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Topic: NEW STONES PRO SHOT!!! Return to archive
10-18-01 03:06 PM
Double Door Club,Chicago,IL.

Stones Get Intimate in Chicago
When the Stones embarked on their pre-publicity tour for their massive
upcoming concert tour, they had warned their fans that they were going to
take their acts to some small venues. But no one dreamed how teeny-tiny
would really go.
The Rolling Stones brought their show to the people -- to about 400 people
to be exact -- in Chicago last Thursday night, September 18. The group
decided to play an impromptu gig at the Double Door Club, and a local radio

station announced that the Stones would be playing at the little
neighborhood club located in the artsy Wicker Park neighborhood.

When the announcement was made Thursday morning, Stones fans high-tailed it

to the club's box office hoping to be one of the few hundred fans who got
the chance to buy a $7 ticket.. Those who did arrive before the show sold
out were given plastic wrist bands, in lieu of tickets. The Stones camp
this technique as a measure against ticket scalpers. Ticket holders' names
were logged in a computer and once they arrived at the club, they had to
present their wristband and a picture ID.

The Stones rocked the house with an up close and personal set, which
included a string of their old-time rock and roll hits, including "19th
Nervous Breakdown," "Jumping Jack Flash," "Brown Sugar," "Honky Tonk Woman"

and "Start Me Up." Outside the club, about 2,000 fans milled about in the
streets, hoping to get a glimpse of the rock heroes themselves.

Set list for the club show at the Double Door,
Chicago, Sept. 18, 1997:
1. Little Queenie
2. 19th Nervous Breakdown
3. You Got Me Rocking
4. Crazy Mama
5. The Last Time
6. Anybody Seen My Baby
7. Out of Control
8. Let It Bleed
9. Shame, Shame, Shame (Jimmy Reed)
10. Honky Tonk Women
11. Start Me Up
12. Jumpin' Jack Flash
13. Brown Sugar

If interested in the posted VIDEO,email me at:

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10-18-01 03:26 PM
Gazza your previous post only reposted a newspaper review of the show plus the setlist

That doesnt tell us anything about the video that YOU are offering!

How long is the video youre selling?
what songs are on it? are they complete?
Whats the quality like?
whats the price?
Is it American (NTSC) format? or PAL??

Only minor details to some,but kinda important!!

sounds a bit fishy to me..hope its not Mr Rease/DPR videos of Florida again..etc...
10-18-01 06:25 PM
marko Hey gazza,this is TRUE!I just today got a list from NYC,from
a guy,where i ordered my Hartford-99 shows,and i can trust
him.He sells only TOP quality.
And this seems to be the club gig in chicago 18.9.97,,,in
EX/EX+ quality,i think im going to order it.It runs about
77mins.This must been only for the stones personal use?
Ill let you know,if order it(when i get the money).Its
26 dollars+3 dollars postage.
10-18-01 07:04 PM
Stonesdoug I have this video and it's the best shot one that I've seen. different camera angles--it starts with the music blaring from the juke box and then the Stones come on--the entire Double Door show. We showed it to the crowd at Wildwood last September and they went wild.
10-18-01 07:05 PM
Stonesdoug sorry that should say 4 different camera angles
10-18-01 07:22 PM
T&A How's the sound? Improvement over the circulating audience tapes? Wonder if we'll see the soundtrack circulate within the CDR trade community....
10-18-01 07:23 PM
Gazza thanks for the feedback - its just that once in a blue moon, that conman Dan Rease comes on here using a new pseudonym attempting to fleece more unsuspecting Stones fans out of their cash!! So thats why I was a bit cautious!

No offence intended,Musicman - and if luminaries such as marko & Stonesdoug give this the thumbs up - sounds good to me!!

Thanks for the offer Marko - definitely be interested in that one!
10-19-01 04:14 AM
MUSICMAN Well,the guy in NYC got it from me.I have the Master.
So if you want a genned down copy from the NYC seller,then go for it!
10-19-01 04:17 AM
MUSICMAN You must be on his mailing list.He was only given permission to release copies to his select listers,and also was told to tell each to not release it.
I have more rare PRO SHOTS on the way,so if word gets out...then I can't release them.I am a bit more expensive..but the quality is better here.
10-19-01 04:19 AM
MUSICMAN Of course I am replying to MARKO's post.
Also...Dan Rease and his partner recently ripped me off on a rather large trade of Clapton vids...last May.He was recently using the email: "".
I am from Fla,but never met him...but used to deal with his partner in crime...who I believe is worse and is named Steve.

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