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Topic: jagger soolo boots Return to archive
10-14-01 06:26 AM
marko While we all are waiting,,,i like to offer some some mick
shows from the past on cdr,,,i have 4 cdīs of soundboard
recordings,in most brilliant quality.
Cdīs are
Tokyo 23.3.88,i think itīs actually from 2 dates 22&23.3.88
From far east to down under:Songs from melbourne,sydney,osaka+2 bonus songs from SNL 6.2.93

Then a boot called:Canīt you hear me rocking,rare songs from
sydney(corner house,a club),osaka and melbourne

Bloody night in LA,Contry club La 20.10.97.with jeff beck

Live webster hall New York:Complete wandering spirit album
played live,+ 3 stones songs.Ex soundboard.

worst one from quality is canīt you hear me...but thats very
nice one too!!that is highly recommed because of the rare
tracks like,what kind if world is this.

Ouh i forgot
Through the years:songs from 1982-1993,like with thorogood
in den haag-82,live aid,studio rehearsals-87,etc...
nice collection!

feel free to e-mail me,all you need is blank cdrīs,FOR MUSIC
USE ONLY cdrīs,not the Pc ones!

all the best
10-14-01 11:03 AM
Maxlugar Holy crap Marko! I've been looking for that Webster Hall show for a while. I'd be interested. Email me and tell me how long I have to blow you to get it. I heard that was a great show, as far as solo Mick goes.

Also, I had no idea Beck and Jagger did any live shows. Much less as late as '97. That one may be worth a listen too!

Max "Marko is a some kind of God" Lugar
10-14-01 11:19 AM
marko Gimme yer e-mail address!
10-14-01 11:33 AM
Gazza Maxy & marko - The show with Beck is October 1987 - not 1997

In October 1997,the Stones would have been a few weeks into their BTB tour

That LA show in question wasnt actually a solo show as such - it was done during the filming of the promo video for "Throwaway" - Beck was in Mick's band during the making of the "primitive cool" album although in true Beck style, he threw a huff and quit before the band went to Japan on tour the following March

The promo video was filmed in an LA club and the band then played a few songs for the "extras"
10-14-01 04:10 PM
steel driving hammer Marko I wished I'd brought a burner to the Chicago hotel room and burned, drank and danced w/ the devil.
Sending you some blanks and a cd laser lens cleaner.
Anyone here like a video of the Gas X 3 Summit?
10-15-01 03:47 AM
marko Yep gazza,it was a damn typo!!i didnīt notice,and it wasnīt
actually a show,just a few songs.But quality is ex.
10-15-01 03:56 AM
yellow1 While we're on the subject, if anyone's interested I've got
1) "Lucky In Love" - Brisbane, 9/1988 - 1CD
2) Stereo Oz Concert - 2CDs
3) "Sweet Thing" - Webster Hall Rehearsals.
4) "Nature Of My Game" - 1992 sessions with the Red Devils

Marko, I'm interested in the "Bloody night in LA" and possibly "Through The Years"

email -
10-15-01 09:09 AM
Maxlugar Marko! It's

Has anyone else noticed that you can see who else is on the Rocks Off board with you? I like that feature. Last night I saw Steel Driving hammer on with me. But sadly, he ignored my email I sent him at that very moment.

I am visibly shaken to my Stonesian core.
10-15-01 06:55 PM
steel driving hammer Maxlugar I wished to God I would spent more time w/ you drinking and playing the Stones. Lost a good opurtinity. I should of never smoked that Renisance Chiba, I don't doo doo doo doo doo too good w/ Grass.
I don't have instant email so I didn't know till this morning.
Want you to know I believe your song,
rythem rhyme and harmony,
carry me on, keeping me strong...
Thinking if I should some red tonight,
saying that after my first glass this evening...
10-15-01 08:20 PM
Miss U. come I can't see who's online?? When I click on it, it's completely black, even tho there's s'posed to be 4 people online.

Maxy, you need to get some kind of photo for your name...maybe your dog Lugar...or a neon snapple

This place is better than the Names & Faces Lounge, i bet.
10-16-01 10:11 AM
Maxlugar Miss U! How are ya? I think you can only see the names of those who are members. Those 4 people you show were probably non members just lurking.

How do I put a picture up? I should use the one with me in front of my Great Wall of Stonesia circa 1983.

I said Yeah...oh yeah...oh yeah!

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