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Boulogne Billancourt during the recording of Emotional Rescue - summer 1979
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Topic: It's Friday Night........... Return to archive
10-12-01 06:04 PM
Maxlugar .....The music is thumpin' hard.

.....Casa de Maxy is shakin'.

.....Tryin' to shake off this mental lard.

-Maxlugar 10/12/01

Thank you.

Hello my Stonesian kin. Tonight is a special night. For it is not only Friday Night but it is the first Friday Night that The Drive has taken me by the Custard Cups and pulled me to the CD player. For those who don't know me, I'm Maxlugar: World Famous Rolling Stones poster. I come to you as seen in Entertainment Weekly. I love you.

A few things to point out:

1) I am Waiting has the most beautiful chorus ever recorded.

2) The Drive (Bill Wyman + Charlie Watts x Keith Richards) is unavoidable for long periods of time. It can only be avoided for short periods of time.

3) Fight (off the glorious Dirty Work) will soon be the National Anthem

4) Charlie Watt's right foot will be studied for generations to come when he passes away 50 years from now. In fact it will still be thumping for 50 years after that.

5) Brussels Affair made The Who piss their pants in fear.

In 1980, the limp wristed Carter Administration tried a futile rescue mission in Iran. It went awry. Now it can be told why. Seems they had an advance copy of Emotional Rescue blasting in their head sets on the choppers. Seems it was not quite Ball Custard laden to get the boys up for the task. In fact some of the guys started to get a little "funny" and made them sit a little closer to each other (don't ask don't tell). Allah was so pissed he created a giant sand storm. This is not the case today. I have it on good authority that Dirty Work is now the album of choice for the Special Forces. It is now being blasted out of the helicopters sound systems and making the Taliban run to far off places. Allah himself has left the area. Good going guys! Kick ass! 5000lb bombs are landing in time to the beat of Had It With You as I sit here now.

Micks new album will be quite good. I can't wait for soemthing ANYTHING from the boys! But I hope this does not put Stones material on too much of a hold. But Mick can actually do the Stones good here if the album is a hit. People will love a Stones album even more. Don't be afraid of him leaving the stones forever if it is a hit. He will never do that. Despite what you may think, he loves this band.

Child of the Moon is the greatest Stones song that many have not heard.

In Maxlugar's basement bar tonight, there will be an ear cum festival the world has never seen. Can you feel it from where you are? You are all invited. Please come help Maxy raise the roof baby! I'm up to me knees in great rock and roll.

So my friends, I'm off. I have been drinking all day so sorry about any typos. I'm on vacation you see. Two friggin' weeks! But it was needed as I am now back to my old self.

Thank you for your time.

I love you all.

10-12-01 06:41 PM
Miss U. Maxy, you crazy bastard!! Hehe! Welcome back to the land of the virtual-living, i-am-waiting-for-maxy-posting, 15-seconds-of-entertainment_weekly-fame-seeking, when-the-#@!-are-the-stones-touring, mick-pseudomovie-od-ing, wtc-stunned-trying-to-forget-ing, friday-night-basement-escape-ing posters. LOL. Good to see you!
(How did I do?)

Mick's new CD is a case of 7-up pop, I heard, but fizz is a good thang for those eardrums.
10-12-01 10:25 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Welcome Max... so fucking great to have you here or anywhere else, a great reason to open the chat room (please read the FUN HOUSE instead) so lets go get stoned and/or drunk and c u there

Hey Maxy you owe me a pic of the infamous KKKK!
10-14-01 10:28 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Maxy, you don't know how good it is to see another "It's Friday Night..." posts.

I missed them, and I missed you.

You are a breath of spring air up my smock.

And it leaves me quite visibly shaken.

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