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Topic: Stevie Ray Vaugn on PBS(NSC) Return to archive Page: 1 2
10-08-03 04:19 PM
Riffhard Hello Josh! Hey do you ever go to Flakawitz(sp?)Deli in Boca? Man they got some good matzo ball soup! Their hot pastrami sandwiches rock too!

Or how about Beanies Deli? It's right near Mizner Park. My wife used to work there!

How's thew weather down that way?

10-08-03 04:21 PM
jb Flakowitz is still around...very good...I have not been to Beanies? It is 90 and sunny!!!
[Edited by jb]
10-08-03 04:27 PM

It's 87 Degrees and Sunny in Nebraska today ...........AND we Got Game !

Jazzy Jack !
10-08-03 04:34 PM
Riffhard Yeah Flakowitz was great. I used to grab a bite there at least twice a week. Great place to eat after a hard night of partying. In fact when went to Joe Robbie Stadium to see the Stones in '94 we went there and got some sandwiches for the tailgating. I lived about 1/4 mile away behind Flakowitz on 2nd Ave. You ought to try Beanies it's very good. Not really a Jewish deli per say,but still very good. If your at the Mizner movie theaters it's just across the lot about two hundred yards. It's not actully in Mizner but within stone throwing distance. My wife also used to work at Two Jays. Maybe you've heard of that place?

10-08-03 04:36 PM
Joey " My wife also used to work at Two Jays. Maybe you've heard of that place? "

Two Jays ?!?!


THAT'S a Strip Club .

10-08-03 04:42 PM
Riffhard NO,no,no young Joey! It's not a strip club. It's a restuarant. It's owned by two guys named Jay. If memory serves Jay Silverstien and Jay Goldberg. They used to call it Two Jews.

10-08-03 05:10 PM
T&A Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Interesting comment on RJ vs. Jimi. I think you could also argue that if you didn't know better, you'd assume there were 2 (or 3 or 4) guitarists present when Jimi plays.

Regardless, let's just say in the era of electric guitar, Jimi is on an island. He's not my favorite; but he's the best.

FG: if not Jimi, then suggest another if you don't mind (I understand there are no right/wrong answers here, just opinions). I say Jimi, 'cos there is nothing that I've ever heard anyone else play that Jimi couldn't. The reverse isn't true.
10-08-03 05:20 PM
Joey " If memory serves Jay Silverstien and Jay Goldberg. They used to call it Two Jews. "

" Two Jews " would be an EXCELLENT name for a Strip Club !

10-08-03 05:53 PM
sammy davis jr. I saw SRV with the Fabulous Thunderbirds in what must have been 1984 or '85.....This was the gig right before he bottomed out. Dude was so wasted it sounded like listening to a warped record. It's one thing to listen to a shitty guitar player sound shitty, it's another to listen to a brilliant guitar player who couldn't play. Hard to describe. SRV was a great guitarist, but shit, half of his repetoire was rehashing Jimi and Albert King licks....But I certainly appreciate his ability. I thought In Step, the last record he released before he died was the best of the bunch, especially the last track, a bluesy, jazz influenced instrumental. I thought it gave a good idea of the direction he was heading.
10-08-03 06:35 PM
Jaxx i would agree that its quite impossible to define the best. look at the stellar group briefly mentioned here. naturally, we all have our favorites. i find it interesting that all the esteemed guitar players mentioned have created their own genre of rock and roll-- r&b, rock-a-billy, psychodelic getting the "LED" hard rock, with robert johnson, led belly, john lee hooker, tbone walker howling wolf(et al) bluesmen as the source and inspiration for these varying genres.

what impresses me about jimi hendrix is that he was left handed and had to play the guitar upside down because there were no lefthanded guitars. i would agree that his evolution was a steep slope indeed! i would guess he hadn't yet reached his "comfort" zone of a plateau. you couldn't even begin to imagine where his music would have gone had he lived longer.
10-09-03 11:36 AM
jb Two jays is awesome Riff..Indeed, they catered our breakfast this past monday. To bad I didn't know you in 94, the PPV was a lot of fun...I went with my wifes friend zPam and had a blast....If I recall, the Spin Doctors
10-09-03 02:56 PM
Riffhard Two Jays was great for sure. Although my wife (fiance at the time) hated working there. Let's just say that New York jews can be very demanding as you no doubt are aware. "If the soups not hot enough it's going straight back to the kitchen!" "I said I wanted my corned beef fatty not lean!" And on and on.....The food rocked though.

As for the PPV it was great. It may have been the Spin Doctors,but I was out in the lot getting,ummm,....ready for the show so to speak. If I ever get now to the Boca area again we will have to get together and party.

10-09-03 02:59 PM
jb As a former New York Jew, I can attest that Boca has the worst of Long Island living here...."We want it fresh and hot, or it goes back"...I cringe when my mom says that to the server...or "We'll take the rolls , put some more pumpernickel ones in the bag".
10-09-03 03:06 PM
Joey " I cringe when my mom says that to the server...or "We'll take the rolls , put some more pumpernickel ones in the bag "

Oh My God .................Poem Alert ......Go NOW !!!!!!!:

What ever happened to my college belle
When did she turn into the wife from hell

What are we coming to
What have they done to you

In the beginning we rode high on the hog
Down in the kitchen now it's dog eat dog

Our little Cringemaker up on the second floor
Sweet little Cringemaker
Hey listen cringemaker who locked the bedroom door
Sweet little Cringemaker
Sweet little Cringemaker

And every time I go to make my play
She rolls mighty boulders in my way

Say little cringemaker it's such a bumpy ride
Hey little cringemaker thought you were on my side

And every time I get to have my say
She just laughs and looks the other way

Oh little cringemaker this time you hurt my pride
Sweet little cringemaker
Say little cringemaker where am I gonna hide
Sweet little Cringemaker
Sweet little cringemaker

Nobody told us when we started out
Just what this life is really all about
Sometimes I wonder and you do too
If I could do it all over would I
Still do it all over you

She calls me Daddy and I just go numb
Down in the bottom where the love comes from
Sweet little cringemaker what happened on the way
Sweet little cringemaker to where we are today

I try to figure but I'm way too dumb
How we got here from where we started from
Cringe I guess we always knew
Swee' little who we would turn into
Sweet little Cringemaker

-- Thank You

The Jacky!
10-10-03 03:03 PM

trumpets and violins hear in the distance....

who is boca?

stevie ray vaughan...

great great interprets
whatever the style

always wonder why django reinhard is rarely mentioned, segovia
they are each of them so different,
i couldnt compare keith with jimi

jimi plays left handed and uses quarter of notes
it's rather unusual

10-10-03 03:06 PM
yes, unplugged -hear my train- jh on twelve string guitar
sounds like lots of people playing
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