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10-22-02 06:13 PM
sirmoonie wrote:
Dandelion cracks me up.

You might be able to find it in the archives at Keno's. Read at your own peril.

she crack's me up too

thanks sirmoonie but i'll pass

i read keno's board occasionally and post there very infrequently (unlike a lot of you i got there from here)

i recall the discussion on some of the topics you mentioned but obviously missed that one

i certainly remember the flood of new postsers here that followed the exodus
10-22-02 07:06 PM
Martha I was given a used computer in mid-March of this year....within days I had found GasX and from there I was directed to Rocks Off by Gazza...I can never pay him back for that has changed my life in uncountable ways.

I love the cast of characters (who I call my cyber friends too, SS) that post here and continue to entertain the livin' shit outta me..and (more importantly) who have taught my soooooo much about the greatest rock and roll band in the world....The Rolling Stones.

My life has been altered..shaped and enriched 10 fold by the people on this board.

I have also made this my cyber home ...Rock's Off ROCKS!

I don't go to Gas X it is too difficult to navigate. Besides everything I could posibly want is always available right here.

I visit here at least twice a day.

Hooked and I don't wanna kick it Ronnie!!!!!!!!
10-22-02 07:32 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Man, it's been said before, but has anyone thought of writing a book on this? Seriously - we're like a microcausm for how internet relationships bend and form as the whole thing explodes in our faces. Stones fans I guess have seen everything.

And I *don't* want to know what all this circumcision crap is about.

On a Stones board?


-tSYX --- You gotta hide your love...
10-22-02 08:08 PM
Mickjagger1963 Man I check rocks off at least 3 times in school and 5 times an hour at home, (when im around) believe it or not, I never noticed that "last reply by" thing until like 2 months ago, at the start of the tour, that makes it sooooooo much easier to track the threads you have posted in and when somebody replied, I LOVE THIS PLACE! I need to get posting more, I've been here quite a while, but I have fewer posts than soem people who have been here for a month. oh well .. I guess I just hate typing.
10-22-02 09:54 PM
Child of the Moon Ah, yes, the "Circum Schism." THAT'S why I left... not because I was pro-trim or anti-trim or anything, just because it was bothersome and I didn't want to get involved, like FPM. Packed my bags and came here for a good three months or so, maybe more.

I could've sworn there was more to it than that... I think maybe I said the *wrong* thing about Septmeber 11th at one point (that I didn't mean to) and suddenly everyone didn't like me for a while. But that's all over now, thankfully.
10-23-02 06:54 AM
steel driving hammer Question for all the Men here...

Would you take it in the Ass for Mick?

Just curious.

10-23-02 07:22 AM
corgi37 Good question. I think it was either from or iorr. Most probably, it was from yahoo. i keyed in rolling stones, and a interesting thing popped up. The "wet page". Sounded like a porno site, so of course, i logged in. Been here since. Still waiting for Ginger or Amber to email me.
10-23-02 07:25 AM
Maxlugar I was banned for 90 days so I wasn't even involved!

Imagine that!

I'm not sure what the issues were but I can just say that whoever circumcises their child is a monster.

A complete monster.

Hope that doesn't cause any problems around here.

See ya later.

10-23-02 09:11 AM
icydanger Even though this has nothing to do with the RS,

I would like to mention that circumcision was practiced since 1260 BC when Moses made it compulsory.
The jews following the Thora have kept this custom, and so have the Muslims, following the Coran.
These populations, 2/3 of the planet do not have the choice, circumcision is part of their culture.
Customs over the world are different. Also, it is as painful as a piercing or a tatoo when done small.
In fact at a time in USA maternities, (75-85), the doctors used to insist and recomment on doing circumcision on new-born babies.
10-23-02 09:16 AM
nankerphelge And just for the record, it doesn't really take anything away -- they just put a hem in it!
10-23-02 09:26 AM
nankerphelge wrote:
And just for the record, it doesn't really take anything away -- they just put a hem in it!

Well - one cannot have smegma and crackers if they so choose!

Eeeewwwweeee...let's take about great sexy slutty racks instead...!

To Steelie, you are a brave man and I admire you unconditionally. Still waiting for that tape...FPM will send you something real good...
10-23-02 09:28 AM
Dandelion* wrote:

Eeeewwwweeee...let's take about great sexy slutty racks instead...!

10-23-02 09:31 AM
Maxlugar MONSTERS!

10-23-02 09:57 AM
Maxlugar wrote:


Last one to is a rotten egg!
10-23-02 10:30 AM
nankerphelge There is no such site.

However, for a list of famous uncuts, see

including (gasp) Keith Richards...

"Hit me with a turtleneck sweater Ronnie"
10-23-02 10:33 AM
Maxlugar Sweet Merciful Head Cheese on a Ritz! Keith is uncut?

I need to reevaluate my opinion.
10-23-02 10:36 AM
nankerphelge You wanna talk wrinkles?
10-23-02 11:23 AM
luxury1 the C10 enjoys all this penis talk WAAAAAAAy too much. Now dont you all wonder just what happened in Cleveland??,-- the bonfire, the pivot man, the sheep........
10-23-02 11:30 AM
nankerphelge Wait til ya hear about the "dirty Sanchez"
[Edited by nankerphelge]
10-23-02 11:41 AM
steel driving hammer wrote:
Question for all the Men here...

Would you take it in the Ass for Mick?

That was it! That was the Steelie post that nearly brought a Great Stonesian Nation to its knees! You wouldn't believe how divisive that question was. Some serious lines were drawn. Dark days. Dark days, indeed.
10-23-02 11:46 AM
jb I stated on Stoneworld..then keno..was temporarily thrown off Ken's site and migrated here and to Stone'sDoug..I love the people who post here...very humorous and informative...
10-23-02 11:53 AM
Maxlugar Am I the only one who remembers Josh's post on how to put a dildo in your ass back at the Stonesworld board?

Surely, I am not.

Josh, how did you know about that stuff? Do you really put dildo's in your ass?

The best part were the tips on relaxing.

Developing hard.......
10-23-02 11:58 AM
steel driving hammer Dandelion, I have to get 10 guage strings first.
Gimme 2 weeks. You'll like it and have a laugh.

The take it in the Ass for Mick is JUST a question...
I would take it the Ass for Mick.
If you really wanna shave my legs, there's some giving up, a we gotta do...

Politics is more dangerous than war, for in war your only killed once...

Stones Rule.
10-23-02 12:01 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
Am I the only one who remembers Josh's post on how to put a dildo in your ass back at the Stonesworld board?

Surely, I am not.

Josh, how did you know about that stuff? Do you really put dildo's in your ass?

The best part were the tips on relaxing.

Developing hard.......

Oh my god - I think I remember that! I also think I remember thinking it was an imposter...I really must up my shrink visits to twice a week! Such things rattling around the back of my brain in the deep dark subconscious. Thank you Maxy for releasing that retained gem!
10-23-02 12:27 PM
Dandelion* Okay Steelie - would you shave your ass for Mick?
10-23-02 01:05 PM
steel driving hammer It's already shaved...
10-23-02 01:24 PM
Joey " You are the message board equivalent of a cover band. "

You make young Joey very sad .


10-23-02 01:26 PM
Jacques Hi all I'm on this board for a few years and, met alot of friends. I came with Yahoo.

BUT what I would like to ask an other question :
10-23-02 01:29 PM
steel driving hammer Don't be sad Joey, it's all about the music, not the posts...

Oklahoma #1...
Miami #2...

Suck on that Josh...

But Nebraska can't be seen for miles and miles...

Stick a lubed but ridged corn cob up my ass Ronnie!!!

10-23-02 03:22 PM
Highwire Rob
stonedinaustralia wrote:
"sometimes I would like to know how the people get here" said voodoochile in reply to Toast960

How I got here . . .
My first experience with Stones boards was through searching for music sound bites with which to put on my computer at work. I wanted Windows to open up with a couple bars of "Start Me Up", and close with Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road" (A great one from Vacation soundtrack). Well, I succeeded later, but first found through the "SMU" Lycos search. That was almost exactly two years ago, and it's kind’ a neat cause my original post is still there--I recently checked back (you'll be surprised )

Posted 12:36:11 Pacific Standard Time on 12/20/00
DEFINITIVE Rock Opener: "Continental Drift" leading in to Cannon Blast leading in to "Start Me Up" -- Man that Flashpoint live recording is Rock'n Roll!! Microsoft & world stadiums can play it all they want -- that song, whether the original Tattoo You or the live version will always purge my stress after any given day at work! Remember that Voyager space craft that was sent up with Earth's sound bites? All we really needed to blast out to the great unknown was this track -- we'd hear back from them aliens -- with kegs too!! --Rob.

Posted 18:10:45 Pacific Standard Time on 12/20/00
Amen, My Brother..... The Joey.

Hey! Joey (on this board) that was you right? That was a very positive experience for my first posting--Thanks Joey! I was sort of without personal computer/web until this September (2002), and with Mick's "Highwire" permanently stuck in my head--since the events of 9/11 to the present Iraq situation--I went song searching again. And up came novogate board 968 (love that rhyme; that should be a Stone's song title). Interesting to note that my search led here first rather than the German board called "Highwire" (which I didn't know until after choosing my user name here And so here I stay, learning a lot from these Stones fanatics, enjoying the board’s speed and constant flow of fresh Stones pictures (VoodooChile et al.), and gettin' my Rocks Off!!!!
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