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Topic: Jagger Sent Bodyguard to Protect Jerry Hall's Home after Burglary, Court Told Return to archive
09-17-01 06:41 PM
Jaxx Jagger sent bodyguard to protect Jerry Hall's home after burglary, court told

By Jason Bennetto Crime Correspondent
The Independent
18 September 2001

Mick Jagger sent his bodyguard to protect his ex-wife, Jerry Hall, after burglars broke into her London home while the couple's two year-old son and nanny lay sleeping inside, a court was told yesterday.

While checking over the grounds of the luxury home the minder, Clive Haynes, discovered stolen goods worth thousands of pounds abandoned in some bushes. Fingerprints on a pair of candlesticks allegedly belonged to an antiques dealer, David Bryce, who appeared at Kingston Crown Court yesterday accused of theft.

Ms Hall, the former wife of the Rolling Stone rock star, arrived home just after 11pm in September last year to find her bedroom had been ransacked, the jury was told.

Items including two silver ornamental candlesticks worth 5,000, a gold pearl earring worth 100 and a Macintosh computer worth 2,000, were taken from her home at the top of Richmond Hill, west London.

Sally Halkerston, for the prosecution, said: "Mr Jagger was concerned about the security of the house. The day after the burglary the minder employed by him was sent to the house."

She said Mr Haynes found a carrier bag in the bushes at the back of the house. The bag contained the candlesticks.

Mr Bryce, 33, of West Hampstead, north London, who denies burglary, told police he had been walking his dog the day after the burglary. He said his pet found the bag and he picked up the candlesticks and then panicked and put them back.

The trial, expected to last two days, continues.
09-18-01 11:00 AM
Jaxx more of the same from today's (9/18/01) PeopleNews

Jagger Protects His Ex
Rolling Stone sends bodyguard to Jerry

Mick Jagger sent his bodyguard to Jerry Hall's house to protect her and their children when her house was burgled, she has revealed. After learning of the break-in at his ex-wife's Richmond home, where her bedroom was ransacked while their son and the nanny slept close by, the concerned crooner asked his security manager to check the arrangements surrounding the house.


It was while checking the grounds that a bag containing the stolen goods was found abandoned in some bushes. Items stolen from the house included two silver ornamental candlesticks worth 5,000, a gold pearl earring worth 100 and a Macintosh computer worth 2,000.
09-18-01 01:36 PM
MotherslittleHelper The Sun
September 18


Fears ... Jerry Hall was
given a minder after raid


MODEL Jerry Hall told yesterday how she disturbed the burglars who ransacked her bedroom.

Fearful Jerry rushed to call police after hearing "scrambling noises" as she returned to her 5million mansion, a court heard.

Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger then sent his bodyguard to protect his ex-wife after the 7,000 raid.

Jerry, 45, disturbed the raiders when she got home around 11.20pm after appearing nude on the West End stage in The Graduate. She was playing the star role of Mrs Robinson.

In a statement read to the jury, the mum of four said: "As I entered my house I heard the distinctive sound of a catch on one of my upstairs doors."

Jerry checked on son Gabriel, then two, and nanny Fiona Henderson, but both were asleep - so she went up to her third floor bedroom.

Crime scene ... Jerry's home

"I discovered muddy footprints on the carpet and noticed my bedroom had been ransacked," her statement said.

"I heard scrambling noises. I can only conclude I disturbed the burglars but I did not see them."

Ms Henderson said she heard "well-spoken" men, but thought they were Jerry's friends. She only realised something was wrong after hearing a "a lot of footsteps running downstairs."

The burglars escaped with a 2,000 computer, two silver candlesticks worth 5,000, and a 100 gold pink pearl ear-ring.

Kingston Crown Court heard the burglary caused "concern" about security at the mansion.

The next day Jagger, 57, sent minder Clive Haynes to guard Jerry and the 26-room house. Mr Haynes later found a carrier bag containing the candlesticks hidden in bushes nearby.

In the dock ... David Bryce

Prosecutors said fingerprints found on a candlestick belonged to defendant David Bryce.

Antiques dealer Bryce, 33, of West Hampstead, North London, said he found the bag while walking his dog Jasper near the house in Richmond, South West London.

He claimed he picked the candlesticks up, then panicked and put them back, saying: "They looked extremely expensive. It was all a bit sinister. I didn't want anything to do with it." Bryce, arrested five months after last September's raid, denies burglary. The trial continues.

Texan Jerry gave a moving reading on Sunday at a Westminster Abbey service for victims of the New York atrocity.

She told how daughter Elizabeth looked up to see a jet hit the World Trade Center, and spoke of Britain's "special relationship" with America, adding: "Let us always stand together."
09-18-01 01:45 PM
Jaxx Repost for moy

LONDON (Reuters) - A London antiques dealer was found guilty Tuesday of burgling the London
home of Texan model Jerry Hall while she was appearing on stage. David Michael Bryce was
convicted of stealing jewelry, a laptop computer and candlestick, worth a combined $10,850 from her
home in southwest London last September.

The burglary took place while Hall, former wife of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, was appearing in the
stage version of ``The Graduate'' in London's West End.

The jury had earlier been told that Hall had realized she had been burgled when she returned home to
find muddy footprints on the carpet.

The following day a candlestick with Bryce's fingerprints on it was found in a shopping bag hidden in
nearby bushes.

Bryce, who denied the charge, had claimed he had found the bag whilst out walking his dog.

A court official told Reuters that Bryce would be sentenced on October 2.

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