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Topic: The Final List - "The Concert for New York" Return to archive
10-17-01 02:15 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Sir Paul McCartney - Producer
Paul Shaffer - Musical director


Mick Jagger
The Who
Eric Clapton
David Bowie
Bono and Edge
Elton John
Billy Joel
Janet Jackson
Backstreet Boys
Bon Jovi
James Taylor
John Mellencamp
Macy Gray
Goo Goo Dolls
Melissa Etheridge
Destiny's Child
Marc Anthony
Five For Fighting


Adam Sandler
David Spade
Denis Leary
Harrison Ford
Jim Carrey
Jimmy Fallon
John Cusack
Julia Stiles
Meg Ryan
Michael J. Fox
Reese Witherspoon
Ryan Phillippe.
Salma Hayek
Susan Sarandon
Will Farrell
10-17-01 08:14 AM
Robert Schneeweiss If I was already out in the workforce working full time and thus had the bread to go down there, I wouldn't hesitate. What a fantastic line-up!
10-17-01 10:02 AM
ALDS2001 The first 4 are gresat, but having Bono, Backstreet Boys and all that shit there i dont agree with
10-17-01 10:13 AM
Lazy Bones [quote]ALDS2001 wrote:
The first 4 are gresat, but having Bono, Backstreet Boys and all that shit there i dont agree with raised by the artists you don't like should be refused? Even though many of these bands don't fit the style and tastes of people, say, on this board, you still have to recognize the impact they have in the world music market.
10-17-01 10:19 AM
Robert Schneeweiss I agree.
10-17-01 10:37 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Right. There's just no accounting for the taste of the masses. John Q. Public LIKES to eat shit. I mean, how else can you explain stuff like N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys...or for that matter Journey and Peter Frampton. I have always been amazed at the willingness of the masses to not just accept, but revel in the enormous piles of crap that the big record companies shove down our throats. It looked like for a minute back in '77 or '78 things might go round the horn, but eventually the record companies ruined that as well.

Still, the cause is pure. And if getting no talent pretty boys like Backstreet Boys to wiggle their bums will raise big $$$ for FDNY and NYPD widows and be it.
More power to them.
10-18-01 01:00 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Update from Sonicnet:

Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Smith, Martin Scorsese to screen short films at benefit; extra tickets go on sale.

Also new to the show is a series of original short films celebrating the spirit of New York and directed by such actors and filmmakers as Woody Allen, Edward Burns, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin Smith, organizers said Wednesday (October 17).

Jay-Z has been added.

The event had been sold out, but due to production reconfigurations, a limited number of seats were released Wednesday, according to organizers. Prices start at $250.
10-18-01 10:30 AM
moy david bowie has been chosen to kick off the concert with "heroes", a cool selection as the show is for the nyc heroes
[Edited by moy]
10-18-01 12:14 PM
Lazy Bones
moy wrote:
david bowie has been chosen to kick off the concert with "heroes", a cool selection as the show is for the nyc heroes
[Edited by moy]

Wouldn't it be great if The Wallflowers was his backing band. They did a nice rendition a few years back.
David sang a great, heart-felt, Heroes on Neil's Bridge School Benefit Vol.1 cd years back. This, I trust, will be a great, emotional start to a fantastic night!

[Edited by Lazy Bones]
10-18-01 01:31 PM
Miss U. I'm really looking forward to seeing Bowie...and Mick of course...The Who will be interesting. Hope they combine their talents on stage...mixing & matching as in "The Dirty Mac" in the RnR Circus....that would make this very special. Anyone here actually going to this?

P.S: What's wrong with Peter Frampton? Didn't Mick do a collaboration with him years ago?
10-19-01 04:40 PM
Cardinal Ximinez First off Miss U, are you into Bowie? I'm a huge fan. I've enjoyed almost all of DBs "characters", and the musical output from each. Not real crazy about the 80's schlock stuff, or his very early hippy shit. The Laughing Gnome...yikes! "Gravedigger" awful. But starting around 1969, the worm turned.

Second, an easier question to answer would be, what ISN'T wrong with Peter Frampton. The fine folks at Rocks Off don't have enough space available for me to list everything wrong with PF. Suffice it to say, he got cooties.

10-19-01 05:02 PM
CS PF was good in Humble Pie, then a pop icon, nothing more, now more about tomorrow's show:

New York debut for
McCartney song

McCartney: "Show of strength in support of democracy"
Sir Paul McCartney is to debut his anti-terror
song, Freedom, at Saturday's star-studded
New York benefit show for the victims of the
US attacks.

The Concert For New York, to be televised in
40 countries, is expected to raise at least 6m
for the victims of the attacks on 11

As well as Sir Paul, the
line-up will include
fellow music veterans
Mick Jagger, Sir Elton
John, David Bowie, Eric
Clapton, U2 and The

The five-hour show at Madison Square
Gardens, thought to be the biggest line-up of
British rock stars on a US stage, will be flanked
by tight security including 500 armed police.

Sir Paul said the concert was a "show of
strength in support of democracy", and that
his song was "about our right to live in

"America is one of the world's greatest
democracies and the attacks on 11 September
were a threat to its freedom," he said.

"We are doing this
show to raise money
for the victims of the
attack and to make our
stand against any who
threaten our freedom."

He said he was in New
York when it was
attacked, and was
inspired to write his
song immediately

"We are not going to buckle under to threats
from anyone," he said, adding that "all of us
here are united in our desire to make this show
of solidarity".

"Freedom is our right and we are pulling
together tomorrow in defence of it."

New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will attend as
guest of honour and US performers including
Janet Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Billy Joel,
Macy Gray and Bon Jovi will perform.

The show is to be
hosted by Hollywood
stars including Jim
Carrey, Meg Ryan,
Jerry Seinfeld and
Gwyneth Paltrow.

Although the
audience have paid up
to 6,000 a ticket,
hundreds of members
of New York's fire,
police and ambulance
services have been given free family tickets to
the show.

McCartney, who has led the drive to stage the
show, said: "It's going to be an emotional night
for us.

"It's going to be emotional just looking at all
the firemen and emergency guys in the
audience and knowing what they and their
families have gone through."

10-20-01 03:38 AM
Prodigal Son Frampton? Let's hope he never collaborates with Mick. Even Slick Mick wouldn't save such a crappy performance. Peter's music is happy-go-lucky corporate rock. "Show Me the Way" could have been a good song, but it was overplayed and too affectionately performed. Frampton gives me a brain crampton! (Lame rhyme of the day). It doesn't matter who performs as long as it raises money, but if people think any Backdoor Boys songs inspire hope and courage in light of recent events, they've got their head's stuck up their ass! Show me the meaning of being lonely? Yeah, really poignant. Puts it all into perspective, huh? Uugghh. When will they just go? Rock music the way it was and should be done has gone underground these days as in only non-profit, struggling bands keep the flame alive while shunned by record buyers who don't see it as a joyful experience for listening, but more a marketing strategy in a manufactured industry. Music is supposed to be a collective unit, a spirit, a force that burns within, not some cheesy catch hooks, dance moves, pretty faces and what looks like a fireworks show. They only do that to make up for the fact that just them performing is not exciting unless some pyrotechnics get it going. Real great musicians don't need gimmicks to make their shows more exciting and seem actually good (ie. Kiss). Don't ask me how I got from Frampton to how music is being destroyed by the almighty greed for making a buck, but I did. And I'm thru!

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