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Topic: Beware of Wyman and his Rhythm Kings! Return to archive
October 9th, 2005 09:08 AM
Voja Few days ago I repost on this board some kind of review about Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings concert in Belgrade, Sept.03.2005. Soon after I received some mails about disagrees or agrees with my opinion about this event. But one question was very interesting : Am I angry because Wyman left Stones?
Answer is simple - why should I be? He has same ordinary face like Ian Stewart, his job in The Rolling Stones was nothing spectacular, except maybe in ‘’Cool, Calm And Collected’’ (on ‘’Between The Buttons’’), and he lies about his marriage status and about his years in Stones beginning. But first of all he chose same destiny, like Mick Taylor. So if these two write ‘’Bible’’ or paint ‘’Mona Lisa’’ however they always have been asked about Stones, till the end of theirs lives.
But Wyman’s character is something special: in his autobiography he claimed that he wrote ‘’Jumpin’ Jack Flash’’. O.K. assumes that it’s true, but question is why he shut up 30 years about, like coward?
Or one extract MOR also from one of his books: “I (Bill) always shared a hotel suite with Brian Jones, because we were always after the girls more than the others. We were on the prowl all day long and every night, chatting up girls in shops, girls backstage, reporters interviewing us, fan club secretaries. In 1965 we sat down one evening in a hotel room and worked out that since the band had started 2 years earlier, I’d had 278 girls, Brian 130, Mick about 30, Keith 6 and Charlie none. People always assumed that Mick, particularly, was very active sexually, but that wasn’t so in the 60’s. Mick and Keith usually stayed in their room writing songs, and back in London they had steady girlfriends, to whom they were vaguely faithful, Charlie was a 100% faithful to Shirley, Brian and I not faithful at all’’. May be here is explanation when he wrote JJF? But one thing is clearly evident – Wyman didn’t distinguish marriage, adventure and pure gymnastics. And what he wants to say? About Mick something? About his potention something? It leads Stones to Mandy Smith affair, which could completely ruin their image. Also he didn’t understand that Stones idea in some aspect is thing of loyalty. Look only how Stones treated Ian Stewart, and what Beatles do with their early members. Look how mostly all Stones backstage or office stuff work for them several decades every. Is this only for money? Maybe, but in this project is something more. Loyalty.
O.K. Everyone could do what he wants. But if you leave some union or job or enterprise, which brings you lot of money don’t bark in every interview, or book, about yours colleagues, who’s incidentally have great success still.
Now I have to repeat my text about this concert in Belgrade, because I want to say something more:
‘’In Belgrade old, tired musicians played for same old, tired people in public. Repertoire was mix mash of nothing – jive, mostly rockabilly, even cajun, blues, and little bit R’n’R (Gene Vincent). Jumble of shit. The worst part was soul – one hit wonder Eddie Floyd (with dusty boring ‘Knock On Wood’’)
Connection with Stones was only –‘’Harlem Shuffle’’. But all Bill’s versions were so ordinary, his sing so nasal, level/dead voice, like registry clerk text in wedding.
And this Bill Perks, who were with Stones more than 30 years, didn’t learn anything. Especially sense for show > when in concert were band introduction, rest musicians played in honor of Bill few tacts of ‘’Satisfaction’’, and whole audience got it and 15 seconds sung this song. And what Wyman had done? He continued with ‘’I Put On Spell On You’’…how stupid he is.
No one expect that this big musicians (really great brass section, Andy Fairwatterlow, Bill’s 35 years best friend Terry Taylor, especially Mr. A. Lee, or Chris Stanton) need to play any Stones song, but all seemed as repertoire circus. Bill made this concert in same way how he writes his books – take good writer/journalist whose write text and Bill only give few instructions and put signature.
And did anyone notice schizophrenics behavior of this granny – Bill Wyman? He always denies any connection with Stones, but always complain about small audience in his show! Same day Stones have concert in Washington with crowd of 20.000 with average price of ticket of 150 $. In Belgrade Kings had club show with 1.000 people, and ticket price was 20 EUR. What you like you could get!
Bill in future should take more care with this Sticky Fingers Restaurant, or spent much time with these 3 younger kids. Or try to resign with older son Stephan…69 years is too much for some people.
And this fear of plane (read about in ‘’According To Stones’’) is really disturbing.
And BTW who the fuck Bill Wyman is?’’

I’m adding:
1. Rhythm Kings concert in Belgrade late 1h. Neither one Stones concert, which I seem, never late one minute. It’s question of manner, respect and accomplishment to the audience.
2. Wyman in band have black singer. She is not capable to make difference between small club and wide place. So she shouted every song like ape in huge stadium.
3. People could like this Liberace repertoire, but Wyman should be enough experienced to know that this band, with excellent performers, could only hold one style, with little evasion on other routes. For example songs like ‘’Anyway The Wind Blows’’, even ‘’Melody’’, could be on right place with these musicians.

So Stones fans if you like motley and songs for fairs you could see Rhythm Kings. Contrary if you have self-respect beware Rhythm Kings because you don’t need for few seconds of nostalgia that someone (Wyman) selling you ‘’balls as kidney’’. All his luck was big Vox amplifier in first meeting with other Stones. And most important - you Stones fans haven’t any due to Bill Perks.
He only could take Charlie Watts hand (when he is London) and as every pensioner take walk through Hyde Park.
October 9th, 2005 11:37 AM
October 9th, 2005 04:09 PM
Voja wrote:
But Wyman’s character is something special: in his autobiography he claimed that he wrote ‘’Jumpin’ Jack Flash’’. O.K. assumes that it’s true, but question is why he shut up 30 years about, like coward?

Of course the claim is much older than the book. I don't know when I read about that one first, but I think it was in a German rock mag in the 1970s.
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