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Topic: Jagger is not sexy and doesn't get sexier with age? Return to archive
09-20-01 11:20 AM
moy Sean Connery tops list of stars who
get sexier with age

Researchers have found Sir Sean Connery grows more
attractive with age.

The actor topped a poll of stars who get sexier with age for the
October edition of Instyle magazine.

Sir Sean, 71, took more than a quarter of the votes, beating
Sting, Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

Wrinkly rocker Rolling Stone Mick Jagger may be irresistible to
a string of beauties but he did not prove a hit with the 1,000
readers who took part in the poll.

He drew just 1% of the votes, along with Mel Gibson and Jack

EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite was named the sexiest
woman soap star with more than half the votes (51%) in the

Her screen co-star Martin Kemp - who is set to quit Walford
next year - was top soap male with 34%.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the sexiest married couple
with two-fifths of the votes.

Pitt was also named the top unavailable man with George
Clooney the hunkiest unattached guy.

Story filed: 12:21 Thursday 20th September 2001
09-20-01 02:31 PM
Jaxx i found mick most attractive in the eighties. he's looking too gaunt and wrinkly for me these days.
09-20-01 03:09 PM
Gazza >i found mick most attractive in the eighties

Admit it,jaxx - thats because you saw him at a show in Syracuse in the 80's and he made eye contact with you,isnt it? ;-) LOL
09-20-01 03:43 PM
Jaxx >>>thats because you saw him at a show in Syracuse in the 80's and he made eye contact with you,isnt it?

LOLROTF. nice try, amigo, but no! i think 20 years ago mick was M.O. hot. even looking back now at videos and pictures, mick really looked "give it to me baby" great in his late thirties and into forties. i mean that is supposed to be the prime of your life, right? out of boyish into distinguished maturity, but not totally geriatric yet (well i guess thats a matter of perspective as well...)

09-20-01 04:30 PM
Gazza >"give it to me baby" great in his late thirties

yeah I guess we're in our prime at that age!! LOL
09-20-01 08:47 PM
ruby213 I have seen Mick up close and shook his hand. I think he's just as hot now. I always Hated Sean Connery. I can't even watch a movie with him in it. He's to damn ugly and a Sh*tty actor..
09-20-01 09:49 PM
Street_Fighting_Man To be honest, the cracks show through Jagger, therefore he's aged!, not as sexy anymore

Though disatguished Sea Connery, man, he wasn't as sexy as i think he is now

Everyone loves a Scot
09-21-01 01:25 AM
wfts do you think he is sexy when he is singing is the question to be asked?
09-21-01 10:39 AM
Jaxx >>>do you think he is sexy when he is singing

A B S O L U T E L Y!!! all that hipshake, emotion. in my opinion he has one of the BEST voices in the industry as well as a stunning stage presence. the ULTIMATE performer.
09-21-01 03:55 PM
Miss U. I think Mick probably has more energy than alot of men 20 years younger. True, he isn't as hot as he used to be, but he's finally showing his age. Most men his age aren't a fountain of youth. Like his masseuse once said, Mick is like a dried up raisin now, but still damn sexy (or something along those lines! LOL!).

Sean Connery? Yuck! Gag me with a spoon.
09-21-01 05:06 PM
The Eggman What do u mean, I'd make love to Sean Connery anyday!!!

(wait a second)
09-21-01 07:03 PM
Miss U. Eggman??! LOL.

Add George Clooney to my 'gag me with a spoon' list.

Even a night spent with Robert Redford, Paul Newman, George Clooney, Sean C, and Sting all together wouldn't even come close to being with Mick!

Where'd they get these voters???!!!
09-21-01 07:15 PM
The Eggman Now , George Clooney come on

No disrespect to Mick but he's probably swimming with Venereal diseases
[Edited by The Eggman]

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