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Topic: Mick gets standing ovation at mtv awards Return to archive
09-06-01 11:30 PM
VOODOO Mick came out at the end of the show to hand out the best video of the year award and got a nice standing ovation.
They also played a small clip of his new tune in the background.
09-06-01 11:40 PM
Amy340 The huge applause and standing ovation was wonderful to see, Mick looked great, the new single sounds great, Kid Rock did a wonderful intro. It was worth sitting through the show for him. The pre-show though, him and Britney Spears being interviewed together by Kurt Loder was cringe worthy.
09-07-01 12:06 AM
Bridges To Stones

Mick Jagger arrives at New York's Metropolitan Opera House for the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards Thursday, Sept. 6, 2001. (AP Photo/Suzanne Plunkett)
09-07-01 12:07 AM
Bridges To Stones

Mick Jagger arrives at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York, September 6, 2001. (Peter Morgan/Reuters)
09-07-01 09:21 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 I hope MTV suppports Mick Jagger's new solo album and the future Rolling Stones recordings. these last 3 or 4 years mtv hasn't supported that many veteran artists.
09-07-01 09:37 AM

Mick and Britney
09-07-01 10:03 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 that's a funny combination of Mick and britney.
09-07-01 10:06 AM
ruby213 Does anyone know if Mick Jaggger's new solo CD is out yet? I'd love to get a copy of it. I think this is the one with all the LOVE Songs. A must have!!!
09-07-01 10:34 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 The album will be released in early November.
09-07-01 01:01 PM
09-07-01 01:39 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 i can't wait for news about the Stones recording a new album.
09-07-01 03:51 PM
CS Below is a video of Mick Jagger at the show yesterday as introduced by Kid Rock, also listen the new single, "God Gave Me Everything"

Mick Jagger WM Player
09-07-01 04:21 PM
Miss U. Thx CS!! That song sounds like a real hard rockin tune, the Lenny Kravitz influence is definitely there.

Ruby/Brianna, your signature made me laugh!
09-07-01 05:46 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 At least it rocks!
09-07-01 11:32 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Jagger tells Britney: "I'm a fan"
WENN - Posted by Adrian

MICK JAGGER gave a scantily clad BRITNEY SPEARS the ultimate compliment at last night's (06SEP01) MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS - by admitting he was a fan of her version of SATISFACTION.
Britney, dressed in a see-through black lace outfit, was introduced to the ROLLING STONE on her way up the red carpet.

And the teen popette was stunned and embarrassed when the rock god used the meeting to compliment her on her singing prowess.

Jagger told reporters, "Of course I'm a Britney fan, she did one of our songs, didn't she? She did it very well."

Britney coyly joked, "It's because I'm sitting right here! Well, thank you for saying it, that's means a lot."

But although the pair were mutually appreciative on the red carpet, things might not be so friendly in November (01) - both Britney and Jagger have albums released in the same month.

09-07-01 11:55 PM
ruby213 The video was totally awesome! Thanks Gerardo so much. I can't wait till they replay the entire show. I had to watch it a few times, I just adore the way he jokes around.

Thanks for the compliment on my bottom of my name. Couldn't be helped as in Wildwood, Everyone was purchasing shirts that had Keith on shirt say, Who the 'F' is Mick Jagger. I wanted a shirt with Jagger saying, Who the 'F' is Keith Richards, So I had to set it up myself. Gotta make some of my own T-Shirts now... hmmmmmm

Thanks again for the video. Loved it... xxxxxx
09-08-01 05:32 AM
CS another pix

09-08-01 12:16 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 i wonder if britney spent the night with Mick?
09-08-01 12:41 PM
moy no she didn't, she's tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old for him
09-08-01 02:24 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 lol
09-08-01 03:44 PM
Miss U. I don't think Mick is her type and I hope vice versa as well!!
09-08-01 09:15 PM

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