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Topic: ~AzQb Return to archive
10-17-01 03:53 PM
Miss U. Dearest Azqb:

I never want to 'speak' to you again or hear from you again....those days are over for me. That's why I came here in the first place.
Was it really necessary to come over here for the express purpose of harrassing me & insulting me yet again, as you did in the Maxy thread below? How telling your first few posts here were like that. Haven't you done enough of that over the course of the entire last year with your buddy over at Keno's?? Anyone who has been to Keno's in that time would know you have been harassing me & insulting me non-stop ever since the very first day I posted there, and that all my efforts to stop it by various means including trying to ignore you failed to end the harrassment. YOU are one of the main reasons I left Keno's...the place was turning into a nasty, vile, immature zoo.
It's enough you ruined his board for myself and everyone over there, please don't do it here. You're like a massive gasoline leak infiltrating Baba's ocean of love, tainting it forever. I came here to get away from you. Please leave me alone in peace now. Get on with your pathetic life.

Besides, you don't belong here. This is a classy Stones board, and we want it to stay that way. So do the right thing for once. Don't be a snake in the grass in this beautiful garden of stones Eden. Out of respect for everyone here including Voodoo, Jaxx & Gazza. You've got plenty of space over at Keno's to be as nasty & bullying & low-class as you want & have your 'fun'. Isn't there anyone left there for you to pick on????? Now that you've got yourself a hotmail addy (which I've blocked), you can still remain friends with the gassers here via email. No need for you to post here at all. You stay over there and I'll stay over here....then everything will work out fine, the way it has been since I came to this peaceful, beautiful board.
Voodoo Chile, Jaxx & Gazza want to keep it that way...that's why they have a registered board where they can ban troublemakers. I have alot of respect for them as people & webmasters, and if you continue to harrass me under your name or another psycho pseudonym, I am confident they will use their power to deal with you swiftly on their own. Goodbye and good riddance!

Miss U.

"God Save the ~Queen" >> Mick, RnR Circus, after performing JJF.

P.S: Thankyou, Cardinal X. And good to see you Alex & Steve Cronen Child of the Moon!! You're great additions to this board.
10-17-01 06:45 PM
Prodigal Son Well I'm here now too Miss U. The Prodigal Powerful Pilsner Son is here. And yeah, no need for people harassing. Just ignore her if it keeps up. GasX3 is getting hectic, though i'll continue posting there. Time to debut on this board, on my Sixteen birthday TODAY.
10-17-01 06:54 PM
steel driving hammer Come on Hot Stuff, Miss U, Brenda.
Your better than that.
Just don't read her posts and let her be.
I'd love to lay between you two in a bed and work things out.
Fair enough ?
Got the file Miss U but could only open SDH 2.
I'll try other methods but thanks for doing this for me!

10-17-01 07:23 PM
Gazza As far as I'm concerned (and I think I can speak for Jaxx and Gerardo too here) we dont care or need to know about any past feuds between individuals on another board.

Whatever has gone on between you and Annie or anyone else - youre all welcome here so long as any personal problems are kept off this board and this place remains a Stones board (with STONES RELATED POSTINGS) and doesnt capsize under a shitload of arguments,flames and spam. I havent had any problems with any of you in the past and in fact i'd like to say Ive got on pretty well with each of you,so its not for me to judge anyone on who started what argument and where. (I usually avoid even reading it on kenos board so I dont even have an opinion on it worth talkin about) I personally dont give a damn and anyone posting here is treated equally and on their own merits - so far we've only to my knowledge blocked two people from posting here,and I don't think either of the two "ladies" in question are missed too much - without them,the rest of us are gettin' along fine and we intend keepin it that way...

By all means,disagree on things if its Stones-related and on topic,but leave the personal shit to private e-mail or somewhere else if you need to do so...the only stuff we delete here is spam and incessant flaming,so anyone intending to do so is wasting their own energy,not ours

Have fun everyone!!
10-17-01 08:08 PM
steel driving hammer Gazza how come you didn't join Marko to Cleveland???
You could of stayed at a nice hotel for free in Chicago just 3 blocks from The Sears Tower!!!
Every god dammed thing was provided! Not the sex though...
Maybe Marko will run you a copy of our time there!
Fucking Rocked!
Missed you brother.
Would of been an honor to meet you.
10-17-01 08:41 PM
Maxlugar Steel Drivin' Wamma Lamma!

"The Great One" has promised he will try to make the next summit in NYC during the next tour.

I will sit down with him. I will buy him a cold Fosters oil can. And let him fill my ears with tales of Stones.

We had a chat for about an hour yesterday and I can safely say he is my brohter. C10 or no C10. He needs to come around on the Bill Wyman/ Mick Taylor question though. I will work on it the way I worked on converting the masses to the joys of Dirty Work. In four years I must have converted at least, what, two people?

I'm on it.

Your C10 brother forever,

Maxlugar, C10
10-17-01 08:50 PM
Gazza Several reasons - none of them personal against you lot!

Lack of money basically and I had other commitments,like a holiday with my wife in Italy a few weeks earlier and a few drinking/golf weekends nearer home in the pipeline - to be honest,it would take an actual tour to get me to go all that way for a party (as it did when I went to the Hartford shows in 1999 and spent a few unforgettable days with my fellow webmasters here!!)

I let the missus pick the holidays when its a "non tour" year....21st century man,huh? then i can do my partying when theres a Stones tour and finances
10-17-01 09:16 PM
steel driving hammer >"I let the missus pick the holidays when its a "non tour" year"
Folks, people, ladies and gentlemen, it does not get any more Respectable than THAT.
Ever listen to The Stones loud? I mean REALLY LOUD?
I like them LOUD w/ the headphones.
Sometimes soft, sometimes loud.
Just play the fucking track.
Any ole one ol' do you bastard.
Really sinking into Indian Girl ext version w/ Ronnies pedal lap steel.
Thanks Marko for Sympathy for the Vaults, never heard this one.
Thanks again. Really.
Mobile Alabamer - get it on w/ a Steel Driving Hammer.
10-17-01 11:48 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Well this next summit sounds like it's shaping up to to be a real wingding. Holy Shit! Can you just imagine the sheer joy of meeting people you've never met, yet are old pals? Well, I can because I've done it. It's a joy beyond joy. I hope Gazza is serious about coming to the US for the next tour. He's one fellow that I'd definately like to share a few pints with. He would have fit right in at Cleveland.
10-18-01 03:55 AM
marko Yep,possibly one more zombie at ricks place to barbecue!
remember?we WERE like damn zombies,damn chipa what nanker
gave us,where is he btw?

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