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Topic: Hello! I'm here on my 16th birthday Return to archive
10-17-01 06:51 PM
Prodigal Son Great to be here. Nice to see so many people I know. Well, I guess they'll be more people to talk to on this board than before. The beloved Maxlugar is here (I can almost taste the vodka snapples), so is Alex and marko. A trustworthy boots beholder. Wonderful.
10-17-01 07:28 PM
Child of the Moon Prodigal Son, my man, welcome to Rocks Off! I just got here myself, and the welcome was VERY warm! Maxy smothered me with hugs and kisses, actually.

Happy birthday, BTW. I remember sweet sixteen... actually, mine sucked. At school, I was expecting all my friends I hung out with to throw me a little party like they haad done with every other person in the group., Instead, they spent all this fucking time setting up this big party for our ENGLISH TEACHER, who shared my birthday. I barely got a "happy birthday, Steve."

I got a new bunch of friends not too soon after that. Bastards.

Anyway, 17 was a lot better, and I'm awaiting my 18th happily! Nice to see you here again, mate, and enjoy Sweet Little Sixteen!

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Midnight Rambler.

Why is this board so great?
Midnight Rambler.

Anything we can do for you?
Midnight Rambler.
10-17-01 07:33 PM
Gazza Any 16 year old who comes on here quoting my fellow Elmgrove Primary School alumni , Van Morrison, is a cool kid in my eyes....

have a good birthday but you should be out getting laid....
10-17-01 08:54 PM
Maxlugar Happy Birthday Prodigal Son!

Shake of the cold and come inside. Here, let me take you wet, muddy boots.

There now, come this way. Sit down in this fine leather chair beside the fire. Put your feet up. See, there's Child O' the Moon across from you on the other side of the fire. Speak low, for he is sleeping off his agonizing travels.

(Clap clap) Someone bring this man a bear skin to wrap around his legs! He is weary from the dark, damp road and is shivering!

I will go now and prepare your first Vodka and Snapple of the evening.

Here is a pipe filled with leaf of the shire. Smoke up. There is more.

When I return I shall read to you from the literary master piece The Rolling Stones, The First 20 years as you dift off to sleep.

Because Maxy cares.

(Clap clap) Another log on the fire!

Your pal,


10-17-01 09:51 PM
Prodigal Son Thanx to everyone. Steve, nice to see you, hilarious as usual. Then we have the incomparable Maxy. Sorry about your ordeal last month but you just brightened up my life there. As Joey would say, Take the day off!! As for Getting laid? Partying? I wish i could do the former, just ain't no girl out there ready to handle the strong but silent type Prodigal Son. I'll find a Prodigal Girl out there. Oh, but there is always university!!! Since I've only been living in Western Canada for 2 years, I only got about 3 friends to come to a party and they ain't the partying type (but not uncool though). If I were back where I grew up for 13 years, Hell, I'd have a huge fucking party and get laid and stoned and drunk (though I'm anti-drug as in getting too heavy, you know like heroin) with my friends back in Toronto. My best friend there has already had his great adventures at parties with friends in T.O. already. Wish I was there. Currently soaking in "Angel" and the sweet sounds of Hendrix's First Rays of the New Rising Sun as one of my many presents. His last work before his death. Uncompleted, but glorious. Yep, all you need is not just love, but music, friends and hobbies to make your life complete. I thank you all. And I knew you were from Ireland, but hell from the same school Van attended? Any remnants of Them (his band) at your school these days. That's awesome. Van's great, but he's lost the voice.
"Fly on by/Sweet Angel."
10-17-01 11:58 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl You say it's your birthday... happy birthday 2 u!!!

Just as a detail for you, as we are here more than just posts, I changed the header earlier than usual and posted this exclusive pic (sorry about the resolution but it was almost 32 years ago, twice your age bro) of Mick and Keith performing Prodigal Son, on November 28, 1969 at the Madison Square Garden - 2nd show.

BTW, I agree with Gazza, cool signature specially from someone so young, or Aer you kidding?
10-18-01 12:48 AM
The Eggman Iam only 17 and as a big a fan as you guys!
10-18-01 10:07 AM
Lazy Bones
Prodigal Son wrote:
If I were back where I grew up for 13 years, Hell, I'd have a huge fucking party and get laid and stoned and drunk (though I'm anti-drug as in getting too heavy, you know like heroin) with my friends back in Toronto. My best friend there has already had his great adventures at parties with friends in T.O. already.

Now, now, Prodigal Son, you're making us fellow Southern Ontario folk look like a bunch of! Wasn't too far from ya here in Waterloo. Where abouts are you out west?
Hope you had an...enjoyable birthday!
10-18-01 10:42 AM
nankerphelge Go get yerself some top-shelf Chiba and listen to Handsome Girls. I swear to god that is what Chiba was designed for.
I would do the same but I'm outta chiba
Need chiba
Must have chiba

Ahh the old nankerphelge is comin back
10-18-01 12:43 PM
rogerriffin where are you from? i am 19 and not knows nobody that be a great fan like us here in mexico city. really hard to find young fans!!!
10-18-01 01:06 PM
Miss U. Hope ya had a great one, kid! TO is still the same.

P.S: Nice to see ya Nanker!
10-18-01 06:29 PM
L&A Happy Birthday, Prodigal Song ! Here's a special present from Belgium: the original cover of the Belgian 1968 release...
10-18-01 06:43 PM
ruby213 Happy Birthday to you! You gotta be a great person being a Libra and all. I wish my teens would listen to Stones. There's no changing there minds. They love Eminem and Techno. Now Techno is cool...
Anyway to change these kids? hmmmmm
All I can sing now is My name is, My name is, Slim Shady!

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