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Palais des Sports, Paris September 22, 1970
by Dick Waterman From the 40x20 Exhibition Now on world tour!!!

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Topic: Heart Wrenching Ballads Return to archive Page: 1 2
10-20-02 06:59 AM
justforyou I enjoy Worried About You, and its video too - with Mick throwing away that burned out cigarette! Angie is the real heart wrencher for me, but I'm still in denial about it ;-)
10-20-02 07:07 AM
Moonisup is there a video from Worried about you, never seen that one!!!! Where can I find that one
10-20-02 07:26 AM
justforyou I got the Worried video from Winmx, took quite some time though...
10-20-02 07:48 AM
luxury1 well, I have another one to add. I just listened to Keys to Your Love from 40 Licks, and it is just soooooo good. Especially fitting for this "wicked little tour." And I love how it is mixed. Nice
10-20-02 08:13 AM
FotiniD "Coming down again" does it for me.

I used to say that the Stones write killer fast songs, but when they come to writing a ballad, it sure makes you melt down and cry. I still stand by that.

Loving Cup, Wild Horses, Sister Morphine, of course. But Coming Down Again is the one for me.
10-20-02 08:29 AM
Moonisup oh no, I forgot "loving cup" and memory motel. and no use in crying, heaven, man there are so much!! Thru and Thru is also a killer!!! Man the write great ballads, a pitty the big public doesn't know them!! We all have te luxury of knowing them, that puts us in a special position!!
10-20-02 08:53 AM
luxury1 Now dont all you yahoos go throwing rotten vegetables at me, but I have always loved the Stones ballads/bluesy stuff the best.
10-20-02 08:55 AM
luxury1 Now we all have to get after Voodoo to make good on his somewhat backhanded offer to make us a "Rocks Off Special Moments" CDr. He is too damn funny (and my, how romatic!)
10-20-02 04:13 PM
10-20-02 04:27 PM
CHIEFMOON I would have to add:
Blue Turns To Grey.
10-21-02 07:55 AM
gypsy angie
wild horses
the worst
all about you
you got the silver
10-21-02 01:02 PM
steel driving hammer Angel Steps, Sepratley, We Had It All...

And all those old scratchy Toronto Bust sessions...

Better than any medication....
10-21-02 01:30 PM
moy losing my touch

it's touching
10-21-02 11:20 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This is the list... could be a nice CD not just for those special moments, also to make love!

Almost Hear You sight
Already over me
Always Suffering
All About you
Blinded By Love
Blue Turns To Grey
Coming Down Again
Far Away Eyes
Hard Woman
Hide your love
How Can I Stop?
I Got The Blues
I'm Just Waiting on A Friend
Keys to your love
Let it Loose
Losing My Touch
Love in Vain
Loving Cup
Memory Motel
Moonlight Mile
New Faces
No Expectation
No use in Crying
Out of Tears
Shine a light
Sister Morphine
Slipping Away
The Worst
Thief in the nigh
Thru and Thru
Time Waits For No One
Wild Horses
Worried about you
You Got The silver
10-22-02 02:24 AM
This is the list... could be a nice CD

Hey...sounds like a plan. Anyone willing to run with it?
10-22-02 02:52 AM
RubyFriday Voodoo.......You forgot As Tears Go By and Lady Jane,also mentioned,that is in total : 40
The alternate Forty Licks.Forty romantic licks,Forty Rollicks.
10-22-02 03:01 AM
egon she smiled sweetly
10-22-02 04:02 AM
no_cole_porter Ah, The Toronto Sessions...Apartment No.9 and Sing Me Back Home, Those songs just break my heart man, Losing My Touch is another one that could've fit easily into that album.
10-22-02 06:20 AM
luxury1 Oh Voodoo--that CD list looks great!! Now who is going to burn it for us? I will pay big bucks (yea--I'm loaded, just like jb) for it. ANyone??
10-22-02 06:36 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Remember also Keith's Honey Moon tapes recorded in Mexico, some of them can make it

I like the names "40 licks" as licks are so romantic hahaha
10-22-02 11:01 AM
steel driving hammer
no_cole_porter wrote:
Ah, The Toronto Sessions...Apartment No.9 and Sing Me Back Home, Those songs just break my heart man, Losing My Touch is another one that could've fit easily into that album.

Is your Toronto Sessions called Peaches Gone South?
Mine is, but I know now, people can remake anything and change the titile just like Ronnie changed the lead solo on YCAGWYW on the 81-82 Tours every night...

Those Toronto Sessions get to me too.
I soak it up like a spounge.
10-22-02 12:56 PM
Sir Stonesalot Wild Horses, Sweethearts Together.

Both played at my wedding. I wanted my wife and I to exit the sanctuary to "Sympathy For The Devil"....but I got shut down on that one bigtime.

I don't mean to be a stickler....but "I Got The Blues" isn't a ballad. It's a slow blues, as is "Love In Vain." It's a very subtle difference, but a big one. Just because the song is at a slow tempo doesn't make it a ballad. I saw quite a few songs on that list that really are not ballads.

But hey, great songs all...can't go wrong including them on any compilation set.
10-22-02 01:21 PM
steel driving hammer Sweethearts Together at your wedding.

Damm that sounds good. Almost perfect.

10-22-02 02:15 PM
I wanted my wife and I to exit the sanctuary to "Sympathy For The Devil"....but I got shut down on that one bigtime.

lmao...SS, are you sure you've never met my husband?

I planned our entire wedding without a bat-of-an-eye from him. He only had one request...when meeting with the organist at the church, he had asked her if she knew the music to 'Under My Thumb'. Apparently, he thought that would be an appropriate song for my father to 'walk me down the aisle' to.

Ha! I'm happy to report that she played, 'The Bridal March' by Lohengrin.
10-22-02 03:43 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
I wanted my wife and I to exit the sanctuary to "Sympathy For The Devil"....

that's exactly what a couple of my friends of mine did!
(played by a live band)

weirdest & best wedding ever.
[Edited by egon]
10-22-02 04:55 PM
Nellcote If You Need Me
10-22-02 05:13 PM
Moonisup all about you is also great!!!! hmmmm if you call this a life.........
10-23-02 02:08 PM
riffhard64 to make a long story short....they are ALL good!!
10-24-02 02:42 PM
Street Fighting Man How about a rock'n ballad - "Can't Be Seen."
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