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Palais des Sports, Paris September 22, 1970
by Dick Waterman From the 40x20 Exhibition Now on world tour!!!

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Topic: NCR Center Setlist Return to archive
10-23-02 03:17 AM
Child of the Moon Doesn't look like anyone's posted this yet, so here it is, per Stonesdoug.

1. Start Me Up
2. Itís Only Rock and Roll
3. If You Canít Rock Me
4. Donít Stop
5. All Down the Line
6. Wild Horses
7. Dead Flowers
8. Bitch
9. Canít You Hear Me Knocking?
10. Tumbling Dice
11. Street Fighting Man (Introductions)
12. Slipping Away
13. Happy
14. Love Train
15. Satisfaction
16. Honky Tonk Women
17. Live with Me
18. Mannish Boy (B-stage)
19. You Got Me Rocking (B-stage)
20. Brown Sugar (B-stage)
21. Jumping Jack Flash (encore)

Sticky Fingers... yes! (Although I would've liked Sway, as well.)
10-23-02 05:44 AM
CHIEFMOON Images From Last Night:

[Edited by CHIEFMOON]
10-23-02 05:50 AM
Child of the Moon Hmmm... is it just me, or is Keef's attire very "militaristic"?

I dig the one of Ronnie. "I'm a sobered-up guitar god! Fuck yup!!!"
10-23-02 07:48 AM
nankerphelge Dead Flowers and Bitch -- that ain't bad if they managed to actually play Bitch rather than stumble thru it like they have since '89. I would hazard a guess tho that if they were evr going to play it with the menace of years past, this would be the tour.

I remain insanely jealous...
10-23-02 08:16 AM
Nellcote Hope JB survived the night with his fellow fans!

JB, Hello, JB? Are you out there?
10-23-02 10:54 AM
jb Good Mornimg!!! As you can imagine, I am pretty "wiped out"
this morning. Arrived at the Office Depot Arena(as Mick would say during the show, "what a romatic name") f/k/a NCR Center around 6:15.....As usual many people enjoying themselves in the parking lot blasting Stones music...Gates opened at 6:30...For about the next hr or so, walked around and drank Jim Beam and Coke(they did not have Jack Daniels)...Went down to my seats, and I was 4th row dead center(what do expect for 1500.00 dollars). Shaggy was finishing his set, and quite frankly, was not that bad..I particularly enjoyed his female dancers who were quite stunning...sort of like the dancers on the Soul Train program with the great Don Cornelius....It was a typical late arriving , look at me, South florida crowd, but by show time the arena seemed very full(Sun-Sentinel reported "sell-out" crowd of 15,000-I actually thought more like 18,000 with a few empties in the higer ups).
As you know, i am not an eloquent writer, and thus, I will not attempt to review each and every song and the various intricasies throughout the set. What I can tell you is that having seen the Stones as a 13 yr old teenager for the first time in 75, and every tour since then, this was by far the best performance I have ever attended. For anyone to suggest that this is a bunch of Gazillionaires just "going through the motions" is simply false. The playing on this tour rivals any 70's performance and is a bout as rauchy and real as rock-n-roll should be.
As you know, it was a Sticky Fingerd album theme, and they did not disappoint. Dead flowers was as crisp and clear, with that country twang, as can be heard on "Leed Lungs"..Bitch, for the first time since the 70's , lost the Vegas show tune gimmicks, and was as mean and nasty as it was intended to be. Wild Horses was played and song with a passion of a man actually watching his lover lie in a coma like state...And yes, we all owe a debt of gratitude to a Mr. Ron Wood, whose inspiring play on CYHMK , brought back memories of the great Mick Taylor..Ronnie is fantastic...
Also, anyone doubting that keith is still the coolest man in rock-n-roll, simply must watch and listen to the man on Slippin gave me goosebumps...Some other highlights were "If you can't rock me", were for a moment, I thought they were going to go into "Get off my Cloud" like on "Love you live"..."Live with me" was mean, lean, and Darryl was quite good on the bass riffs...The balance of the songs, including, but not limited to, SMU,TD,JJF,Satisfaction,BS, Mannish Boy, YGMR, were all played in a truly inspired fashion....Interestingly, we did not get Sympathy or an encore after JJF...I thought Keith and Mick were very much into it, and it was nice to see them for once, side by side taking the final bow.
On a personal note, other highlights for me were shaking keith's hand as he walked to the B-stage, watching Charlie nervously saying "No thankyou" to a guy trying to hand him a gift upon return to the mainstage, seeing myself on the big screen, and having a 20 year old bloned kiss me and play with my Stones toungue necklace during the B stage performance...this was not solicited, but quite appreciated(please don't discuss with the this is what rock-n-roll is all about!!!).
Lowlight....after show, could not find my S-series , special edition, Mercedes for over an hr...i was buzzed, dehydrated, and left my cellular in the car...When at 12:05 midnight, I finally located vehicle, which was right down the stairs out of the main entrance, I realized that despite my money, great tickets, great life, i am still an imbecilic loser!!! I was quite humbled and humiliated ...
10-23-02 12:11 PM
Martha Hey JB..great review.

I saw a couple walking all around the parking garage lot after the Detroit show trying to find their much-more-expensive-than-my you aren't alone..and in my opinion and experience it is always good to be humbled. Where better than at the greatest Stones concert of your life, ehhh!

My friend, Bid Daddy has seen every tour since 1972 and believes this one to be the best he's ever witnessed too! You are in good company.

Keef IS the man...Ronnie IS kickin' ass..Mick IS unbelievable and Charlie...solid as a rock.

Did you feel like once they came back from the B stage you were ready to hear them for at least another two hours? I kept having that happen at each show...I would be so into it by then I coulda' stayed all friggin' night and rocked out with the boys.

The show just seems to fly by so quickly....dear god is it good!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Hang in there Nanky! Your time is coming and when it does I'll be jealous that I cannot see them! Remember it's all ahead of you..that ain't a bad position to be in!
10-23-02 01:00 PM
sirmoonie Glad you had a good time Josh, and glad your take is same as most of us. This band is in great shape and rocking like crazy. Millenium Stones! Love them or go fuck yourself. Hard!
10-23-02 07:38 PM
sirmoonie wrote:
Millenium Stones! Love them or go fuck yourself. Hard!

Now THAT is what the official tour title should be!! I'd buy a concert shirt if it said that on the back.
10-23-02 09:59 PM
parmeda Hey Josh...It was well worth your wait, wasn't it? While some of us have already had the've waited patiently...and now, you know. What could possibly be better than the feeling of anticipation...and then to have an outstanding show dropped onto your lap? Nothing has even come close, these past 2 months...
And buddy, don't put yourself down about you 'misplacing' your were caught-up in the moment! Who hasn't done that before, lol...

If anything, I kinda feel bad for our friends over in Europe. They've been subjected to reading all of our posts, our reviews, our stories...and they still, must wait. But their time won't be spent in vain...hopefully, they too, will say that it was worth it.

I'm glad you had a great time...
10-24-02 06:08 AM
Scot Rocks You are right about that Pam lol, the anticipation is killing me, however the reviews have been great from across the pond and have been making me feel part of it already, so thanks everyone. Hopefully we over here can do the same for you next year.