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Topic: Jagger Exits Charity Show as Jacko Takes Over Return to archive
10-12-01 05:47 PM
moy Somehow, the United We Stand benefit scheduled for Oct. 21 in Washington D.C. has
been renamed. It's now called United We Stand What More Can I Give. That's a
mouthful isn't it?

The reason for the change: Michael Jackson, as I reported here exclusively two
days ago, has pushed his way into the show and gotten first billing. You didn't think
the self-proclaimed King of Pop was going to be included alphabetically didya? Or take
second billing to someone else?

And guess who's out of the Washington concert because of that? Mick Jagger.

Jagger's name, which had been announced Oct. 9 as part of the show, is now gone,
gone, gone. The Rolling Stone had been associated with the Washington charity event
until yesterday when a press release went out with all the names of the participants.
The only one specifically missing from the roster was Jagger. He is clearly not going to
be Jackson's Beast of Burden.

Jackson has not only jumped to first billing, but he's also had the show renamed to
reflect the anthem he's recording with 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys on Oct. 20
in Orlando. As I told you Wednesday, Jackson has secured President Bush's
blessing to make "What More Can I Give?" the official song of the World Trade
Center/Pentagon disaster.

McDonald's will sell the CD single for $2.99 with its apple pies and Egg McMuffins.

"What More Can I Give?" was not written specifically for this disaster, however.
Jackson wrote it at least two years ago, and it wasn't considered good enough to
include on his soon to be released album, "Invincible." It was going to be used next
February for another charity until the Sept. 11 disasters.

Jagger's decision to pull out of the Washington show is extra interesting since he and
Jackson once released a duet together in the 1980s called "State of Shock." Jagger
will appear however at the New York benefit organized by Miramax Films and VH-1 on
Saturday, Oct. 20 at Madison Square Garden. That's the benefit which Paul
McCartney will headline. Jackson was not welcome at that event since McCartney
stopped speaking to him after Jackson bought the Beatles' songwriting catalog and
publishing rights in 1985.

How much anger does McCartney have for Jackson? On Wingspan, his recent
greatest hits collection, McCartney omitted the two No. 1 singles he had with Jackson,
"Say Say Say" and "The Girl Is Mine."

Tickets for United We Stand etc go on sale today through Ticketmaster or at
10-12-01 07:01 PM
Miss U. Wow, interesting! I wonder if it's Mick's ego getting in the way of charity, or maybe Mick himself had a falling out with the other M.J.
Jackson showcasing his leftovers for this & bumping Jagger really sucks.

>>>McDonald's will sell the CD single for $2.99 with its apple pies and Egg McMuffins.<<<


(I'd like to taste Jagger for breakfast.)
10-12-01 07:15 PM
Sue Shame Mick Jagger won't be there but Michael Jackson cannot be at the top of the bill if Mick Jagger is there, and about that McDonald ad, I bet that it is a strongest reason to quit come on don't give that

State of Shock
10-13-01 05:41 PM
Miss U. Yes, I see your point, Sue....and I must say I agree. And yet.....there's a wistful part of me that would get a kick out of starting my day pulling up to a McDonald's Drive-thrU at the break of dawn on the way to work...."I'll get the rocks off combo...McJagger McMuffin, HAsh* browns, Cherry-oh Baby turnover laced w. _Brown_Sugar & LSD, visions of paradise, and a soda--my favorite flavor--cherry_red!"
Either that or the 'coke & sympathy combo'. LoL. Silly!
10-13-01 08:50 PM
Sue wrote:
and about that McDonald ad, I bet that it is a strongest reason to quit
State of Shock

Today's NY Post
Page 6

Mick Dumps Jacko for Paul

MICHAEL Jackson and Paul McCartney, who don't get along, are organizing rival benefits for World Trade Center victims - and Mick Jagger got caught in the middle. The Rolling Stone was set to perform Oct. 21 in the "United We Stand" concert at RFK Stadium in Washington along with *NSYNC, Britney Spears, and the Backstreet Boys. But then Jagger learned Jackson had joined the line-up to sing his "What More Can I Give?" and that the event's name had been changed to "United We Stand What More Can I Give." Jackson is recording the anthem the day before, and has a deal with McDonald's to sell the single at the fast-food outlets for $2.99. Jagger, who was part of the United We Stand show as of Oct. 9, hadn't planned on being an opening act for Wacko Jacko. He bowed out and joined Jacko-hater McCartney's benefit, organized by Miramax Films and VH-1, set for the day before at Madison Square Garden. McCartney has disliked Jackson ever since the self-styled King of Pop outmaneuvered him to buy all the Beatles' songs.
10-13-01 10:29 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Good for Mick. This is one of the reasons I love the guy.

Juck Fackson.

It's official. Michael Jackson has had all skin pigmentation removed. He has now become the Staypufft Marshmellow Man.

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