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Topic: I've never found my ideal woman Return to archive
10-06-01 11:05 AM
(But God knows Mick's had a right good try)

VETERAN rocker Mick Jagger has bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world - but admits he's still not met the perfect lady.

The man who once declared "when I was 13, all I wanted to do was have sex" still, in the words of the Rolling Stones classic, can't get no satisfaction.

But that hasn't stopped the 58-year-old grandad trying.

In his 40 years at the top he's been linked with the world's glamorous female stars from every decade.

From Marianne Faithfull and Chrissie Shrimpton to Uma Thurman and Sophie Dahl - hundreds of women have fallen under his spell.

But speaking about his new album Goddess In The Doorway - his first solo offering in eight years - he revealed he still hasn't met the enigmatic Miss Right.

He said: "I've never been deeply, madly in love. I'm just not an emotional person."

But Jagger knows what qualities he wants in his woman and she is not far off the "goddess" he sings about in his new record, out on November 6.

He said: "The Goddess is the ideal woman. She is the one who is tantalising you.

"In Greek mythology, she is like the siren, she is very dangerous, she is very beautiful, she comes and goes at her own will, so she is very tantalising. She is very difficult to find, when you want to see her.

"She is like the elusive woman. She is never gettable, she is always a little bit out of reach.

"Then some women are always there and they never go away."

But who is he talking about? Jerry Hall, the woman he shared his life with for 22 years despite his flings? Or perhaps Luciana Morad, the model who bore him a son, Lucas?

The wrinkly Rolling Stones frontman is single again after his much-publicised divorce from Jerry.

But that doesn't stop some of his seven children helping out their old dad in the recording studio.

Mick admits his first solo album in eight years is a family affair.

He explained: "As it was done at home, you are not alone, so there are lots of children around all the time.

"It's fun, but on this record they've really been around a lot when I was writing. It's difficult sometimes. My father always locked the door when he was working. I was never allowed to go in, and sometimes you have to, although I try not to do that too much.

"Sometimes I have to say 'out!' But then it's good fun to come and see the kids bash the drums and sing and play."

Mick has a troupe of children including lovechild Lucas from Luciana, daughter Karis by Marsha Hunt and Jade by first wife Bianca.

However, his stable family unit are his kids with Jerry - daughter Elizabeth, 17, James, 15, Georgia, nine, and three-year-old Gabriel.

Mick claims it's his brood of children which help keep him feeling young.

He laughed: "Well, I had my first kid about 30 years ago. I've always had young children and I just never stopped, so I enjoy that."

After producing the British wartime romance movie Enigma, starring Kate Winslet and Dougray Scott, Mick is back in rock star mode.

DURING the making of Goddess In The Doorway, he also shot a documentrary film, Being Mick Jagger, which will be released on the same day as the album.

It is a snapshot of Mick Jagger's life over the past year and includes footage of a party at Elton John's house.

There are also clips of him playing guitar, singing and recording.

The film also portrays Jagger's paternal side, showing him playing around with his children in the studio, in his house and on holiday.

And naturally there are lots of gorgeous women, including Jerry, who turns up in the studio with the kids.

On the album Mick has drafted in the vocal and musical talents of U2's Bono, Pete Townshend and Lenny Kravitz.

In one song, Don't Call Me Up, the lyrics could be interpreted as a retort to Jerry after their divorce two years ago.

Where Jerry is happy to talk about her ex, Mick, ever the gentleman, won't be drawn into talking about his longest love.

He said: "Well, you can put any interpretation on it you want, but actually it was written before all the Press about it started rolling. People like to put their own gloss on it, so that's nice. You can interpret it any way you want.

"But that is actually the oldest song. I wrote that half way through the last Rolling Stones tour.

"It is very personal. There are songs, which are from a personal point of view, there are songs which are observations of other people, and there are songs which are sort of quasi-mystical, and also some comical observations.

"So it is all personal cause I wrote all the lyrics. It's certainly a very different kind of record than what I'd done beforehand.

"And, of course, I play a lot of guitar on it.

"There are a lot of different influences on the record, from Arabian vibes, to groovy stuff, ballads and big-production pop.

"The Stones used to do a lot of pop, but people sort of tend to forget about that.

"That's why I wanted to do some pop this time."

Bono sings on one song called Joy which also features Who legend - and sometime book editor - Townshend on guitar.

Jagger explained: "Bono and I have been friends for a while.

"We'd be singing together at parties and things like that, so I thought this was a good song for him to sing on."

But doesn't Mick miss the counterweight from Stones co-writer and guitarist Keith Richards?

Keith won't be impressed with Mick's reply.

Jagger said: "Not really. I work with a lot of good people on this record. I don't really miss anybody.

"I know that I'm going to work with the Stones guys again, so I'm happy doing this."

So with a lifetime of beautiful women, a new album, Enigma under his belt and rumours of work with Martin Scorcese, what is the greatest thing about Being Mick Jagger?

He said: "I think I have a really enjoyable life.

"Everybody has their ups and downs and you have to balance it out. Lots of good things and a lot of bad things can happen to you.

"I've had a really lucky time so far.

"I don't have one specific thing that's is so wonderful about being me."


1971: Jagger married Nicaraguan Bianca De Macias in St Tropez, then daughter Jade was born. It lasted eight years. Bianca said: "Mick doesn't think much of women."


1973: Liv Tyler's mother and all round rock groupie who more than matched Jagger's roving eye. She met Jagger at a concert while she was still seeing David Bowie.


1982: Jagger was seen clubbing in New York with the 18-year-old American blonde socialite, a god-daughter of the Duke of Windsor


1978: Aspiring singer. Classed herself as one of 'Jagger's groupies'. Now married to Guy Ritchie, she didn't do badly herself on the bedpost notchometer


1977: He "stole" Jerry from Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry. They married in 1990 but she divorced him in 1999 after he fathered Luciana Morad's son


1977: The trendy, attractive and party-loving wife of smoothie Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau met Mick in Toronto. But the fling didn't last


1992:The Australian model, then 21, met Jagger at a Los Angeles nightclub and did a sexy dance show. Jagger was taken with her charms, but it was just another fling


1996: Spotted canoodling with Mick in LA's Viper Room nightclub. Just 24 hours later, he was then caught sneaking into Czech model Jana Rajlich's hotel bungalow


1992: Jagger was with the model 24 hours after Jerry gave birth to their third daughter, Georgia May. Jerry found a fax from Carla saying: "Let's spend the night together"


1998: A dalliance with the Brazilian model led to a son, Lucas. But Luciana had to fight in court to get him to pay her and his son maintenence


2001: Mick infuriated his daughter Elizabeth by embarking on a brief fling with her 24-year-old pal


1971: The singer was said to have been Jagger's lover in New York. Some believe their relationship inspired her hit song You're So Vain. Other say Warren Beatty


1969: He spotted her in musical Hair. She gave birth to their daughter Karis but it took Marsha nine years and numerous court cases to get Mick to pay child support.


1966: Their relationship was marked by drug abuse and three-in-a-bed sex. When Marianne's heroin habit became worse, Jagger moved on to Marsha Hunt.


1964: The younger sister of model Jean, she gave the snob in Jagger some "class". But he broke her heart with groupie sex romps and she tried to kill herself

10-06-01 06:36 PM
Jaxx what a total slam to jerry to be with her for all that time and to say he'd never been "deeply and madly in love". oh well. what a shame. he doesn't know what he's been missing.

another sidebar: their marriage wasn't legal so to say they were divorced is inaccurate.
10-06-01 08:13 PM
Miss U. Sounds like Mick's got a case of only liking women he has to chase after!
Well, at least he's honest...I don't think he's too emotional, although his songs certainly are, esp. his solo stuff. Judging from his latest song GGME I think he knows he's a bit fucked up love-wise.
Maybe people just get less romantic the older they get.
10-06-01 11:44 PM
Amy340 What paper was this article in? Thanks.
10-06-01 11:55 PM
CS OOPS! I didn't mention it. It is from the Daily Record posted yesterday

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