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10-07-03 12:14 PM

Is Roy gay ?
10-07-03 12:23 PM
sirmoonie I don't understand this journalist-source privilege that is being asserted. Seems like anyone who didn't want to reveal an identity in any legal proceeding could just call themselves a journalist, post something on the web about the person's identity being anonymous, claim immunity/privilege, and tell the government to blow.

Doesn't make sense.

What next??? Electing Nazis to places of high office?

"Sterno me, Ronnie!"
10-07-03 12:24 PM
gypsy As gay as the day is long, Joseph.
10-07-03 12:25 PM
Joey " As gay as the day is long, Joseph. "

************* BLANK STARE ********************

Jercee !

10-07-03 12:29 PM
gypsy Joey, get your new Playboy yet? There are two pics of Keith in of him with Ron Jeremy, and one of him in their drug myth article deal.
What do you think of the Daryl Hannah layout? (<--my dad and boyfriend both said she was gross).
What about that pic of Ron Jeremy in black leather pants, wielding a whip?
Do you think young '70's Ron was handsome?
Did you see Tina Jordan in that group pic?
I think her kid is mixed, Joey!
10-07-03 12:34 PM
Joey " Did you see Tina Jordan in that group pic?
I think her kid is mixed, Joey! "

It's the first thing I look for in the mag .

Actually , ever since she moved out of the Mansion , Playboy has gone downhill . I can't BELIEVE she was NOT voted Playmate of the Year . Horrors !

What ?!?!?!?!?! Oh , sure :


10-07-03 01:01 PM

What did he say? "twat"?
10-07-03 01:29 PM
nankerphelge Hey moonie -- where were you the other nite?

MANKATO, MINN. -- As the first half-dozen people arrested in the homecoming weekend riot appeared in court Monday, police and officials at Minnesota State University, Mankato, vowed to pursue more arrests.

"We already have some videos from people who say, 'I was assaulted and here's a picture of the guy who hit me,' " said Jim Franklin, city director of public safety. "Our intent is to prosecute those to the fullest."

Franklin made a public plea Monday for videotapes and still photographs that may show more people engaged in criminal acts. Authorities arrested 45 people during and immediately after the rioting.

"I call it simple alcohol anarchy," Franklin said.
10-07-03 01:42 PM
egon beers for lunch, what a luxury
10-07-03 02:12 PM

Are you all SURE that Siegfried and Roy are BOTH gay ???????................I thought Roy was STRAIGHT !!!!!!!

Developing ............................

Shiver ...............................

Jercee Joe !

10-07-03 05:53 PM
gypsy Poor Roy. He's going to wake up even more traumatized when he reads this board and finds out Siggy is gay! My heartfelt prayers go out to Roy.
10-07-03 05:56 PM
Joey " Poor Roy. He's going to wake up even more traumatized when he reads this board and finds out Siggy is gay! My heartfelt prayers go out to Roy. "

How's the new puppy ?????

He drinking wine from a box yet ????

Please ...........I's justs gots to knows .

Developing .....................


10-08-03 03:00 AM
marko Beers for lunch? how about pussy for breakfast?
10-08-03 04:26 AM
gypsy Joey, it's like you're psychic or something. I've been up late because puppy is sick. He has kennel cough...poor little guy. He just got over that stomach virus, and now he's sick again. But, he'll be just fine after a round of antibiotics...he's going to the vet in the morning. I'm hoping that he'll be his rambunctious little self again real soon.
10-08-03 08:44 AM
nankerphelge German Bar Offers Day Care for Men
Tuesday, October 07, 2003

HAMBURG, Germany A German bar is offering women who want to go shopping without their partners the chance to park them at what it bills as the country's first kindergarten for men.

For $11.80, the Nox Bar in downtown Hamburg is offering boys' games and home-improvement coaching as well as a meal and two beers for men left there for a Saturday afternoon, while women are free to shop in the city's swanky boutiques.

So far, the "Maennergarten" has been a hit, with 20 men dumped there the first week, and 27 last Saturday, bar manager Alexander Stein said Tuesday.

"Many of the guys see it as just a gag, but then were surprised to find they got on really well with the others," Stein said.

He said women have been delighted to be able to get rid of their men until 6 p.m., when many German stores close for the weekend.

The bar plans new attractions, such as miniature car racing and cocktail courses.

"Whether we keep it going depends on who comes when the buzz dies down," Stein said. "Some of our regulars have put their head round the door and recoiled in horror."
10-08-03 09:38 AM
Joey " I'm hoping that he'll be his rambunctious little self again real soon. "

Just give him a shot of " Jagger " ( Jaigermeister ) in the mornings --- works wonders for me !

{ CA - RACK )

Pop Up !

J. Fly !

10-08-03 11:38 AM
gypsy I believe every mall in America should have a "maennergarten."
Could you imagine our men actually BEGGING us to take them to the mall? And, you wouldn't have to worry about making any purchases just because your man is rushing you to hurry up. I just wish I'd have thought of this idea first.
I'm still not giving up on inventing a soft x-ray table...I know it can be done.
10-08-03 03:18 PM

Gypsy ...............You " Got Game " today my Princess .

D.J. Jazzy Joe and the Fresh Prince of Boca !
10-08-03 03:22 PM
Some Guy Chili and beers for lunch, indigestion for dinner
10-08-03 03:30 PM
catwoman I love the idea of malls for men. Mine has the patience of a gnat. ADHD in the mall. I have to look for makeup and shoes in 5 minutes and he paces outside the store like a caged big cat. Catman.

Soft x-ray beds sound nice. speaking of medical procedures - I'm hoping they punish terrorists by making them undergo horribly painful mammograms (if they're women) and if they're men - testograms. Squeeze. Squeeze!!! SQUEEZE. that'll teach them. No one would think about 70 virgins anymore - and that would certainly mean the end of terrorism.
10-08-03 03:31 PM
nankerphelge Goddam!

Mine hurt just reading that!

10-08-03 03:52 PM

Paging Dr. Warren Kruger ..................

I am just a thrill away from punching through to the cosmic wow .

Swingin' so hard ...........
We burned right through the summer ;
Till the axis of pain/pleasure sheared the arc of desire .

******************** JOEY now being ordered to turn off the computer and return to his padded cell in solitary ***************************

Jacky !

10-08-03 06:29 PM
Boomy I didn't have anything for lunch because I was busy cramming for a Statics and Dynanics test.......and I Still fucked up on it!!!

God damn! Fuck Statics, fuck dynamics.......I ain't gonna be no fuckin' Mechanical Engineer!!

I will drink heavily this weekend to get this outta my system. Finally, beginning Saturday, I will be able to walk into a liquor store without worrying about anything, for I turn 21!!!

Spliff me up, gimme some fuggin' beers, and watch me dance like Joey...this weekend will be unforgettable.

Happy Birthday, jb....October 11th is truly a great day.
10-08-03 06:48 PM
Some Guy Happy Birthday Boomy
10-08-03 06:50 PM
nankerphelge Hey Boomy -- congrats on adulthood!

I didn't grow my adult brain until 1997 - just before the B2B tour!!

Fuck statics and dynamics buddy!
Hell, most of the stuff I lernt in college I wasn't even tested on!!!

Longest piss contests for example -- never had one test on that whole deal!

Bong games! Hydraulics -- you done them yet?? That's some serious bongage!!! Ever play Bonghead?
How about drinking games?
Sink the ship? 3-7-11? Mexican?
Up-the-river, down-the-river?

10-08-03 07:07 PM
Boomy YES!
10-09-03 04:07 PM
Joey " I didn't grow my adult brain until 1997 - just before the B2B tour!! "

Nanky , I have YET to grow my adult Brain !

I may never ..............................

Developing ..........................NOT !

Shiver ..................................

Beef Wacky !

10-09-03 04:27 PM
sirmoonie I buying this for my family for X-mas. I need to spend more time with my kids.

I think I might get Gypsy a copy too. Get back on the top of her "O" list. Replacing all them JaWayne come latelys. Like Joey and SS and the Rigid geek.
10-09-03 05:07 PM

Moonie ......................THAT is some funny sh## !

You are much loved by the Jacky !

Jacky !
10-09-03 05:27 PM
sirmoonie I GOT GAME!!!
[Edited by sirmoonie]
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