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Topic: About today's thread Return to archive
09-13-01 11:22 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Today we had a thread regarding the poll about “favourites websites”. The initial message was a message from Charlotte (RSFC) requesting votes for her and Blue Lena’s sites.

As per Charlotte’s request I deleted her message and with it, all replies were erased. I just want to give my point of view not as a co-moderator or co-owner of this site, but as a regular, as a fan, and I'm sure I have the right to express as a person.

We don't compare our site with other sites, we compare our website (including both, “wetsite” and message board) with our site yesterday, if today it is better than yesterday we are happy.

Our site is original and we created all the information there. We focused in information not available in other sites not to repeat work done by others to avoid duplication of efforts and reinventing the wheel.

I would like to thank our friends MissU, Rogerriffin, The Eggman and Ruby for their kind words and support, it was really stimulating to hear from you such a nice words!

I just want to add that the poll does not reflect the quality of the sites. Sites like IORR and Time Is On Our Side are by far better than a personal site with 90% of it talking about a person, her relatives and hobbies. But the poll is about “your favourite site” not “about the best one”. It is also obvious that that site cannot be the favourite of a regular fan, as it has no stones content, no contributions.

The owner of that site or a friend using her computer posted a very nasty message today in our guest book when, if applicable, it should be a reply inside the thread not a message in our guest book. This was the message:

"Stop your fucking whining about Stonesgirl getting votes,she is getting votes because she has a better website than you "REGULARS" LMAO..fuckin bone heads!"

and some minutes ago she/he posted this

“LMAO..."Good I pissed ya off..guess that means you can dish it out but you can't take it" "thats typical of a whine ass!"

You can see it now, I’m not going to delete it until tomorrow.

I don’t know who is that anonymous person, but he/she is banned by IP.

PS. I'm using my name and address, and this message is 100% objective talking about facts, not interpretations.

Why this character is against us instead of the one who posted about her site? I never visit that site, I never talk with the owner.
09-13-01 11:34 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl btw, the poll is located here, vote for your favorite , to do it, enter the page and look for the poll hyperlink.
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
09-14-01 02:24 PM
Gazza Especially in a week such as this,anyone who gets their knickers in a twist with a paranoid pissing contest over a website poll really has an amazing grasp of the important things in life!

Good to see she's devoting her time to the things that REALLY matter,eh?
09-14-01 05:35 PM
Jaxx this ongoing problem has minimized itself to an aggrevation. thank god for the ban IP feature. we can at least exercise our freedom to keep troublemakers, spammers and flamers out of here to preserve the integrity of this forum. i don't think that needs any justification from me, gazza or voodoo.
09-14-01 07:50 PM
Miss U. Exactly, Jaxx. I liked your post Voodoo Chile. It's not good for sites to compete with each other, ESPECially at a time like this, who cares. What's important is peace, and to be the best you can be.
09-15-01 05:44 PM
GlimmerDeb I think you'll see people acting out in strange ways because of the happenings from this week.

Not that I'm defending anyone, and certainly not the person in queston.
09-15-01 09:08 PM
Marylou Can't vote, when I enter the poll the only thing I see are the results, please help me
09-15-01 10:36 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl If you have problems to vote could be because your IP number is very similar to other user who already voted.

Click here and try again.

Please don't vote more than once, Keno checks the polls and those voting more than once (using cheap techniques) are erased and only one will be counted, so save your and his time.
09-16-01 05:24 AM
Jacques Bravo Voodoo, Jaxx and Gazza.
09-16-01 11:22 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Keno e-mailed me this message to share with you. I want to thank Keno again as this is cool from him to clarify what happened.

The reason for the poll is to see where else Stones fans roam to on the web after they visit my Stones site. It was not set up to see which site was the best site. As it is, I had to take down 18 votes from Charlotte’s site and 15 votes from Stonesgirl's site because two people were spamming votes. Those who did that have been banned from voting in future polls. Sad, this hasn't happen at my polls in months. Oh well, with all the other crap out there I guess I shouldn't bitch, and don't mean too. Just replied when I saw this thread. BTW, I voted for Rocks Off!
09-17-01 05:35 PM
The Eggman And so did i (vote for Rocks-OFF) it's the place i roam after school right to.

Is there any way we can get A SNEAK PEAK of Jagger's new song in it's entire, much like what they did to Michael Jackson's new album???
09-17-01 07:43 PM
Stonesdoug 3 Cheers for Rocks Off
09-18-01 05:11 PM
CindyStones Gerardo my dear, you have wisdom beyond words! I especially loved this:

"We don't compare our site with other sites, we compare our website (including both, “wetsite” and message board) with our site yesterday, if today it is better than yesterday we are happy."

What an awesome way to look at things, and a lesson for the rest of the webmasters out there! Rocks Off continues to be a class act, and you guys deserve the accolades!

Love you,
Cindy P

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]

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