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Topic: Great Dance Movies (nsc) Return to archive
10-06-03 04:54 PM
KeepRigid Now that the tour has ended and left us all in a lurch- basically with nothing really to say to each other- I thought it a good time to talk about dance movies.

Here are some good ones.

10. Save the Last Dance
My lawyer prefers 'that one where she's got jungle fever'.

09. Dance With Me
That's "Dance Wit' Me" to those in the know. Now, this is where we're starting to get into that territory where people are like, "Wtf? Where's 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Lambada'?" But, this one has Kris Kristofferson in it, folks. Those others do not.

08. The Cutting Edge
Who says skaters don't get laid? Not me!

07. Tap/Dancers (double feature)
Forget 'White Knights', these are the films to satisfy that Hines/Baryshnikov fix, respectively.

06. Staying Alive
When Tony Monero bumped into Rocky Balboa, who among you here didn't wanna come out of your dame seat and applaud?! (And I don't wanna hear any cries about 'Saturday Night Fever'. It's overrated and most people probably have never even seen it.)

05. Fame
Save your flashydances and your electric boogaloos, this is the early 80's tour-de-dance to seek out.

04. Can't Stop the Music
It's got everything but Governor Davis!

03. Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
I'm going to go out on a limb here and nominate this as the most underrated beach party film ever.

02. Notorious
Hmmm...don't recall any dancing, but it does feature nazis trying to poison Ingrid Bergman- and that's gotta count for something.

01. Tarzan and His Mate
This is another of those 'iffy' ones for inclusion in an essential dance movie list, but like my lawyer always says, "leather bikini, leather bikini, leather bikini". Fortunately, this is one of the few instances in which the quote is actually relevant.
10-06-03 08:40 PM
Factory Girl 1. Flashdance!!!
2. Saturday Night Fever!!
10-06-03 09:56 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ha HA!

This is a trick question.

There are no good dance movies.

Even Viva Las Vegas sucks Bill Shatner's stinky butt nuggets.
10-06-03 10:40 PM
KeepRigid wrote:
03. Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
I'm going to go out on a limb here and nominate this as the most underrated beach party film ever.

Well, I admit I looked down my nose at the idea of a dance movie list until I saw that you had included the immortal Dr Goldfoot, which paired Vincent Price and Fabian. Directed by perhaps the finest auteur America has ever produced, Norman Taurog, best known for directing Elvis Presley in some of his finest cinematic moments. Don't believe snobs who tell you Elvis was best in King Creole and Jailhouse Rock; hell those movies ain't even in color. No, Elvis was at his most Elvis-like in Norm Taurog- directed masterpieces like "Spin-Out", "Speedway", "Girls!Girls!Girls!" and the immortal "It Happened At The World's Fair". He also made some FINE Jerry Lewis comedies which are no doubt deeply revered in France. Yes, Norm Taurog churned out some of the finest films in the history of cinema.

Dr. Goldbomb returned the following year, in 1966, in Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs, but Norm was busy with E making Spinout, so Dr G's sequel was made in Italy by a guy named Mario.

Again, Mr Rigid, I salute your discriminating taste in fine entertainment. I would add one film to your list of dance films - that masterpiece of erotic horror, "Orgy of the Dead". Although it is directed by someone else, it was written by the immortal Ed D. Wood, Jr., and stars several of the most "talented" strippers working in LA in 1965.
10-07-03 07:41 AM
nankerphelge No Footloose?

Man, everytime I see that one I just go crazy!
I mean, what kind of puritanical town would outlaw dancing??

Kevin Bacon was awesome. The Academy really blew it that year.

And the Kenny Loggins soundtrack...

10-07-03 11:10 AM
Joey " Kevin Bacon was awesome. The Academy really blew it that year.

And the Kenny Loggins soundtrack... "

And don't forget Larry Hagman in the role of evil " Uncle Ernie " .

10-07-03 11:15 AM
jb "Coming Home"-incredible moves by Voight in that wheelchair.
10-07-03 11:20 AM
Joey "Coming Home"-incredible moves by Voight in that wheelchair. "

Yes my " Royal Blue Bleeding " Brother ...........Great Flick and " Jane Fonda " actually looked very " Fu##able " for a forty-nine year old .

Prefer John Savage's moves in HIS wheelchair in the classic " The Deer Hunter " though ...............

" MAO !!!!!! " .... " MAO !!!! " " SLAP !!!! " " MAO !!!! " .....................

" You've got to DO it Ronnie "

Joey Walken !!!!!!

10-07-03 01:21 PM
egon grease
10-07-03 01:45 PM
gypsy That reminds me...when does "Dirty Dancing II" come out?
It features a Swayze cameo! Yay! Keep, what does Swayze say to the kids in this new flick? I can't it something like "Have the time of your lives?" I must know!
10-07-03 01:48 PM
egon have the time of your lives NOW,
cos tomorrow you'll be a faded hollywood star