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by Dick Waterman From the 40x20 Exhibition Now on world tour!!!

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10-19-02 09:32 PM
stonedinaustralia "sometimes I would like to know how the people get here" said voodoochile in reply to Toast960

i've often wondered that myself, gerardo

for myself, i went looking for mp3's of boots - specifically keith's unreleased solo stuff

well i found some of that and plenty more besides

i hit the "search" button for "rolling stones bootlegs" and the next thing i knew i had been launched through the looking glass of my monitor into a voodoochile's wonderland!!

10-19-02 09:41 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Keno's board was too slow for news when the blimp was in orbit...

I checked the links... saw the board, and because "Rocks Off" was and is still my favorite Stones song, said "What the heck... I'll just look..." and I was instantly owned.

-tSYX --- Only get 'em off, Get 'em off!
10-19-02 11:29 PM
full moon Using Lycos search engine for " Stones" .. Glad to meet all you smart rockers..
10-19-02 11:57 PM
Angiegirl I came from the Stonesworld board '97/98, took some time off and got back over a year ago aboard the new Rocks Off MB. And I have still no intention to leave any time soon...
10-20-02 02:40 AM
Child of the Moon I was a mainstay at Keno's board for a long time... in fact, I'm still there, and have officially gained "relic" status over there. But anyway, last year, when that board was having a few, well... problems with various moral and ethical things, I decided to pack my bags and move to a site that may be a little less crazy and tumultuous... ADONIS!

I've since made my way back there, but I still love to post here. Great place, this!
10-20-02 02:56 AM
stonedinaustralia well then how did arrive at keno's in the first place - i guess what i mean is what where you looking for in particular (if anything) -


song or recording information

that rare pic. of bianca having a slash with ronnie

perhaps you wanted to make an - email booking at bill's restaurant and got sidetracked

or perhaps,like toast960, via a link from another band

or what??

full moon - "Using Lycos search engine for " Stones"" lol

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
10-20-02 11:40 AM
scope While looking for tickets and general info about the B2B tour, I came across the link for Stonesworld. Posted there until it's demise which led to the start of Keno's. I dropped off Keno's for quite some time and when I returned, there were many new names and most noticeably, the load time was a pain as the month wore one. The one and only Maxlugar saw my posts there and told me about Rocks Off. After meeting a lot of the crazies on this board (and I mean that in a nice crazy way), I'm hooked.
10-20-02 12:26 PM
Packet i got told of it by someone i know on irc ...came here, liked it and am staying
10-20-02 12:59 PM
littleredrooster It all started with the Stones board for B2B (destroyed by a hacker)then on to Gazza's spin off board , now ROCKS OFF!!
10-20-02 03:35 PM
Miss U. Hey Lil Red Rooster, where ya been?!!
Did ya get my email a few wks ago?
Welcome back.

I guess I have to thank Keno's board ages ago...I believe it was FPM C10 who mentioned going to Rocks Off every day, so I had to check it out. No longer go to Keno's.
This site is a vision of paradise for the most part.

10-20-02 05:03 PM
Lacride Google, type "Rolling Stones" and clic on "Search". My nose did the rest...
10-20-02 05:12 PM
Child of the Moon Hmmm... I suppose I just came across Keno's board back in mid-'99 or so, probably just doing a random search on Rolling Stones sites. I'd never done much with forums or message boards before, outside of a six month-long stint with the Nintendo website's "interactive story," when I was in the 7th grade. That was a whole lot of fun, let me tell you.

I'm glad I can peacefully move between boards now. For a while there, I wasn't sure which I liked better. I like them both the same now.
[Edited by Child of the Moon]
10-20-02 07:28 PM
Scot Rocks I found my way to these parts from a link under Message Boards on Martha's great site which I found after searching Rolling Stones in Yahoo. After that I was a lurker just reading until I saw a post about everyone introducing themselves and I registered, first board that I posted on and still my favourite.


10-20-02 07:52 PM
manning hi all,
i found this site just now from ilovemickjagger. thought i would join. hope to stay for awhile.
10-20-02 08:08 PM
Mickjagger1963 I was a big poster over at's MB, and someone posted a thing that there was a 'blimp' rumor at this mysterious message board, called simply, ROCKS OFF.. So I wandered through the internet until I this site, and my eyes were opened to stones news and views and fans beyond my wildest imaginations, and I have been forever hooked, It took me about two months to decide to sign up, at first I only read stuff . (imagiane that)
10-21-02 04:41 AM
Moonisup well in the days I did not had internet, I went to the libary and watched the IORR site a lot and posted there, since I knew that the tour was looming I thought, well I should get myself internet, I have internet just for the stones! Well since the 1st day I have had internet I registered here, won't go away also (if yah all don't mind). I like it here, I post on Shidoobee as Railing staine and on IORR as tops but this is the main board for me!

10-21-02 08:12 AM
nankerphelge Back in '96 I was just bopping around the net looking for interesting sites -- chiba horticulture, sheep, and then I typed in "Rolling Stones" and got a whole bunch o' stuff. Found the old Stonesworld board and got this strange tingling sensation like I had stumbled upon my long lost family.

Ended up at Keno's where I think I would qualify for relic status as well. Then Max told me about this place...
10-21-02 11:50 AM
moy i was in the official forum back in 1997-1998 when that bitch 'stonesbabe' destroyed that and many other forums

then i moved to stonesworld and 'exile from stonesworld' and then the same thing happened as she also moved there, in less than a month both forums dissapeared

then i found many of the people from those boards at goin' home, the first flynnless board on the net and i'm happy to be here since then
10-21-02 01:46 PM
Joey " Ended up at Keno's where I think I would qualify for relic status as well. Then Max told me about this place... "

Basically I just followed all of my C-10 Brothers over here ...................I still post at Keno's board too !!!

Stones is Stones -- " Ya gotta go where the material is ! " ( Oliver Wendell Holmes , 1836 )


10-21-02 02:24 PM
moy wrote:
i was in the official forum back in 1997-1998 when that bitch 'stonesbabe' destroyed that and many other forums

then i moved to stonesworld and 'exile from stonesworld' and then the same thing happened as she also moved there, in less than a month both forums dissapeared

then i found many of the people from those boards at goin' home, the first flynnless board on the net and i'm happy to be here since then

What happened to those old boards? Are they just wrecked now? What dark history was destroyed by this lady? And how'd it happen? Was she just like all Carrie on your boards and blew you all away?

-tSYX --- You can't say we never tried...
10-21-02 03:10 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey Young Xyzzy, that story is boring and is in the past, I don't want to talk about it, specially because "she" is banned and cannot reply.
10-21-02 04:37 PM
Mickjagger1963 Sounds interesting, maybe someday somebody would like to tell some of us newer ones, but at least the beast has been destroyed, for now. what exaclty is C-10?
10-21-02 04:38 PM
Nasty Habits Confused and slightly depressed by the release of Goddess in the Doorway, which geared me up for Stones level product but gave me very little of the release, I decided it was time to see what other Rolling Stones fans on the internet were jabbering about. Specif. in re: GITW.

This was an unprecedented step for me -- I'd never posted on any type of message board or read them or anything like that before. My wife was hooked on a White Stripes message board so I decided to take a look at what was up with MY favorite band.

Typed in "Rolling Stones Message Board" into Google. Up came this and Keno. Came here, and I swear to god the first post I read was Max Lugar's Mick Taylor poem (November 2001 version).

Holy shit, methoughts, this is something I did not expect. As I got to know the cast and characters, I was amazed at the level of humor, affection, discourse, and genuine criticism, not to mention all of that weird "Whoop me wit' the barb wire, Ronnie!" stuff.

I liked Keno, too, but this board has a better format. Being able to see the flow of conversation all at once, the presence of avatars, the fact that you actually have to register to post -- all make for a quality, readable and very addictive website: The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Message Board.

10-21-02 05:12 PM
Child of the Moon
nankerphelge wrote:
Ended up at Keno's where I think I would qualify for relic status as well. Then Max told me about this place...

Nanky, my friend, you've always been a relic to me. And I mean that in the highest regard to you. You're up there with 2000 Man, Joey, FPM, Cardinal Fang, etc., etc....

That makes me feel all special. :-)
10-21-02 05:36 PM
nankerphelge Yes indeedy -- when I started way back the cast of characters included Blue Lena, Max, FPM, DREW BLOWS and a few others who have faded over time. I remember a dude named JP from Texas (I think) -- a Stray Cat who made his name and posts do wild and hallucinogenic things with color! I wish I had taken better notes -- the history is rich!!

MJ1963, the C10 is a collection of some of the finest minds ever to grace god's green earth! Ten people that in August of 2001 couldn't wait for the tour, so they met in Cleveland just to party!! That's dedication right there!
10-21-02 05:44 PM
steel driving hammer All Rolling Stones boards are Weapons of Mass Instruction...

What other boards do you need, besides Soundboards...

10-21-02 05:55 PM
Mickjagger1963 who are the official members of C10?
10-21-02 06:00 PM
nankerphelge marko (that crazy bastard)
Sir Stonesalot
Fleabit Peanut Monkey
2000 Man (our gracious host)
Steel Drivin' Hammer
The Joey
and myself

10-21-02 07:33 PM
Mickjagger1963 Sounds like quite a crew
10-21-02 08:46 PM
Child of the Moon I always wished I could've been a part of that, but I was just a bit too young at the time to make the pilgrimage. Maybe next time, if I have some money, and if it's slightly nearer to where I am (ie West Coast), I can join in.

I remember being INSANELY jealous of the C10 crew when they first began calling themselves that. But I've grown to accept that they are of a higher order of Stonesfan. Nonetheless, I'm still a tad jealous... :-)
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