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Topic: Faces toured in 75 Return to archive
10-16-01 10:22 AM
T&A I have the new 12/74 Faces DVD with Keef guesting. Although it was the last show of the tour, it was not the last Faces show. After Ronnie hooked up as a guest guitarist on the '75 TOTA, he rejoined his old mates for another tour in 1975.
10-16-01 06:05 PM
The Eggman I like Rod Stewart and in Winnipeg i saw in a corner cd used cd shop a DVD with Keith Richards guest appearing with FACES for 20 it a good pick up?
10-16-01 06:14 PM
Robert Schneeweiss I recently saw Rod Stewart perform in Toronto. It was a pretty diversified set, but solid nonetheless. However, as I was a mere toddler at the peak of Rod's career, I'm puzzled to see the way the Faces used to dress, particularly Ronnie Lane in the photo above. What the hell is he wearing? He looks like a clown. Surely that couldn't have been the style at the time.
10-16-01 06:17 PM
Gazza Uh thats not Ronnie lane in that pic

Its Keith,Woody and Rod Stewart!
10-16-01 06:27 PM
Robert Schneeweiss You're kidding, right? How could someone who co-wrote BB, LIB, SF, Exile (and so on) dress like that? That's weird.
10-16-01 06:45 PM
T&A The DVD is not great video quality...but it's a killer performance...especially when Keith's on stage during
Sweet Little R&Roller and Twistin' the Night Away. Classic
70's rock.
10-16-01 07:00 PM
Robert Schneeweiss I've recently accumulated Rod's old CDs, including the two Beck albums and the Faces' brief catalogue. Specifically with regards to the Faces material, if I had been alive to attend a show, I wouldn't have cared much for 'Twisting the Night Away. Who needs cheesy pop like that? Pull out 'First Step' and play that from start to finish. Then pluck a few hard and slow tunes from the other albums, and there is your set list. There is no need to be boring people with cheese like 'Twisting the Night Away' or 'Having a Party'.
10-16-01 08:13 PM
Gazza Cheese? theres more to good music than rock'n'roll...

both Sam Cooke covers - someone the Stones also covered btw - hes Rod's favourite singer of all time and certainly one of the greatest voices ever...
10-16-01 11:17 PM
Robert Schneeweiss Don't get me wrong, I dig a lot of the tunes that came out of the Mowtown era. But I happen to think that the two songs mentioned are pretty lame. Too much boogie and not enough soul! You see, all songs carry different appeal. With respect to Twisting and Having a Party, they cater to the hand clapping mothers in the audience. Some Stones covers (for example, Just my Imagination) may appear lame on the surface, but in reality carry some deep soul. Do you see the difference. It's nothing against Cooke or Stewart personally, just the lame segment of the audience that those tunes are aimed at.
10-17-01 08:11 AM
Robert Schneeweiss Perhaps this will make my point clearer - why play a cheesy tune like 'TwistingTNA' or 'Having a Party' yet omit a powerful classic like 'People Get Ready'. Again, it probably comes back to personal preference and the audience you're targeting.

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