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Topic: Happy Birthday JOHN LENNON (no Josh content) Return to archive
10-09-03 12:37 PM
FPM C10 Happy birthday to my first hero, John Lennon, who would have been 63 if he hadn't been senselessly murdered by a lunatic with a handgun. I wish he was here today. We need more militantly loudmouthed liberals of his stature to speak for those of us who know that war is NEVER the right thing to do.

How many Americans got killed in Iraq TODAY? And why?
10-09-03 12:48 PM
jb Imagine there's no Beatles, it's easy if you try...
10-09-03 12:59 PM
Factory Girl Happy Bithday, John Lennon. Thanks for all the great music.

PS. Never understood the Yoko fascination.
10-09-03 01:13 PM
KeithRichards210 Happy Birthday John.
Too bad his life was so senselessly wasted...
10-09-03 01:17 PM
Thanks for posting this thread and the great photo FPM. I appreciate it and need to honor John's memory today. He has helped me more than I can ever express through his songwriting, wit, and peace activisim.

And..I do understand the significance of his relationship with Yoko. He loved her and she loved him. They were artistic and political partners...husband and wife. It is that simple. I honor and respect that aspect of John's life.

And they've helped me to define my life partnerships through their example. I can't thank them enough for being so open, honest and loving. We need more examples of that! A lot more.

Happy Birthday John. You are a hero to be sure, in my life. :-)

Birth Blessings to all,
10-09-03 01:43 PM
Child of the Moon Happy birthday, John. Thanks for EVERYTHING.
10-09-03 03:08 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy It's easy to think of John Lennon as 'the uber-artsy nutcase' and Paul McCartney as 'the moronic pop god', but Lennon defies all classifications. His work, sometimes powerful, sometimes overartistic, sometimes rebelling against that same overartistic feeling, was really something else. The terrible end to his life ushered in a decade of musical stagnation that many directly blame on his loss.

On December 8, he said "We can say 'weren't the seventies a terrible decade? Can't we do better in the eighties?'" or something of that sort. He was shot less than twelve hours later.

Rest in peace, John. People can say what they like about your views, your wife, whatever, but some of the music you made will live on for centuries.

-tSYX --- You been playin' those mind games...
10-09-03 03:12 PM
Joey " Imagine there's no Beatles, it's easy if you try... "

You know Josh , when I started the thread that wished you a Happy Birthday , it really DID NOT contain the word LENNON at the end .

Word to Your Mother !

Jacky Chan !

10-09-03 05:55 PM
Prodigal Son How fitting. Because John gave up his public life in the 70s, it seems the music world lost a guiding light. Then, he decided to emerge to try and change things in the 80s. Yeah, he remarked on how the 70s were a drag, but the 80s can be better. Well, social consciousness improved but music got worse when John died. His music and songwriting are the reason I have aspirations today. He introduced me to a whole new depth or meaning in music and subsequently I discovered all the great music of the 50s, 60s and 70s that I'd neglected. I thank him for that.
One can only imagine what he'd do in the 80s. Live Aid, Band Aid. He'd be right there. Not with the Beatles of course, that was never going to happen, but he could've been an interesting character in pop culture/music for years to come. But with fame comes deranged mentally disturbed fans who feel like killing the man behind the music (Chapman's full of it, "I then realized what a terrible mistake I'd made. This man was not just a musician, but a family man-he had a wife and a kid." Gee, maybe you coulda considered that before you killed him). In fact, a similar guy caused a near-death for George Harrison and when he was incapacitated by it, the cancer that was removed from his throat in 1997 came back. So, a fan attack led to George's failing health. Right now, jb's gotta be wishing another mental fan would knock on Macca's front door ("Open the door and let 'em in").
10-09-03 05:59 PM
Joey " the cancer that was removed from his throat in 1997 came back. So, a fan attack led to George's failing health. Right now, jb's gotta ..........."

Nah , sooner or later the cancer ALWAYS comes back .

Jacky !
10-09-03 07:52 PM
Gimme Shelter RIP John, you are sorely missed.
10-09-03 10:10 PM
Sir Stonesalot John Lennon is one of the few people who are/were as cool as me.

I have better taste in chicks. And I look better in a leather jacket.

Seriously though, when John Lennon died it was the very first time that I cried when a "star" died. Unfortunately, I've cried a few times since. Even worse, I'll have to cry again before my time here ends.

The very best thing to emerge from the sadness is that we still have the songs. The dead can still speak to us.

We all have the 7th Sense. We hear dead people.

Thank Ganesh for that.

10-09-03 10:44 PM
souldoggie No offense intended, but it seems to me that it's sort of hard to trust anybody who doesn't like the Beatles at least a little bit, know what I mean?.
10-10-03 08:08 AM
Factory Girl People can be neutral on Beatles. I like a few songs and I like Abbey Road. I do appreciate the Beatles from a music history perspective. And, I do see Lennon's genius.

Martha- we'll just respectfully disagree on the Yoko matter.
10-10-03 08:52 AM
sirfito Happy Bithday, John. We still miss you.
10-10-03 09:49 AM
glencar Yoko was a skank. While the Beatles were tremendously overrated, I liked Lennon's solo stuff. His politics was facile & wrongheaded but that's so often not what we should judge people on. I cried when Lennon died but when you lose real people in your life you stop crying at celeb deaths. Or maybe just I did.
10-10-03 10:41 AM
steel driving hammer Didn't John Lemon once say;

"I am Jesus."


"I am bigger than Jesus."


"I am better than Jesus."


"Jesus Can't Touch This."
10-10-03 12:15 PM
Martha Stonesy...I LOVE you! I'd be your girl.....way back when!

Oh, I owe you an e-mail...and I did get that fabulous package! Stay tuned. You are my man! Purrrrrrrr....

Factory Girl...respect is a good thing. Thanks for posting those words. I can dig it. :-)

JB how the hell did you figure out the emoticons?????? I am still stuck with typing in stick figure faces.