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Wallace Wade Stadium, Durham, NC - October 8, 2005
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Topic: My experience at UVA, last night, section 111 Return to archive
October 7th, 2005 12:58 PM
MikeyC613 The band was kicking some ass last night. I missed Start Me Up AND It's Only Rock and Roll because there are a grand total of TWO ATM's in Scott Stadium. When I got back, Shattered was kicking ass, as well as Tumbling Dice featuring an inspired solo by Keith and Rough Justice, which proved that Charlie Watts is a hybrid of concrete, metal, and titanium. The man is a true fucking professional, and possibly the most underrated drummer to ever spank a cymbal.

"Here's one we don't get to do very often."
- Mick Jagger, after Rough Justice.

I saw the former Economics student reach for his shiny harmonica, and could only come to one conclusion.
SWEET VIRGINIA. This song absolutely killed. It just had the groove, and it sounded like the band was having a goddamn blast. This is one they should REALLY bring back again in later shows, as it's just raunchy as fuck and really got the crowd going. They did their little thing where they finished the song, and then Charlie started pounding out the beat again, and the crowd came back in to sing the chorus one more final time. Consider the shit scraped clean off, boys and girls. This led us Virginia folks into the next number of the night, All Down the Line. Fucking great stuff, and maybe my favorite number of the night. Keith had out the black Tele, and I was getting flashes of the '81 tour. The guitars were awesome on this one, Woody ripped it, and Charlie pounded. A much needed shot of salvation was injected. Night time was the right time for a bomb threat. The song was unbelievable, Lisa killed and Mick grinded her like she was the last woman on the planet.

"We have some very unfortunate news but we've been told we need to take a ten minute break due to technical difficulties, I'm sorry that's all I can say or do. It's not our fault." (slight snicker) - Mick

My jaw hit the ground. What the fuck is exactly going on here? This has got to be the 20th show of the tour and we're having technical problems? My buddy Dave suggested that it was a bomb threat because of the dogs on stage. I agreed, coming to the conclusion that police dogs probably weren't the best personnell to fix any staging or lighting equipment. It was a 45-50 minute wait, but it was a chance to let Charlottesville show what they were made of. Man this town was pumped to have the Stones. No booing, complaining, or panic of any sort. The last 15 minutes before the show resumed there was a massive wave going around the stadium and not an empty seat as far as I could see. This town doesn't get acts like the Stones too often and they weren't going anywhere, bombs or not.

Keith's set was aborted, and the band came back out to Miss You. Great song to get the crowd back into it, I think it went over a little better than "The Worst" would have. Very good B-Stage, which was quite close to me and my buddies. Get Off My Cloud kicked ass. The thing that bugs me is Chuck Leavell jumping in front of Charlie's drumkit and clapping out the time for the band. It's like a remedial music class for the greatest band in the world. Keith should be counting time.

Sympathy heated the place up, and the rain started coming down. The guitars were pretty muddy on this version, not the best SFTD I've heard.

And there's that damn harmonica again...

The boys make up for the delay and break out Midnight Rambler. It was a great version, especially during the stop/start portion. I thought Mick's voice was unbelievable. The guy's a fucking freak of nature. Everybody said "OWWWW!", and not a person in the stadium could even spell bomb threat at this point. I noticed at the close of the song where it picks back up, Keith and Ronnie were playing in a different band, the guitars didn't sync with Mick's vocals at all. Charlie gave a very frustrated eye roll at the end of this song when he pounded out the final drum rolls. Keith and Ron may have been hitting the sauce during the little intermission the band had.

No matter, Paint It Black was unexpected and welcomed, great drumming and vocals once again. The rain is pouring. BS and JJF were both great, standard fare. Keith seemed to be really into BS.

Encores: YCAGWYW had the great sing-along, and Satisfaction might have been the best version of the song I've ever seen. Keith just kept PLAYING. It's great to see the guy throw any kind of order out the window and focus on just jamming that big black Gibson. His heart was in this one, and he gave the crowd a treat. Final bows and such, crowd goes nuts, fireworks go off, crowd goes home. A very fun time. Driving through the student housing near UVA, I could hear Brown Sugar cranking well into the night at 1 AM. The Stones rocked the campus.
October 7th, 2005 01:31 PM
Saint Sway great review! Thanks for sharing!!
October 7th, 2005 01:33 PM
jb A lot of empties?
October 7th, 2005 01:44 PM
Saint Sway
jb wrote:
A lot of empties?

actually there was quite a few empties last night

I finished a bottle of Sasacaia and went thru another half bottle of a Barbaresco. And 2 six packs of Heinekens were also drained. Couple of Coronas.

why do you ask?
October 7th, 2005 03:18 PM
eXiLe oN 2nD sT
Saint Sway wrote:

actually there was quite a few empties last night

I finished a bottle of Sasacaia and went thru another half bottle of a Barbaresco. And 2 six packs of Heinekens were also drained. Couple of Coronas.

why do you ask?

awaiting response, then counter responses...
October 7th, 2005 03:42 PM
Paranoid_Android Great review...I have just two minor issues...well, not really issues...just a matter of different thought...I had thought that Mick had appologized and said as a joke, "It's all MY fault" least on my side of the field (sec 123) it was not pouring, but rather a pleasant drizzle which ended in less than 15 min...

You were right though...the end of Midnite Rambler was pretty sketchy...SOMETHING did or didn't happen, it ended with a big questionmark over Charlie's and Mick's head. However...the screen images of Mick in the red leather fedora and the rain...were truly an awsome sight...artistry in the making!!!
October 7th, 2005 04:43 PM
Zulu Fun Mix Wow, if Mick really did say "it's all MY fault," then maybe it WAS because of "Sweet Neo Con." Considering how angry some right-wing nuts get on this board about Mick spoiling their shows with politics, I certainly wouldn't put it past them to phone in a bomb threat. Very few would actually carry one out--that would take balls--but they might phone one in.
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