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Topic: 1967 EUROPEAN TOUR, Warsaw concert Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-29-01 06:40 AM
Taras Peace to All of You, my Dear Brothers and Sisters!!!

I checked the link with the list of the concerts from Stones' EU Tour and find interesting thing - I find "no tape extant" line under the info on Polish concert in Warsaw Sala, I have is
"Satisfaction" track from that concert - especialy I remember Brian at this video track - he jumped step-by-step
to the end of the scene and back to Charlie's drums)))
He played semi-acoustic, Keith played on Brian's Gibson
Red Firebird. So, I think that the tape is exist and maybe
it will be released someday I record it from Polsat TV
in 1998 when the Stones' came to Poland and that was history program about the Rolling Stones, there was a little history about the concert that held there. I don't know why, but there was said that the concert took place in Palac Cultury, many people broked the seats and concert
was stoped for some time. Many people could not stay in outside 'cause all the tickets were sold out and also there
was no free space at the hall. So, after the concert was open - people from outside began to broke and smash the glass doors and windows to get inside and police began to
stop all those waves of the crazy crowd. So, concert was stoped 'cause this accident...
I don't think that many of you knows that Stones had a wishes to play in USSR, in Moscow, I think. So, a woman who
was a chief of Soviet Culture (I'm sorry, I don't remember the name and family of that King Kong) went to Poland to
that concert to check - what a hell is these "the Rolling Stones". So, as you understand, after the all sweet and peaceful pictures that she saw in this concert, she proclaimed that - "we can't allow to those monsters to play
their stupid music in our country". That was the end! USSR
never saw the Rolling Stones with Brian in live action
'cause that stupid bitch... Such is life...

OK, I hope that it was interesting to read all this for somebody of You I'm sorry if I wasted your time...

Peace and Sun to all of You!!!

Thank You!

Taras Stanislaus
08-29-01 03:01 PM
Gazza Thanks for your post,Taras

When I listed Warsaw 1967 as "no tape extant" in my setlists page, I'm stating simply that there is no KNOWN recording of the show in circulation amongst collectors (I'm not counting a short video clip of one song from a TV news report,) - by the way,does your clip feature the FULL performance of "Satisfaction" WITHOUT any talking OVER the music by a reporter?)

It is very possible that when a show is listed as having "no tape extant" that a recording MAY exist../but its just that it may not have fallen into the hands of collectors. This can often happen with people who were maybe at a show many years ago,and who recorded it but who have chosen either NOT to circulate it OR who simply arent aware of the collectors market and have never thought that it may be collectable (I got a master recording of a 1973 New Zealand concert this way about 6 years ago from a guy who recorded it,hadnt circulated it for 22 years and simply wasnt aware that there was no other recroding of the concert in circulation..!)

About the Stones' ban from the USSR concert - Mick mentioned this very subject in an interview with VH-1 (in the UK) 3 years ago when they did a special programme on the Stones 1998 show in Moscow,saying that this horrible woman was the sole reason why they were not allowed to play in the USSR
08-29-01 08:44 PM
Miss U. Thanx Taras! That was very interesting! I would love to see that video! Is it the whole concert or just Satisfaction?
Did you ever see the Stones live in concert with Brian?
08-29-01 11:29 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey Miss U. as you can see you photo doesn't show so please e-mail it to me and I will upload it to Rocks Off (extending this invitation to everybody here)

The other day I couldn't post the header with a link to your great site, so I transfered the photo to Rocks Off and post it.

BTW, Irina sent me a bunch of great photos from the Warsaw show in 1967 and we will be posting them as headers during the next days. She has an article in Polish and we're looking for someone to translate it to English... please help--- somebody... anybody...

Where's Slawomir? We lost a lot of regulars during the shutdown from ITW to Coolboard and from Coolboard to this one.

08-30-01 04:01 AM
Taras Hey, vOoDoO cHiL E iN wONdeRLaNd!
I speak Polish, and my dad too, so I could help to You
I just afraid that my English is not so good, maybe
somebody will not understand me...

Thank you
Taras Stanislaus
08-30-01 09:45 AM
Taras wrote:
Hey, vOoDoO cHiL E iN wONdeRLaNd!
I speak Polish, and my dad too, so I could help to You
I just afraid that my English is not so good, maybe
somebody will not understand me...

Thank you
Taras Stanislaus

Hey, Taras! Please, let me know Your contact e-mail,
and I'll send You the article about the RS concert.
And if You translate it - it will be just great
My e-mail:
08-30-01 12:54 PM
Taras Hey, Irina!
My email is
Well, I sent email letter to you already,
so, I'm wait to get Polish text

Taras Stanislaus
08-30-01 01:05 PM
Taras Hello, Miss U
thank you for your reply
No, I have only one track from that concert it is "Satisfaction" video clip - bad quality, too
bad sound equipment, but Stones' performance is
just great!!!
I would like to give that track to you, but it
is in video cassette, I just don't know how to
convert it to comp file...sorry...
No, I never saw Brian in live action... I'm only
18 years old, is too pity...

Well, I can say that Brian is my fave Stone Mick
Taylor and Ron Wood are just good guitarists, but
they never had no even smallest things that Brian had...
Brian wasn't simple guitarist, he was showman, he was
shaman!!! Don't you think???

Taras Stanislaus
08-30-01 09:20 PM
Miss U. Hi Taras!
Pleased to meet ya. Yes, Brian was an amazing guitar-player and a wild man, yet very sensitive and this sensitivity extended to his psychic antenna too. Very much ahead of his time in many ways!! Nice to see another Brian fan on here; drop by my Brian site sometime and say hello.

Voodoo Chile,
That was a great concert photo of Brian; look forward to seeing the rest when you post them. My avatar photo seems to be working ok, now, huh?

08-31-01 09:34 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 Like here is the lineup of musicians for the 1967 European Tour:
Mick Jagger:vocals and Tambourine
Keith Richards: Guitars and Vocals
Brian Jones:Guitars,Harmonica,Organ,Sitar,Dulcimer and Recorder
Brian Jones: Bass
Charlie Watts: Drums
08-31-01 09:55 AM
moy and ian stewart on piano

brian jones on bass?

08-31-01 11:27 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 that was a typo! it should say:
Mick Jagger: Vocals and Percussion
Keith Richards:Guitars and Vocals
Brian Jones: Guitars, Harmonica, Organ, Sitar, Dulcimer and Recorder
Bill Wyman: Bass and Vocals
Charlie Watts: Drums

Ian Stewart never played piano on this tour. the first tour Stewart would play Piano on was the 1969 USA tour. Stewart had played Piano in the group in 1962 and 1963 live before he was told he had to be the tour manager because he was too conservative looking.
09-06-01 12:02 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Then tell me who plays piano? Let's Spend the nigh Together without piano? Of course it's STU!!

Stu played piano on every Stones show/tour from the beginning in 1962 up to and including the 1971 British tour.

The first tour where he did NOT play onstage was the 1972 North American Tour, only Nicky Hopkins plays on that tour.

On the 1975 - 1976 tours, he plays occasionally and on just some songs.

He plays at the El Mocambo Club shows in 1977 and CNIB Benefits (Canadian National Institute For the Blind) in 1979.

He plays the tours of 1978 and 1981 with Ian McLagan as second piano.

He was the pianist for the 1982 European tour, Chuck Leavell was other keyboard player.

His last concert with the Rolling Stones was at Roundhay Park, Leeds, England on 25th July 1982; 20 years and 13 days after his first one.

For more details check our space for Stu, and go to the STU ON THE ROAD page!
09-06-01 09:37 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 Well your information is inaccurate. Ian Stewart was a studio only musician from 1963 to 1969. He was a road crew member only during this time. When they played Lets Spend the Night together in 1967 it was totally guitar dominated. Ian was a road crew member. Oldham made sure he remained a road crew member for a long time. Stewart didn't start playing live shows with the Rolling Stones until the 1969 USA tour. He played on the European 1970 tour. In 1971 British tour it was Nicky Hopkins who played Piano. Nicky played piano on 1972 north american and 1973 winter tour. Billy Preston played keyboards on 1973 European tour. During those tours Ian remained as road crew. On the 1975 and 1976 tours and 1977 Elmacambo shows Ian Stewart played piano on some tracks, but remained a member of road crew while Billy Preston played a wide variety of Keyboards. On the 1978 tour, 1979 benefit shows and 1981 North American tour Ian Stewart played piano and worked road crew. Ian Maclagan also played Keyboards on these tours as well. In 1982 Chuck Leavell played Keyboards on the tour and Ian played Piano and worked as a road crew member. Ian Stewart never played piano on tours before 1969 because management wouldn't allow him to. If songs involved keyboards they usually never had a keyboardist play on it and it was totally guitar dominated or Brian Jones would play keyboards on the song. Two good examples of Brian Jones playing Organ on a song live is THat's How Strong my love is and She Smiled Sweetly.
09-06-01 09:40 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 Ian Stewart was a studio only musician before 1969. Get your information straight on your website as well.
09-06-01 09:49 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Well, well, well... if you see the website you will find proofs (photos) that he played live during those dates, he was playing piano on the back ALWAYS during the above mentioned dates.

More proofs, read Stone Alone, the Beggars Banquet issue dedicated to Stu and the sources listed in our page for setlists.

Also and very important, we made the page with Jery Holloway, a close friend of Stu since 1964, she has a bunch of photos of Stu "on stage" during those dates. He always was there on any live show in the above-mentioned period. Period.

Sorry to dissapoint you this time but you're sources are wrong.
09-06-01 10:25 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 All the photos you mentioned him before 1969 are photos of him as a road crew member only. Most information on it sugguests it too. Ian Stewart was road crew member before 1969 because Andrew Oldham would not allow him to be a member of the group and it was Andrew's way or else. i bet all the photos that are shown will show him setting up equipment. When you look at a variety of photos before 1969 most photos show Ian doing some form of road crew work. There is only one photo of Ian playing piano and it is hard to say where the picture was taken because its in a dark room.
09-06-01 10:44 AM
moy i agree with voodoo, please let us know your sources as he is showing his
[Edited by moy]
09-06-01 10:50 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 my sources are correct. if you watch video footage of the Stones before 1969 its usually a shot of ian watching over the equipment or setting something up.
09-06-01 10:51 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 also there is not one shot of a keyboard anywhere on the stage while they are performing until 1965 when Jones started playing keyboards in concert around this time.
09-06-01 03:42 PM
Jaxx jumping in late here, i know,

See page 22 of Stone Alone by Bill Wyman and it says,

"Pianist in the Band from its formation in 1962, our road manager and our best friend, Stu died, aged forty-seven, after a massive heart attack. With him went our conscience...It was almost impossible to contemplate the Stones without him at our side--on the road, in the studio, in hotels, at rehearsals or driving us and our gear in our van around Britian back in our struggling early days."

i have a hard time arguing with that.

09-06-01 04:56 PM
Gazza As I always understood it,after being dismised from the Stones by Andrew Oldham, Stu remained in the band as road manager and occasional pianist during the live shows - but as he wasnt an official band member,they didnt usually have him on the stage with the band,but playing from the wings.

It wasnt until 1969 that they dispensed with that arrangement for the live shows and permitted "side" musicians to be on the stage in public view....
09-06-01 07:53 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 he was probably playing behind the amps.
09-06-01 08:04 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Ok, here I go step by step

You wrote: Well your information is inaccurate. Ian Stewart was a studio only musician from 1963 to 1969. He was a road crew member only during this time.

False, he played piano live, never in public view, always playing from the wings. Here is a sample when Stu is playing live at the very moment that the Rolling Stones are on the stage. The pic was taken by Rocks Off honorary member and friend Jeri Holloway, who was a close friend of Stu since 1964. You can see many photos of Stu and Jeri in his apartment and on the road, backstage, etc. She explains what we are trying to convince you, he was always there as a road manager and playing all pianos (with just a few exceptions) until 1969 when the Stones allowed side musicians to be on the stage in public view.

Ian “Stu” Stewart, Louisville, Ky, November 14, 1964
This day the Stones played without Brian Jones!

When they played Lets Spend the Night together in 1967 it was totally guitar dominated.

Do you have recordings? I have some and I can hear the piano.

In 1971 British tour it was Nicky Hopkins who played Piano.

No, you're wrong, Nicky toured for the first time in the 1972 tour, and not a single show in 1971
09-06-01 08:07 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl When I was writing the reply you wrote at the same time

he was probably playing behind the amps

Yes, he was (not probably... for sure)
09-06-01 08:13 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 nico's site says that Nicky Hopkins first toured with the stones in 1971 and that some shows list Ian playing piano on them.
09-06-01 08:21 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 I had a download of the song. I know Jones played keyboards on Lets Spend the night together on Ed Sullivan and London Pallidium.
09-06-01 08:38 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I consider Nico a reliable source a real professional researcher on the Stones. He doesn't write a setlist if no tape extant. He always has all he writes fully suported so I admit, I was wrong with it (I'm hearing my Leeds recording to confirm that Nicky was there.

Anyway I really enjoyed this 100% stones-related conversation!

Keep Rocking for the entire millenium
09-06-01 08:44 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 plus in 1971 they always opened with Jumping Jack Flash.
09-07-01 04:17 PM
Gazza . I know Jones played keyboards on Lets Spend the night together on Ed Sullivan and London Pallidium.

Yeah but they werent tour shows....and as Stu wasnt in the band,they wouldnt have him on stage for a Tv guest apearance

also,for most TV shows (especially the US shows) such as the Ed Sullivan Show,the Stones actually sang a "live" vocal over a pre-recorded backing track - so when youre watching them playing "lets spend the night together" on Ed Sullivan for example,you hearing a "live" vocal but pre-recorded music - so in other words,whilst you may be watching Brian "play" the piano,youre actually probably LISTENING to Stu!

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