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October 7, 1963 to Record "Stoned" - Released November 1, 1963

Photo By Gus Coral - Black and White Blues
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Topic: Audio file: God Gave Me Everything from upcoming Mick jagger album Return to archive
09-12-01 08:10 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Download it and/or play it loud, it is just 20 seconds and it was taken from the MTV Awards, but it rocks!

09-13-01 10:38 PM
Street_Fighting_Man I can't get it to work
09-13-01 10:46 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Yes, it works for me using Real Jukebox, but I tried to work it at my office today and it didn't work with any MP3 player and the Real Jukebox I have there. So I'm going to convert it to a standard MP3 format in some minutes.
09-13-01 11:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It will be available tomorrow, I'm so tired at this moment
09-13-01 11:51 PM
Street_Fighting_Man thx
09-14-01 08:58 AM
DrStones It's available on DirtyWorks website in the news section (september 8)in real audio including the
09-14-01 09:33 AM
CS Another version with speechs but for Windows Media Player is available here
09-14-01 05:03 PM
Street_Fighting_Man i dunno i like it
09-16-01 11:34 AM
GlimmerDeb I like it, too. I am really looking forward to this release in November.
09-16-01 04:47 PM
Miss U. Not bad. With its title, I didn't think it would be such a hard rocker; I imagined a ballad.
There seems to be a trend with spiritual music these days. But then, Stones have done a few spiritual tunes in the past as far back as Beggars & Exile....any before then? Can't think of any off the top of my head.
09-19-01 07:31 AM
CS A 2 minutes sample is available at Beggars Banquet

09-19-01 07:45 PM
moy from the clip provided by bill german the lyrics are

You can see it in a clear blue sky
You can see it in a woman's eye
You can hear it in your baby's cries
You can hear it in your lover's eyes

You can touch it in a grain of sand
Yeah hold it right there
in the palm of your hand
Feel it around you every day
Hear what I got to say

God give me everything I want
Oh come on, I知 giving it back to you ah
God give me everything I want
Oh come on, I知 giving it back to you

I saw it in the midnight zone
And I felt it in the race and ruin
I hear it in the wind and storm
And I feel it in the icy dawn

And I smell it in the one I taste
And I see it in my father's face
And I hear it in a symphony
And I feel in a love so for me yeah

God give me everything I want
Oh come on, I知 giving it back to you
I can't stop can't stop
I知 still loving you

God give me everything I want
Oh come on, I知 giving it back to you
God give me everything I want
[Edited by moy]
09-20-01 01:39 AM
The Eggman This is a really good song, sounds like there old stuff, but they gotta promote this song really good though, like appeal to the MTV crowd (and with this song, it shouldn't be a poblem)
09-20-01 03:30 PM
L&A It sounds a little like "I'm ringing", one of the best solo songs of Mick, before his wonderful third album...
09-20-01 11:35 PM
The Eggman THat's funny cus no such song exists called that
09-21-01 03:26 AM
L&A "I'm ringing" is the B-Side from the single "Ruthless people"... Great song, with Jeff Beck on guitar.
09-21-01 07:59 AM
GlimmerDeb I'm Ringing
09-21-01 03:03 PM
Sue Great song! Didn't know about it thank you for the information and for the mp3, is it available in a compilation or something?
09-21-01 04:31 PM
GlimmerDeb I have it on Get the F*** Outta Here and Private Parts
09-21-01 05:04 PM
The Eggman ARE U SERIOUS, is 80's crap of theirs, i consider it like "Harleem Shuffle"


Nothing like "God Gave Me Everything"
09-27-01 11:06 PM
The Eggman Notice there are diffrent versions of the song "God Gave Me..." one on Mick Jagger's website is longer (a milli-sec) and the one that was originally posted

Note the diffrences???
09-27-01 11:09 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL... did you notice the millisecond when you heard it or when you saw the time counter

I hear a difference also in the sound quality, this is better
09-28-01 05:12 PM
The Eggman ^ No, , i meant the drum set is diffrent during the chrous gaps, give it a listen!!!

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