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Arriving at the De Lane Lea Recording Studios without enough money to pay the cab
October 7, 1963 to Record "Stoned" - Released November 1, 1963

Photo By Gus Coral - Black and White Blues
[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Ch2: Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]
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ROCKS OFF - The Rolling Stones Message Board
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Topic: these are great pictures every day, but Return to archive
10-08-01 02:43 PM
salv97 why does the name rocks off have to be so large in the picture, would like to use these as desktops, why cant the logo rocks off be smaller and down in a corner
10-08-01 03:24 PM
The Eggman You can edit them. that's what i do

not that ROCKS OFF is distracting, but it does take away from the picture
10-09-01 01:16 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It’s a long story, but to make it short here you go!

During the first year of Rocks Off we didn't use to put the ROCKS OFF watermark in the photos, but the photos used as header started to appear mysteriously in several sites without any credit (neither to the photo author, nor the magazine, book or publication nor to Rocks Off), without any link to Rocks Off and even with a new watermark of the site who “took it” (please read stole it).

I collect photos, and have originals from Gered Mankowitz, Fernando Aceves, Baron Wolman, Kevin Mazur, Bob Gruen, Robert Altman and others. I also have met many professionals in person in their exhibitions. With others I have met them on the net only. We use to give credits always to the author, the source and if it is from another website, we put a link to it and at least a “thank you”.

In some photos we have the right to put it as exclusive, others are bought from sites that sell photos and again we have the rights to publish them, other are scans from very rare publications or our own originals. Some photos have been published exclusively here, their premier and only appearance have been here and ONLY AS HEADER, they are not in the ROCKS OFF website. A lot of work behind this and of course it is to share them, but we’re not talking about “netiquette” we’re talking about basic education.

What really pissed me/us off was one guy who stole four pix from our site (I’m not going to mention his name or his site) and he cynically replied me that he didn’t steal them and they were original scans from “his books” when it was evident that they were all taken from ROCKS OFF, as we put two watermarks one is visible and the other is only visible with a zoom, and one of them is not available in any book, magazine or publication!!! In this case, the original photos had the big watermark, but it was cut exactly on the watermark and posted that way.

“Our” photos have appeared without authorization at least in sites from Argentina, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Canada and the USA. Even one of them with the ROCKS OFF watermark is in a gay site LOLOLOL. On the other hand we have donated photos to many sites that have requested authorization.

Check our site for photo sources, in this space you can see the main sources for our headers, each author has been contacted to request authorization we’re even linked in their sites. The site is located here

We were the first website to put a different photo each and every day, with the credits, source and sometimes with the story behind them. We are about to have the photo number 2,500 as we post photos not only as headers. If you want a photo as a desktop, just e-mail me and I will send you the one you want without a watermark and surely in a better resolution. Just ask for it.
10-09-01 06:59 AM
salv97 thanks for the explanation, will take you up on your offer one day, you got a beautiful family

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