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Boulogne Billancourt during the recording of Emotional Rescue - summer 1979
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Topic: Bring me.....THE COMFY CHAIR! Return to archive
10-13-01 10:15 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey hey, business just picked up.

It came from the land of the Gas x 3.....Maxy, Nanker, Miss U, and now ME! You LUCKY bastards! Some of you may know me as Sir Stonesalot, but SS died jousting an evil dragon. I have decided to come here, and turn the Stonsian light on for you all. For I am smitten by The Rolling F'n Stones, and I need someplace to spill my Stonsian guts.

You may have noticed a strange influx of former regulars of the Gas x 3 board suddenly posting here at Rocks Off. It may make you go Hmmmmmm. Keep going Hmmmmmmm. It's fun isn't it? Anyhow, for personal reasons, some of us feel that it's best not to be at Gas x 3 anymore. It pained me to leave there, and I have made many great Stonsian Pal's there, but it was time to move bigger and better things aye!

And now for the obligatory Stones content:

The Rolling Stones are the Greatest Rock and Roll Band on this or any other planet.


Here is why....Midnight Rambler. Sympathy For The Devil. Under My Thumb. Stray Cat Blues. Love In Vain. Luxury. Hand Of Fate. Bitch. Rip This Joint. When The Whip Comes Down.

Can you all do me a favor? Let's just forget that Emotional Rescue even exists, OK? Let's go for a mass denial here. A denial world record. Together, perhaps we can make everyone forget about this stain on the Rolling Stones fine discography.

Maxy, It's good to see you out and about again. Your Friday Night posts were sorely missed. Raise your glass to the hard working people, my Stonsian Revolutionary Brother.

Now bring me....the SOFT CUSHIONS!
10-14-01 01:13 AM
Cardinal Fang Cardinal X !

I got your e-mail and will respond later tonight. I will continue to hang at G3X but I don't know for how much longer. My complaint is that's it's starting to remind me of the way the newsgroup was a few years ago. Too many lame people posting just for the sake of posting and most of it is stupid shit. I'm going to prefer to remain keeping a somewhat secret ID because "somebody" may follow me over here.

10-14-01 05:40 AM
marko Hey mates,,,well i havenīt posted here in long long time!'
Well,is that 75 la video still working?I just got from tony
that my own tour video,damn itīs hilarious to watch.Iīm also
a bit bored for the questions at the board,,,damn brussels
allways,it ainīt the only boot,but i try to be friendly.
Hey mates,i will get soon new boot called king of drugs,are
you interested,itīs soundboard recording from hatrford 1981
2nd day,few songs were mixed with phoenix show,,,but it
doesnīt matter,,gazza,do you have that one allready?
10-14-01 10:04 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey guys.

Cardinal Fang.....I know why you are "Undercover Of The Night". Wise move. That chick is someone you don't want to be involved with, even in a nice way. PS. Like the new handle? Did you get the email with my wish list?

Marko! My fine Finnish friend, how goes it? I have a package ready to hit the post office Mon.---10 CDRs and the art for Sympathy For The Vaults. I'll send you an email with what I'm after, OK?

Voodoo Chile--Thanks for the kind words, I think. Mi espanol is a bit rusty, but I think I know what you were saying. I had 4 years of spanish in high school, and a spanish class in college, but that was a few years ago lol!

10-14-01 10:54 AM
Gazza Dont think I have that one Marko - I do have a nice soundboard from Tempe (Phoenix)'81 plus both Hartford 81 shows on audience recordings....but a Hartford soundboard would be a welcome addition

"Our first weapon is surprise......"
10-14-01 10:57 AM
Maxlugar Oh friggin' oh, Cardinal X!

You are a man of great vision and principal!

I salute you!

Marko! I have the total sound board of the Phoenix show. How much of this new boot is Hartford because I don't have that one.

This is so great, this posting and stuff! I now realize how much I missed it!

10-14-01 04:19 PM
Cardinal Fang Hey Cardinal Ximinez !

You have GOT to add your picture to your profile.
10-14-01 04:26 PM
Cardinal Fang I ALREADY have Kings Of Drugs. It's a soundboard. There are about 4 or 5 songs from the Arizona gig. If I remember correctly, the first one or two songs and somewhere around HTW plus 2 or 3 from there.

Speaking of Kings Of Drugs,(since that was on your list) yes Cardinal X, I got your e-mail list. I will send you an e-mail L8r.

To Maxy and Gazza, I am the person who gave Gazza, Maxy's e-mail address and offered to send Maxy a care package of boots and vodka and snapple. (Now you know who I am) I am being hounded by somebody who Gazza knows all too well. (The letter "F") That's why I had to change my name.
[Edited by Cardinal Fang]
10-14-01 06:32 PM
Miss U. Welcome, Marko & Cardinal XXX. I think the XXX suits you better! Why so many Cardinals on here? Well, you'll never make a Saint of Me!
Come on now, Cardinal XXX, what about "Send It To Me"; that's a good'un.
10-15-01 07:46 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey my little Chickadee!

Cardinal Ximinez, and Cardinal Fang were members of the Monty Python sketch(and IMO one of the all time comedy bits) "The Spanish Inquisition".

Fang and I are using the Cardinal handles in place of ourr former ones. New board, new start, new handle. Fang has different reasons for his handle change, and IMO he's being extremely smart!

Like I said babe, new board, fresh start. Our past history is just that as far as I'm concerned. Past history. Has nothing to do with now or the future.

Now for you it's.....THE SOFT CUSHIONS!
10-15-01 08:11 PM
Miss U. Heehee! Cardinal #....1?...1?, yes, you absolutely have a deal.
I'm pretty sure who Cardinal Fang is, but don't get who he's running from...oh well, I can certainly understand his reasons!!

And remember....

"Some days you spend half-asleep--
that's what we call sleep walking.
I try to take up just the lil space I need,
and let me tell y'all..
Every wind (in the river) finds its way down to the sea.
I'm beginning to realize I'm just where I'm s'posed to be!!"

Taj Mahal, from the album 'Shoutin in Key'.

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