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Topic: Heart Wrenching Ballads Return to archive Page: 1 2
10-19-02 07:57 AM
no_cole_porter Hey Everyone.
The Stones have some of the best written and heart filled soul songs the world has ever known. But which ballad can break you down faster than a sucker punch from Mike Tyson? For me it's Moonlight Mile or I Got The Blues. Whenever I hear those songs it's utter devastation...I feel so calm and yet can't help but feel bluer than blue.
10-19-02 11:13 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Four words...





-tSYX --- You got the diamonds, from the mine...
10-19-02 12:09 PM
Mickjagger1963 Sister Morpheine
10-19-02 12:44 PM
Gimme Shelter I would have to say "Angie" because it really hits home.
10-19-02 12:47 PM
Child of the Moon Let It Loose, my friends. Shine a Light, too.

Maybe throw Slipping Away in there, as well.

No Expectations has made me weep on more than one occasion.

Hell, they're all heartwrenchers.
10-19-02 12:47 PM
Moonisup I got the blues (makes me think of my last girlfriend, a pitty she did not like the stones. It's hard to express feelings with stonessongs to a none fan)
I got the silver
Always suffering (listen to THAT)
No expectations
Moonlight mile
10-19-02 12:56 PM
riffhard64 for me its The Worst
10-19-02 04:26 PM
stonesmik "Angie" and "Wild horses" and "No expectations" alright... but not all soul/love songs don't have to be slow and sad all the time. I go for "Happy" and "Little t & a"! Mick is just a gigolo, ten girls at each finger and for everyone a love song. Some even say he's gay. I think Keith is more credible in love songs.
10-19-02 05:10 PM
Jaxx i got the blues
almost hear you sigh
out of tears
10-19-02 05:17 PM
Moonisup I can almost hear you sigh!
I can almost hear you cry!

hear the version on the bonus cd from Atlantic city from 1989, released by dandelion, better then the studio. Well that is in my opinion
10-19-02 05:22 PM
MidnightRambler Already Over Me - "Are ya already sick ah me?"

All About You "...then how come I'm still in love with you?"

10-19-02 05:56 PM
Moonisup I remember Mick doing a snabbit of 'it is funny' only that is in the film 'cocksuckers blues!!'

well tell me about THAT!!
10-19-02 08:03 PM
Scottfree Time waits for no one just kills me, never a better song imo. Always suffering, love the dirty Keef guitar solo at the end, you can really feel the hurt... Almost Hear your sigh, Blinded by Love, New Faces, The Worst....
10-19-02 08:21 PM
Martha This isn't really a ballad..but it gets me and always has..."I'm Just Waiting on A Friend"

Friendships are very, very importaant to me and always have been since I was a little kid. I am a very loyal friend to those I love...and my friends mean so much to me so I really identify with the song.

I want it to be played at my funeral/wake...

I love All the ballads by the way...'s gonna be the death of meeeee...

It's "Exile" hour at my house folks!

hugs to all my friends on this board,
10-19-02 08:24 PM
parmeda I think 'Far Away Eyes' is a song that took a different direction...but was most definately a heart tugger.
Second only to 'Wild Horses'...such a beautiful song that makes me weak.
10-19-02 09:14 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy "Always Suffering" and "How Can I Stop" - man, how could you *not* love Bridges to Babylon... oh wait, the single was "Anybody Seen My Baby?"... can you say 'album killer'?

Man, the Stones have written great ballads along with Rock'n'roll... what a versitile group...

"The Worst", "Thru And Thru", "All About You", "Wild Horses", "Love In Vain", "Out Of Tears"...

"Vanilla Sky"... Oh, wait, wrong band.

Man, I hate that song.

-tSYX --- In the vanilla *hunh*, in the vanilla *hunh* in the vanilla Oscar nomination, Ronnie?
10-19-02 09:16 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Love in Vain and No Expectations are very special for me.

Down in the hole is my anthem when I'm down and out, when I want to reborn

Not a Stones song but "Hard Woman" makes me remember how I lost a lovely and beautiful girfriend... I loved her so bad. I can't play it again sicne then. LOL I sounded so romantic
10-19-02 09:26 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl BTW, I remember a long time ago I made a tape for my sister Luisa with the slow ones (in fact the tape was named "Rolling Stones - The Slow Ones" based on the Rod Stewart idea of one side fast and on side slow)

It was long time ago, but I would add to my previous list THE WORST, it is deep, sometimes I want to sing it to so many friends, but specially for someone very special

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
10-19-02 09:50 PM
Flash77 Wild Horses. IMO the greatest song ever written. They are gonna have to play that one at my funeral someday.
10-19-02 09:53 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Oh my God how can I forget that one!

I think I'm going to make a CDR for those special moments of our lives
10-19-02 10:02 PM
stonedinaustralia of course very hard to choose - but i find the sense of weariness, desolation and loss in "coming down again", at times, overwhelming
10-19-02 11:12 PM
glencar What about "Winter"? Loverly.
10-19-02 11:14 PM
full moon Out Of Tears, No Use In Crying, Time Waits For No One, Almost Hear You Sigh, How Can I Stop, Sleep Tonight..
10-20-02 12:14 AM
no_cole_porter These are such fantastic choices by all....I haven't heard Winter in a long time...I think it's time to grab the tissues and give it a spin.
10-20-02 12:17 AM
FPM C10 Hearing Keith sing "Slippin' Away" at Veterans Stadium this year - "first the sun and then the moon" as a full moon peeked over the rim of the stadium behind him - here and there hands pointed skyward at the sad silver orb - "one of them will be 'round soon" - if I'm singing along that's always the place where my voice cracks, and then so does my composure. Same stadium, 1997 - Keith sings "All About You" as Lisa and Bernard circle him with their arms. Keith is the king of heartbreak.

With Mick, the ballads often sound contrived - but I just LOVE "Worried About You".
10-20-02 02:01 AM
luridchief It speeds up a bit later in the song, but the first chunk of LOVIN' CUP always gets me . . . !
10-20-02 04:14 AM
RubyFriday Always suffering is a great choice,but the 9:27 sentimental remix.Also the Ambient remix of Already over me.
My personal favorites are Ruby Tuesday,New Faces,As Tears go by,Lady Jane
[Edited by RubyFriday]
[Edited by RubyFriday]
10-20-02 05:12 AM
luxury1 Yeah--Voodoo--great idea to make a CDR of "our special moments" for the Rocks Off Clan. I have made two CDrs of fave Stones songs---one is rocking and one is "slow Stones"
Winter was my first choice, followed by Almost Hear you SIgh, OUt of Tears, Shine a Light, I Got the Blues, etc. etc until I ran outta room. Man, we all pretty much agree on the ballads here!! OK, so who is going to make this one?? My burner has crapped out on me.
10-20-02 05:31 AM
Moonisup Hide your love

don't know if that is a real ballad!!

Sometimes I'm sometimes I am down, sometimes I am falling on the ground

Coming down again
10-20-02 06:20 AM
no_cole_porter I just love Tops. I think Thief In The Night and How Can I Stop were absolutely fantastic. The ending with Charlie And Wayne Shorter...such a beautiful ending. Love In Vain just has this feel to it as well, You can almost feel the world so down, and things seem very drowsy when I hear that song.
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