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Palais des Sports, Paris September 22, 1970
by Dick Waterman From the 40x20 Exhibition Now on world tour!!!

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Topic: Skydome reviews, pix, etc Return to archive
10-18-02 11:34 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thanks TorontoTom & Stonesdoug

Brown Sugar
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
Start Me Up
Don't Stop
Tumbling Dice
You Can't Always Get what You Want
Midnight Rambler
Love Train-Mick and Bernard did a duet at the end
Keith makes some comment about not falling over
Slipping Away
You Don't Have To Mean It
Sympathy for the Devil
B stage
When the Whip Comes Down
Little Red Rooster
You Got Me Rocking
back to main stage
Gimme Shelter
HonkyTonk Women
Street Fighting Man
Jumping jack Flash

10-18-02 11:44 PM
Stonesdoug encore was Satisfaction
10-18-02 11:45 PM
Martha Great set-list..thanks to Toronto Tom for phoning it in to Stonesdoug.

I met Toronto Tom in Cleveland at the Rock Hall..and will see him again at the Columbus show Sunday..he's really lucky to be able to make so many shows........lucky shit!!

Thanks to you too Voodoo for getting the set-list posted here so promptly are on it!

I LOVE this tour!!!!!!!

10/20 ...NEXT

but NOT last.......

absolutely developing....................
10-19-02 01:00 AM
Boomhauer That is by far the best stadium set list!
10-19-02 03:22 AM
marco_stone you missed satisfaction, i just came back from the concert
10-19-02 03:25 AM
marco_stone wrote:
you missed satisfaction, i just came back from the concert

i would have liked pain it,in black to be played
10-19-02 09:18 AM

10-19-02 09:20 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Marco_Stone also posted a review in other thread check it out
10-19-02 09:24 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl From Toronto Sun

Back to the ... STONE AGE
T.O. gets another dose of classics


Call it Rolling Stones Redux. After wowing 18,000 fans at the Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night, the veteran British rock band returned to the SkyDome last night for a larger and louder second sold-out show in front of some 45,000 people.

Playing in two dramatically different sized venues is part of the Stones' agenda this time on their so-called Licks tour -- named for their recently released double CD retrospective, Forty Licks -- as they've tackled stadiums, arena and clubs, sometimes all three in the same city.

Toronto was already treated to a club show back in mid-August when the band -- frontman Mick Jagger, guitarists Keith Richards and Ron Wood and drummer Charlie Watts -- staged a surprise gig at the lakeside Palais Royale after they'd arrived in the city a month earlier to rehearse.

Naturally, last night's show had way more bells and whistles than both the club and arena gigs including an impressively enormous lighting rig, a giant motorized backdrop, moving video screens, and even flames which shot up during one of the evening's highlights, Sympathy For The Devil.

And there I was in the twelfth row on the floor drinking it all in.

In fact, despite the spectacle unfolding in front of me, I was able to take in the little things like Richards, performing his usual Chuck Berry-like kicks, continually cracking up Watts, or playfully reaching over and strumming the neck of Wood's guitar mid-song.

For his part, Richards acknowledged his wipe-out upon immediately coming on stage on Wednesday night at the ACC.

"I won't fall over this time!" he said last night before handling lead vocals on two songs, Slipping Away and You Don't Have To Mean It.

"It's a big room and there's a lot of ya!" he added afterwards.

Richards and Wood were in particularly good form and, frankly, made it look like they had the best jobs in the world.

The group -- rounded out by bassist Darryl Jones, keyboardist Chuck Leavell, three back-up singers and a four-man horn section, led by sax player Bobby Keys -- started off the evening with Brown Sugar.

Jagger, looking resplendent initially in a gold ensemble of satin jacket and matching scarf, never really stopped moving over the course of two hours and professed his undying affection for our town: "I tell you, we love it here!"

Other tricks last night included a tiny camera mounted on Wood's guitar, an animated topless woman riding a large tongue during Honky Tonk Woman and red confetti raining down on the audience near the end of the show.

All of the above were also utilized in the arena setting, along with the now familiar smaller stage on the floor which the band accessed via a long catwalk, hi-fiving fans as they made their way down.

And let's not forget backup singer Lisa Fischer's micro-mini red dress, which she used to great writhing effect during another highlight of the night -- Gimme Shelter.

Other standouts were, once again, more obscure numbers, some of which the Stones have been playing at their previous stadium shows -- Shattered, Angie and You Can't Always Get What You Want.

10-19-02 12:47 PM
Lacride Voodoo wrote:
" And let's not forget backup singer Lisa Fischer's micro-mini red dress, which she used to great writhing effect during another highlight of the night -- Gimme Shelter."

No pics of dearest Lisa in her micro-mini red dress? PLEEEEAAAASE... I'm starving, I salivate like a pavlov dog, my heart's beating like a big bass drum
10-19-02 09:49 PM
Bluzian Hey y'all..

Here's my take:

I think the first couple songs were mediocre.. they didn't
find their groove.. but when Tumblin' Dice came, the sound
improved infinitely, as did their confidence and playing.
The Skydome isn't the best place to see a concert, but I
confess, last night was by far the best SkyDome concert Ive
ever seen there (from KISS to Phil Collins to numerous stones)

I think for me, the high point was "Angie" and "YCAGWYW" into
Midnight Rambler. I never realized how sad ANGIE is, and I
had tears in my eyes. Mick truly sung it wiht conviction.
Rambler got out of control, (which is good) and they finally
caught back up to it..

The B-Stage was *LOUD*!!!!!!!!! and 'Whip was a bit too fast,
but oh well.. Little Red Rooster was a real treat.. and I
think this "You Got Me Rockin'" song is even better than it
was on Voodoo Lounge! I love this song!!

Sympathy was great.. as was Shelter.. HTW was a bit boring..
during Street Fightin' Man, I think Mick missed the cue to
get back into the verse, and upset Keith immensely, and Keith
stormed into Ron, marching across the stage in a fit of rage
or something.. we thought he was going to walk off the stage
in a temper tantrum of some sort.. but then he forgot (as he
has this poor memory) and was back on track! :-)

Love Train was much much better than I thought it would be.
When I first read they were doing this tune, I cringed. But
it's got such a great beat and tempo, you can't help but
get into it.

JJF and Satisfaction are incredible.

Keith's songs were beautiful.. what a genuine moment. I think
I cried for Slipping Away..Shame on those people who take off
for a beer run during Keiths' set. I think keith is the better
singer between he and Mick. Mick goes thru the motions..
whereas Keith sings it from his heart. Ever noticed this?

ANyways.. I wasn't looking forward to seeing the Skydome show,
but am I ever glad I went. They are brilliant. All kidding
aside.. being totally objective about it.. even I was

10-19-02 11:41 PM
Tom Great take Ian! I like reviews by fans, articles are ok, but need that feeling, you know
10-20-02 12:29 PM
Packet it amazes me how fast you guys have setlists and reviews up - i live midtown and get back home from the show at like past midnight and there's reviews/setlists and i'm always stunned...both for the acc and the skydome
simply amazing
10-20-02 02:55 PM
Miss U. All that info is also available here:

and is open for everyone to join.
10-21-02 05:18 AM
gypsy Cool!
10-21-02 11:55 AM
Lazy Bones Better late than never, but with the shows in the past and holidays are over, I now have my opportunity to share what 3 Stones' shows in 7 days were like.

Detroit - as I touched on earlier, was great. Pre-show party was with the Shidoobee group at Hockeytown Cafe. Best thing about Detroit was the sound. Stadium is beautiful.

The Toronto shows, starting with the ACC on Wednesday were..well..odd. Shows were great, but my expectations didn't pan out. Naturally, I was expecting the ACC the be the better sounding, better set show of the 2 and I felt in reality, it was the opposite, imo.
The ACC show highlight(s) was the b-stage w/ Mannish Boy, Neighbors and BS (I believe the same as Fleet on opening night). Their energy level, I felt wasn't as energetic as in Detroit. So, for an arena show, I was a little disappointed. However, the SkyDome made up for that. With Shattered, Angie, When The Whip Comes Down, Don't Have To Mean It, LITTLE RED ROOSTER and an amazing Midnight Rambler, I felt it was the better of the 2 shows. I had tickets to the SkyDome show with my sister-in-law and my dad had last minute (literally) thoughts about going as he was at the ACC show with me. Would you believe he lucked out with a $90 seat right beside the b-stage!

Anyway, the comment Keith made about falling was related to the ACC show. As they came out on stage with Street Fighting Man at the ACC, they hadn't been on stage a minute, when Keith tripped on something (perhaps his own feet?) and fell flat on his ass. He stayed down a couple seconds until the colour returned to his face before allowing Daryl to help him up. Then, during his set at the SkyDome, he said " I'll save falling until the later in the show"...or something to that effect. Rather amusing, but you'd be clueless if you weren't at the first show.

Toronto Tom worked his ass off on pre and post-show gathering and dinner on the off day. Unfortunately, I couldn't make any off the festivities, but I'm sure I missed out on a lot of fun.

Hopefully, if some finance things work out, Montreal will happen for me 8th January. I would deeply dread thinking this would be it for the tour for me. If you have tickets to an upcoming show, great! If not, buy one! I don't want to continue with the cliche, but the are continually getting better.

Finally, a special thanks to all those that helped share my experience at these 3 shows - worth every penny.
10-25-02 01:40 AM
SkullsnXbones That is the best setlist I've seen for the stadiums....sure hope it goes that way in Atlanta Sat nite.