and F*uck the Beatles...


So the gun matches the bullets. These guys had a sniper nest *inside their trunk* with a hole bored out the back so they could pop the trunk, shoot someone, pull the trunk down and drive away.

They've been planning. This is just sick.

I say put 'em in jail for life - either lock 'em away in solitary with no light for the rest of their lives or put 'em in with the meanest bunch of anal stretchers the prison system can find.

-tSYX --- I can't turn ya loose now...
10-24-02 10:41 PM
Scottfree The words have been extracted from my oral cavity..... couldn't agree more with every post
10-24-02 10:53 PM
VoodooTattoo They should both be executed...Flip the Switch be damned. I dont want to pay for their asses to eat one more meal if they are in prison...except maybe their last meal...I would buy them some shepards pie for that. The dude did this because he is another anti American defender of the Islam nation. They say they are defending themselves with these bombings and now shootings, but they are murdering innocent people and children included. I see them on the news rallying out in the street shouting some gibberish and burning U.S. flags...I often wish we could drop a nuke on one of those rallys. They have a bad economy because they elect dictators into power and then they turn bad and become tyrants who also hate America. The economy might be better there if you could walk to the store with your $$ without a huge risk of being killed by another "defender of Islam." I didnt used to be this way at all towards them but Im about fed up with them. Just nuke em all.
10-24-02 11:00 PM
TomL I feel very secure in South florida right now. The fear for my family is gone. Fry the fuckers, even the kid.
10-24-02 11:13 PM
Boomhauer As Beavis would say: "Give 'em the chair, the chair, heh heh".

As I said before, no death penalty for these guys. Just get rid of them NOW! These guys don't deserve a trial at all. Nothing against jb, but some prick is going to try to make a name for himself by defending this two idiotic, anti-American bullshit anal raiders that can eat shit and die. Right now these guys are probably eating a microwave Salisbury Steak meal and the people they shot that are fighting for their lives are getting nourishment through a tube and are suffering with so much pain.

There should be no more attention for these guys with a fucking trial. Burn them now! Save the taxpayers money and put them in a room with the angriest wolves in the world. Just let them get out of our sites and out of the sites of the victims and their families.
10-25-02 01:33 AM
hearts4sale's wild...just about every post I read had the message that the TAXPAYER shouldn't have to deal w/ the burden of dealing with these idiots (if proven guilty). I agree! It's amazing to me that IF the legal people had their crap together, all it would take would be like one person said, have the other people fire on THEM...then they'd get a taste of what the hell they put everyone else through. It's unbelievable that those who are undeniably guilty, are supported by our damn tax money and kept in prison. I say give THEM what THEY gave to the people they friggin killed!!!!!!!!---in the same friggin manner that they killed them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10-25-02 02:34 AM
Highwire Rob Moose has caught the snipers like a goose in a noose!

(There's a line for Johnny Cochran's defense--I improved on their line; they said "duck.")

Too bad this kid didn't properly touch base with true Jamaican roots. I reckon Keith could'a chilled him out with some thick reggae chords and some thicker Jamaican ganja. Too late now. JA!
10-25-02 03:57 AM
gypsymofo60 I sometimes think that the civil libertarians, and other such bleeding heart pansy do gooders are the real criminals here. Certain groups of people will tell you until they, or you, are blue in the face that an eye for an eye is no deterent. Bullshit!.....If the punishment truly fitted the crime, and HOLLYWOOD for example stopped glorifying these sick fucks maybe the incidence of such henious crimes would disapate. Go tell the victims about the civil rights of someone who uses a weapon that removes the face of a loved one........Hypocrisy rules unchallenged!
10-25-02 05:15 AM
kath it will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out. i'm still not clear on how they figured out it was this guy to start with. first they cut down a bunch of trees in tacoma (left coast), and they arrest him on the right coast.
sleeping in his car. it's too weird. i just hope they got the right guys and the terror is over.

the whole world has gone mad. people who just went to a play in russia are being held hostage/being shot. what the fuck is that about? and the wonderful place of bali is now another horror show. goddamn, it's just enough to make you wanna crawl into a hole. the whole planet has gone mad.

except us, of course. unless the stones don't play what we wanna hear (SSW's unite!!)..then I'M gonna be mad as hell. tacoma must have:

parachute woman
jigsaw puzzle
thru and thru
moon is up (chollie!!!)
10-25-02 07:47 AM
Pants Make the Man What's that all about in Russia, kath? It's simple- the gunmen are Chechen Muslims. The parallel's between pre-WW II Germany and the current Islamic world are striking. One of my history classes in high school dealing with WW-II was themed "Would the world ever let that happen again?" My answer is the same now as it was then- "Of course it can, and will, happen again. What a silly question!" John Muhammad must be removed from the face of the earth- the sooner the better. Public execution wouldn't be out of order.
10-25-02 07:51 AM
Maxlugar It was only a matter of time that the hate filled speach of Louis Farrakhan and his Black Muslim minions materialized into real death and murder.

We should make no distinction between them and al Qaeda.


10-25-02 08:29 AM
Pants Make the Man You've really got your head on straight, Maxy. If you were the Secretary Of Defense, the world would be a much safer, and rocking, place. I'm talking "Dirty Work" 'till it hurt's!
10-25-02 10:41 AM
jb I love when Farakhan says "the so-called Jew" or the "white devils"'s really is kinda funny..
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